Hello, I know this chapter took forever. I had writers block, ughhh. It was awwwwwffffuuuuuulllll. Anyway enough of my complaining. BEWARE BADLY WRITTEN SMUT! This is the first smutty chapter I've written so it's not the best in the world. Anyway enjoy and review :)

Last time: Rose smiled her tongue-in-teeth smile and said back, "Hello."

Rose leaned in once again, pulling his lips back to hers. He moaned into the kiss and he pulled her on top of his lap. Without breaking the kiss, Rose pushed him down on the bed and straddled him. Thanking every god in the universe, he didn't believe in that all he had on were boxers. She dragged her nails down his chest and ran them over his nipples. He moaned and bucked upwards. Rose grounded down on him and felt a bulge. She smirked into the continuing kiss and grounded down again. Pulling away to hear the loud moan the Doctor let out. Rose wasted no time, she kissed down his neck, leaving bite marks. She circled her tongue around his nipple and he moaned. She did the same with the other and something snapped in the Doctor, he growled and flipped them over. he started to kiss down her neck and he pulled off her shirt and practically ripped off her bra. He kissed each of her nipples before going down even further. He slowly dragged down her pants making her squirm and he did the same with her knickers. She was soaking wet. He pushed a finger into her opening and she moaned. He pumped in and out a few times, then added a second and then a third. She was moaning but she refused to plead to the Doctor. His smugness later would be unbearable. Then he hit that spot inside of her that made her clench around his fingers and she couldn't take it anymore, "Doc-ungh-tor. Please." She begged. He didn't say anything, it seemed he was about to break too. He tore off his boxers and Rose admired him with nothing on. A slight blush was on his cheeks at her intense stare. He climbed on top of her and held himself up on his elbows. He positioned himself at her entrance and slowly sank in, trying not to buck up. He waited for her to adjust which didn't take that long. Soon she was squirming, so he started at a slow pace, "Doctor," She panted out, "I appreciate your self-control, but please go faster." She groaned out.

He smiled and managed a, "Your wish is my command." He started to go faster and Rose was moaning out his name. He could feel the warmth in his abdomen start to build but he held himself back, leaving him on the edge. He pumped in and out faster and faster and he wanted to close his eyes but he could see she was close and he wanted to capture every moment.

Then he hit that spot again. Her back arched and with a scream of, "Doctor!" she came and he couldn't take it anymore.

He came with a shout of "Rose!" and then collapsed on top of her with a grunt. Rose played with his hair as he gained his breath back. He looked up at her, and smiled, "Hello."

She smiled her signature smile, "Hello." She paused, "You know, I don't think you're sick anymore. Which means I can stop sleeping in here." She said, smiling

"I might still be a little sick." He said, faking a cough. She laughed, and he stared at her with a dreamy look in his eyes, "I love you." He muttered.

Both their eyes widened, and the Doctor scrambled for an explanation, but before he could say anything Rose said, "I love you, too." His eyes widened further and he kissed her passionately. She pulled back, "Remember, me and you in the Tardis adventuring forever, yeah?" She said, smiling.

"Yeah the Doctor and Rose in the Tardis forever." He said, smiling wide. "Rose Tyler, my bright and shining Rose, how I love thee." He said with a smile and closed his eyes.

"I love you too Doctor." She said before he fell asleep. She sighed, and slowly sank into the best sleep she had ever had.