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Sosuke slashes at the twins and miss because of their impeccable agility. As the solar eclipse has only 15 minutes left, the twins see that they have to make their move so they rise their spiritual pressures up to the limit. Sosuke sees that their combined spiritual pressure far exceeds his own, and decides it's time to actually step up his game.

Sosuke says, "So you wanted to know how to transform back, all you have to do is kill me in the exact middle of the town then ingest all of me, if you are off by even a millimeter, you will not be transformed back, luckily for me I am too powerful for you face me and win."

Hashira looks at the eclipse and realises that with only a few minutes left they have to kill Sosuke now. She looks at Toshiro and sends a mental message of the perfect plan of attack.

With only 5 minutes left, the twins lunge at Sosuke, Hashira distracts Sosuke, while Toshiro uses his tail to pin Sosuke down in the middle of Karakura town, the crescent moon shaped sickle on his tail pinning Sosuke's throat to a point where if Sosuke tries to get up he will be decapitated. Hashira gets behind Toshiro and stabs Sosuke's heart to kill kim. Toshiro and Hashira then divide up Sosuke between them and devour him. The soul reapers come down to the ground and see nothing but Sosuke's blood stained clothes and the twins with Sosuke's blood dripping from their mouths.

The twins revert out of BANKAI, and Toshiro says, "I know you guys are not happy with us for ingesting him, but hey at least this way we will never have to worry about him again."Hashira says, "Okay so I guess we just have to sit back and when the solar eclipse is over my brother and I will transform back to our former selves. And you what the best part is, we get to see our zanpakuto 's again."

5 minutes later as the sun appears from behind the moon, a strange glow happens upon the twins, the light so bright you can't see what's happening. Hashira appears first and completely looks different. She looks like an average soul reaper with her black kimono and her orange sash that she uses to hold her zanpakuto on her back. Her zanpakuto with yellow cloth on the hilt and the shape of a fire flower for the sword guard. Toshiro comes out next with the same look he had the day the tragedy happened. He has the same black kimono but with a white haori jacket on to show he is of captain status and a green sash he uses to hold up Hyourinmaru.

Everyone looks them in happiness but notice strange tattoos on their arms and legs.

Hashira looks at her tattoos and says, "These must be from the transformation after all apparently the prophecy states that we were born an ice dragon and flame unicorn. Transforming back must at least show a little bit of what we were. I'm just glad I get to see my zanpakuto again, I think it is finally time to say the name of my zanpakuto again, Hinoeuma."Toshiro says, "Cool zanpakuto name. Let's go home." Everyone says, "Yeah!" and heads back to the soul society.

A few weeks later, everything is getting back to normal in soul society. Hashira takes back her position of 3rd seat officer in squad ten and Toshiro is once again trying to get Rangiku to get work done and stop drinking.

In the squad 1 barracks, the head captain looks over the seireitei in lightenment of everything that has happened and says, "Ah, it was only 75 years ago that I took Hashira under my wing and trained her in the art of fire type zanpakuto, and now look at her."

In the squad ten barracks Rangiku is hanging out with the twins and Momo enjoying themselves when she says, "So Captain, since this is all over with Sosuke, can we go and relax, I know this great little hot spring nearby." Hashira says, "Rangiku, you know me, and you know I will always jump at the chance for a bath at a hot spring."Momo says, "I'll go with you guys, too."Toshiro says, "You can go alone."Rangiku says, "Captain, don't be such a stick in the mud."

And they all lived happily ever after.

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