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Once upon a time, there was a ghostly land hidden in another dimension. This land was called Soul Society. This land was the place where souls go after they pass on. In the inner sanctum of this land, there was a place were special souls go to harness their abilities and get stronger, it was called the Seireitei. When they get stronger they were called soul reapers. Soul Reapers' swords, called zanpak-to, are the manifested form of the soul reapers own personality. This is where the story begins.

One day, a powerful child prodigy soul reaper, named Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya, is walking by the underground prison nicknamed the Maggot's Nest, when he hears a loud commotion. He rushes in to see if one of the prisoners was escaping. When he arrives, he sees his girlfriend, Momo Hinamori.

He asks her, "Momo, why are you in a such nasty place like this?" Momo replies, "I was called here to handle some of the prisoners, lil Shiro." Toshiro replies, "Momo! How many times do I have to tell you, I'm Captain Hitsugaya, now!"

All of a sudden, the soul reapers hear the sound of a hoard of hollows.

Toshiro shouts to Momo, " Momo, can you deal with the hollows for a while? I have to take care of the prisoners." Momo replies, "Yeah".

Momo rushes out the door, while Toshiro goes over to take care of the prisoners. Then all of a sudden one of the prisoners, steps up and all the others get blown back into their cells. Toshiro recognizes the prisoner immediately.

He yells out, "Sosuke Aizen!" Sosuke says, "Why Toshiro, what a nice surprise and it's also a surprise to sense this this spiritual pressure here. I haven't felt it for 50 years." Toshiro replies, "What spiritual pressure. What are you planning Sosuke!"

Meanwhile, Momo is fighting the hollows, when she feels 2 spiritual pressures that she hasn't felt for a long time. One was of Sosuke, which she feared most of all, the other was belonging to an old friend of her's. She fears for Toshiro's safety. Then all of a sudden, a loud crash comes from the prison. Momo sees ice spike the entrance. Then after awhile she sees what looks like a dragon made of ice shoots up out of the prison cave and breathes ice shards at the hollows. Momo looks into the eyes of the great beast, and notices that the eyes of the creature are identical to Toshiro. The creature looks at her when its done killing the hollows. The creature then gets a sad look on its face.

Momo asks, "Toshiro, is that you?"

The creature gives a little nod. Then out of the prison cave, a horse like figure made of fire, walks out and spreads its wings. Momo immediately realises who it is.

Momo says to Toshiro, "Toshiro follow her, she is an old friend of mine. She is your long lost twin sister Toshiro, her name is Hashira."

Toshiro's eyes go big and he gets a shocked look on his face.

Momo says, "Go now Toshiro, before the others find you. Go Toshiro!"

Toshiro nods and flies off with Hashira.

The other soul reapers arrive a few minutes later. They ask her what happened and she told them everything except about Toshiro and Hashira. Toshiro's lazy lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto, arrives. She asks Momo what happened and Momo looks into her eyes, then Rangiku gets a worried look on her face.

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