Hello everybody, so this is my first DGM fanfic for those of you who know my Fairy Tail ones yes I do plan on finishing them and I am sorry I currently having some writers block with those stories so I figured what better way to cure writers block than to write about something else. Plus I promise to be a lot more faithful to my updates now. Anyways I present the first chapter to Plan New Exorcists.

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Chapter One: Summons

Kanda's POV

"All exorcists please make your way to Komui's office." Reever voice was heard through the golems across the Black Order. Che thought Kanda what a waste of time, what had that idiot scientist come up with now? He sighed knowing that he had no choice in the matter. It was one of the rarer times that all exorcists were present at the order and he had to wonder if there was a reason for it. He sighed and got off the ground where he had been meditating, he knew that despite the please from Reever that the request was an order and he had no choice but to head to the crazy sister-complex's office/ lab.

Allen's POV

Allen was confused. After Timcampy relayed Reever's message he headed to Komui's office, surprisingly he didn't get lost so he was one of the first ones there. Now normally Komui was expected to be hanging off of his 'darling' sister Lenalee, however the shocking thing was that the crazy mad scientist looked almost comatose as he slumped on his desk with Leverrier and Link standing behind him (A.N. let's just say for the sake of this story that Allen is not suspected of heresy or connection to the Noah's and is not being stalked by Link). Allen watched as a few more people came into the room, there were a lot more than he expected there to be though. Besides Lenalee (who kept her distance from Leverrier even if it meant staying away from her traumatised brother), Lavi, Bookman, Kanda, Krory, Miranda and Noise Marie there were a few men and women he did not recognise. He supposed that they were other exorcists who had previously been on missions or stationed in other places before now. Allen edged his way over to where Lenalee was and nodded at her brother "What's wrong with Komui?" he asked, despite the trouble the man often caused Allen was still worried about the man. "I don't know Allen, something must have really shocked him, I've never seen him like this." She replied obviously torn with wanting to check on her brother and staying away from the man she perceived as a demon. Allen patted her shoulder and gave her a sympathetic smile to let her know everything was okay. She smiled shakily in return. Allen decided to take the time while people were still coming in to scan the room automatically searching the room for the dark blue hair that could only belong to one person. Yes Allen Walker was searching for Kanda… again. Allen had noticed this habit a couple months ago, by that time he realised that his eyes had always been following the blue haired samurai ever since they had first met. It had taken another month for him to realise that the reason for this. No one knew that Allen harboured secret feelings towards his rival and Allen was okay with that, he knew that his feelings would never be returned so he just contented himself by making sure that he never backed down from a fight with said man as it was the only time the two would make eye contact. Allen sighed and when he found him standing in the darkest corner with a scowl on his face, he had obviously not wanted to come, Allen thought. He heard Leverrier clear his throat so he decided now would be a good time to face the front of the room so he could find out what was going on.

Lavi's POV

Lavi and Bookman were the first two to enter the room and had been informed that though they were accommodators and Lavi was even considered more of an exorcist they were exempt from the order that was about to be issued. Lavi thought he was pretty luck but one look at the panda told him that they would have to wait out the meeting in order to observe what the order was to involve all the current exorcists and how they would react to said order. Lavi had already noticed that Komui was acting strangely so something must be up with Lenalee. He looked around for his favourite exorcist and found her next to Allen who seemed to be comforting her. Lavi burned a little when he saw the look Lena gave the small clueless exorcist, and then chuckled; the boy's secret was not so secret as Lavi noticed that the boy's eyes roving through the crowed before settling on the man he supposedly hated the most. Lavi knew that Allen liked the long haired jerk but he didn't think anyone other than himself had caught on to that fact, Lavi prided himself on his very keen observation skills. He tore his eyes away from his friends to the generals who all seemed to know what was going to be announced and saw a variety of different expressions raging from shock, disproval and downright rage to an almost gleeful look on General Cross' face (apparently Cross was looking forward to seeing how the news was taken). Bookman smacked him behind the head as Leverrier cleared his throat before beginning the meeting.

Cross' POV

Cross looked at all the puzzled and bored faces that were around the room and smirked to himself he could not wait for the chaos that would most likely ensue after Central dropped their bomb. He gave an especially wide smirk at his idiot apprentice before taking a drink and making himself comfortable for the show that was about to start.


So I hope you enjoyed the set up a little. Yes this will be a yaoi story but will be fluff as far as I can see and that won't start for a while, so if you are against that in any way I suggest you discontinue reading after this chapter (unless of course you want to know what is going to happen before the yaoi starts *smirk). Please review as it has been a while since I have gotten any and they really help encourage me to continue. By the way if any of you have any favourite pairings please let me know (obviously I am using AreKan and have others planned but if you let me know I might throw in some of your choices *wink)