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Chapter 7: Akuma and a Broken Heart

"WHAT?!" Kanda snarled at the receptionist. "There is NO way in hell I am sharing a room with the beansprout." Allen felt bad for the girl she was only doing her job and she was getting the full impact of Kanda's death glare. Allen sighed.

"Kanda it doesn't look like we have much choice, unless you want to sleep outside we will be rooming together." The cursed teen stepped forward and smiled apologetically at the poor girl and took the room key. "Thank you very much for finding room for us."

"Tch." Kanda voiced, and then he snatched the room key from Allen. "You can sleep outside if you don't want to be in the same room, and trust me, you don't." he snapped as he passed the white haired girl, he really hated it when she went all polite, it just wasn't him or her, whatever she was. The tall Japanese teen was still confused from all the recent changes and having to figure out sleeping arrangements was just adding to his stress. He opened the door to their room and saw that it was alright, there were two queen sized beds and a couch, it would have been perfectly fine for him and Allen if they both didn't have unwanted tag alongs. Kanda immediately placed his bags on one of the beds claiming it as his and hoped Allen would rather sleep outside.

"So how are we going to do this?" Kanda sighed; of course the baka would follow him into the room.

"Tch, like I care. I have this bed you guys figure out the rest." He said as he settled down to 'meditate', really though he was curious to find out how they would organise themselves (not that he would ever admit that out loud).

"Well Walker, I know as an actual exorcist that you will need to be one of the people who gets the bed as you will need to sleep as well as you can before we run into any akuma." Link suggested.

Kanda tries very hard not to raise an eyebrow at this. 'One of the people getting the bed?' he thought to himself, 'are they actually thinking of sharing?'

"Oh no! I couldn't possibly! I think you two should take the bed! I'm used to sleeping on couches or on the floor, I did travel with Cross you know." Allen laughs, hoping that they wouldn't push the issue because she would rather not have to share a bed with either of the two Crows. Of course if Kanda offered… Allen shook her head to rid herself of that thought because she knew that wasn't going to happen.

Kanda fought back a smirk at the girl's comment, typical moyashi, he thought, always trying to make sure everyone else gets taken care of before he- she does.

"I insist Miss Walker, you are a powerful exorcist and therefore more important than we are on this mission, not to mention that you are also a girl. I don't care how many times you have already slept in less than ideal conditions if you are able to sleep in proper ones you should." The blonde man scolded.

"To be honest, I really think that one of us should be sharing with Kanda since it would not be very appropriate if we shared with you, however we both know that will not happen." The smaller man whispered shooting Kanda a fearful glance and jumping a good foot in the air when Kanda started to growl. 'Like Hell I'm sharing with anyone!' he thought to himself, but he couldn't get over the feeling that he didn't want his moyashi to share a bed either.

"I guess it just leaves it up to you to decide who you would be more comfortable sharing a bed with."

"THAT'S IT! NEITHER OF YOU is sharing a bed with the moyashi! You understand! Hell, share the bed yourselves! Moyashi get the fuck over here!" Kanda seethes; finally breaking after hearing the different ways the sentence Link had just uttered could be taken. Allen had the decency to blush, she was not as innocent as most people thought and knew that what Link had said could be taken as an invitation, but it was said innocently and she hadn't expected Kanda to explode like that.

"What if I don't want to share a bed with you?" she asks pouting at her lack of choice. Yes she wanted to share with the long haired samurai, but the way he said it made it seem like an order, not a choice or offer.

"Just get the fuck over here Baka Moyashi. We are supposed to be experimenting on what makes good partners anyway, and the pairs will end up doing more than sleeping next to each other. I may as well see if I can get through the night without killing you." The man grumbles. Allen's blush deepens; did Kanda actually think they had a chance at being paired together?! Allen had to use all the self-control he possessed to keep her usual poker face and not start jumping around with glee.

Allen quickly deposited his bag on the bed with Kanda's and looked at the man of her dreams. Kanda smirked at her. "Let's see if you survive the night. Just a warning, stay on your side of the bed."

After discussing the mission together (Kanda and Allen being on more or less amicable terms – for them anyways), they decided that it was too late to actually do anything that night and they would start their search for innocence early the next morning. Allen complained a little because he had not been able to eat everything she wanted as the hotel simply did not have that much food, but was promised more food the next morning. The parasitic type just sighed and hoped that she had eaten enough to tide her over until the next morning. She raced up to their room and hurried through her nightly ritual so she could go to bed, completely forgetting that she had to share it. As she was running towards the bed with a big smile she heard Kanda Che. She whirled around and saw him in the door frame.

"What's the hurry beansprout? You actually excited to go to bed with me?" he smirks at her as she reddened once again.

"We- ah – I- uh"

"Spit it out Moyashi no need to be shy." He said leering at her. Allen was getting pissed off now, it wasn't her fault she had forgotten that she had to sleep with this prick, now he was making fun of her!

"My name is Allen! Al-Len! I can't believe you still can't remember my name! I actually forgot that I was sleeping with you, thanks for reminding me." Allen replied sarcastically.

"Tch. Whatever you say Moyashi." Kanda says before he disappeared into the bathroom. Allen quickly lay down on the bed trying to scoot to the furthest edge of the bed. She sighed; this is going to be a long night, she thought to herself as she tried to fall asleep.

Just as the girl's eyes were about to close they snapped fully open when the mattress shifted, she tried to keep still as Kanda lowered himself into the bed next to her, also keeping his distance she noticed. 'Well it's not like he would want to be near me anyway, although why he agreed to let me share his bed is beyond me' she mused.

Kanda was also feeling the effects of have the other teen in the same bed as him he had done everything possible to ensure that he would not be tempted by the girl beside him and tried his best to sleep.

The next morning after the two teens had somehow managed to relax enough to sleep, a small dark haired man woke up from his sleep on the couch; he really hated the fact that he had gotten the short end of the stick, but since Link was his senior he had to listen to the blonde man even if he didn't like it. Although maybe it was Allen who had really gotten the worst end of the deal having to share a bed with Kanda, he had been following Kanda around for the last few months and this guy was about as sweet as vinegar. He decided that maybe he should check on the girl to make sure she hadn't been murdered in the night.

What he saw shocked him. He rubbed his eyes. He pinched his arm to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Once he confirmed that he was indeed awake he ran over to his superior and shook him awake.

"Link sir!" he hissed, trying to make sure he didn't wake the occupants in the other bed, he knew Kanda was usually up by now, but he guessed that the two had been up late fuming about their sleeping arrangements (although he wasn't too sure about that now). When he finally managed to rouse a very reluctant Link, he immediately pointed to the other bed.

Link's eyes widened only enough to indicate mild shock at the two exorcists in the other bed; however the rest of his face remained stoic. "Well this is an interesting development." He murmured.

"So you see it too? I'm not hallucinating this, am I?" the younger man asked, almost panicking.

"If you are seeing two teenage exorcists who claim to hate each other holding each other in their sleep and smiling about it, then no you are not hallucinating." The blonde man stated matter of factly. The other man sighed in relief.

"Thank God." He whispered. At that moment there was a whirring sound. Suddenly Allen jumped up from the bed.

"Akuma!" she shouted, kicking the other occupant in the bed out of it, before racing towards the window and activating her innocence.

"I'M GOING TO FUCKING MURDER YOU AFTER THIS MOYASHI!" Kanda yelled before following the girl out the window. The two men who had been left in the room raced out of the room and down the stairs to get outside in case they needed to follow their charges away from the hotel. They decided it would be best to keep a low profile as to not be attacked themselves but to stay in the vicinity of the battle to see how the two would work together.

Kanda cursed as he looked around, there had to be over fifty of the disgusting akuma, mostly level ones but there were a couple level two and threes around as well. At least there aren't any Noah or level fours around, he thought to himself as he immediately charged towards the closest level three. In silent acknowledgement he took on the level threes while Allen took the level ones and twos (while Kanda had more strength in his attacks he was best to deal with the stronger opponents, while Allen who also had strength she was better suited to taking more akuma at a time). Kanda was relishing in the battle no one doubted that he enjoyed doing his job, he enjoyed the battles, it was his purpose after all.

The two Crows watching the battle were stunned. Not only had they witnessed Kanda smile (albeit he was sleeping) and cuddling with a girl, but he was also working with the girl. Usually Kanda just made sure all the other girls stayed out of his way, but with Allen they watched each other's backs and made sure that the work was equally divided. 'Did he just save her there?!' the two men thought to themselves as Kanda sliced through one of the more sneaky level twos as it had tried to attack Allen from behind. 'Now they are arguing during a battle? Not only are they fighting, but they are paying enough attention to each other to argue? I think he just saved her again!' The two men just looked at each other in shock when the battle ended. The two exorcists were still arguing.

"I can't believe you are still this incompetent! Did you not learn anything in the past year you've been with the order?!" Kanda shouted. "I had to save your ass FIVE times! Five times! If I wasn't here you would be dead Moyashi!"

"Me?! What about you?! I saved your ass just as much as you saved mine, you moron! If I wasn't here you would be dead!"

"Che, in case you forgot I'm not about to die anytime soon and my wounds heal very fast, so something that would be deadly to you wouldn't even affect me for very long, so saving me was kind of a useless gesture." Kanda replied. Allen glared at the older teen and was just about to open his mouth when Link decided to interrupt.

"Allen, Kanda I think it would be a good idea to head back inside so we can have some breakfast and get dressed before we go out and look for the innocence." He said, trying not to flinch when he saw two angry glares directed at him. However he must have said the right thing because, Allen immediately smiled at the mention of food.

"Sorry about that and thank you I think we should get inside. BaKanda I'm using the bathroom first." She said still keeping his smile on as she ran back to the window and jumped up and climbed in.

"Che stupid show off." Kanda muttered as he also headed towards the window and quickly climbed the tree that was adjacent to it and stepped into the room.

Link looked at his subordinate then proceeded towards the hotel's door; he was going to get into the room the normal way. When the two men made it to their room, they both realised why the teens had chosen to use the window.

"Dammit. I forgot that Kanda was the one with the key last night!"

"Yes, we did rush out this morning without thinking, didn't we?" Link added as he knocked on the door. He was greeted by an unhappy looking Kanda who just threw open the door and walked away. They heard the shower running and decided that they would have to wait a bit before going down for breakfast and since they weren't allowed to leave their charges they would have to wait with them until everyone was done getting ready for the day.

When everyone was finally showered and dressed (Kanda a little pissed because there was no more hot water for his shower), they headed down for breakfast. Allen was lucky that the hotel owners had been made aware of her eating habits after last night and they had made accommodations for her this morning so she would actually be able to eat her fill. Kanda just rolled his eyes at the amount Allen was eating and tried to eat his food, glaring at it because it was definitely not soba. He managed to choke down a few bites and decided that it was not entirely bad and ate the rest.

When everyone was finished they decided to look around town to see if they would be able to find the innocence they were looking for. After talking to a few locals, they discovered that the closer you got to the northern side of the town the warmer it got. In fact most of the villagers avoided that area now unless necessary (some even deciding to live with relatives and friends instead of there because of the heat). Allen and Kanda immediately headed north. As the villagers had said the further north they went the warmer it got, Allen and Kanda had both needed to take their coats off and Allen was actually quite grateful to the miniskirt she was wearing (despite being ridiculously short and impractical – at least for modesty – it did ensure that her legs were cool and that she could feel a breeze around them). Once they came to the border of the town they discovered that there was a heat wave (where they could literally see the air rising around them), they decided to follow it as they suspected that it would lead them to the innocence. The two exorcists were quiet, focusing only on the mission (missions were actually the times when the two got along best, both knew that if they opened their mouths it would lead to an argument and that equaled distraction from potential danger or missing important clues). The two teens were now sweating profusely and each felt like they were about to die from the heat, but they kept moving forward out of sheer stubbornness when they heard an explosion. They looked up and saw a few akuma trying to move forward, however when they reached a certain distance they would explode. This reinforced the idea that innocence was around, but also put them on guard because if the akuma were failing at their jobs Noah would soon show up if they hadn't already.

The two exorcists moved forward until Allen noticed the absence of their shadows. "Kanda." she said.

"What?" Kanda spat, he had been somewhat enjoying the silence between them.

"Where is Link and what's his name?" She asked.

"Who cares, we'll find them after we get the innocence. Let's go."

"What if they are injured or weren't able to stand the heat? Some people have died from overheating!" Allen cried.

"Tch, if you're so worried go check on them, I'm going to go ahead and get the innocence."

Allen rolled her eyes, thinking that she had been expecting too much for Kanda to care about people he found as annoyances. "Okay I'll go get them and make sure they are safe. Don't be an idiot while I'm gone." She stated before she turned around and walked the way they had come.

"Tch." Kanda muttered as she left. He kept walking forward and finally came across a clearing in the area. When he got closer he saw a burning tree. Without even thinking he rushed up and cut the tree in half and grabbed the innocence that was inside. Smirking to himself he pocketed the innocence and decided to head back, putting his coat back on because the temperature had already begun to drop.

When he was almost back in town he noticed his moyashi staggering under the weight of the two Crows. Rolling his eyes he grabbed the one that followed him.

"Baka Moyashi, what made you think you could carry two fully grown men by yourself." He growled.

"Hey! I'm a lot stronger than I look! And it's Allen BaKanda!" Allen shouted, and then she immediately calmed down. "I found these two passed out around the area where the akuma were exploding; I guess the innocence was making sure that only accommodators were able to get close."

"Che, guess that explains why we didn't hear anything about a burning tree either."

"What there was a burning tree?!" Allen asked, her silver eyes shining.

"Yeah, it held the innocence. The heat must have been what was keeping the people away and maybe even killing the finders." Kanda replied. Allen shuddered at the thought that innocence may have played a role in the deaths of the finders, after all it was just making them fall unconscious with heat, if they weren't treated soon enough it was easy enough to die. Allen quickened her pace a little and headed towards the nearest hospital, where Link and his comrade were treated for severe dehydration and heat exhaustion. Once they were deemed fit for travel, they headed back to headquarters.

Meanwhile (while Kanda and Allen are still in Moscow)

Lavi's POV

Lavi felt like the luckiest guy in the world. The girl he had the biggest crush on had decided that HE would be the one to comfort her while she cried out her broken heart. 'I don't know what you did Komui, but THANK YOU, you crazy sister complex!' Lavi thought to himself as Lenalee cried on his shoulder in the library.

"I – I'm sorry Lavi. I know you're busy, but you're the only one I could turn to!" Lenalee wailed. "It's just I've liked Allen ever since he first joined the Order. At first it was just thinking that he was cute, then just a little crush, but he's just so kind and considerate. I really think I love him! To think that he didn't even see me that way! Brother said he was gay! I can't believe it! I just thought he was a little oblivious to feelings and all, or maybe he just didn't know what love was because he was abandoned and then raised by Cross, but to think he was gay! Lavi you don't think this was just something my brother said to make sure I stay away from Allen is it? Please tell me my brother wouldn't go that far!"

"W-well, ahem, I can honestly say that your brother did not lie. I have observed myself and had Allen admit that he is attracted to other men." Lavi replied, trying to be delicate.

"I thought that Allen was so nice and he says he believes in God, how can he do that if he goes against what God teaches and like other men?!" Lavi looked at her in shock he had not been expecting her to say that.

"Lenalee, there is nothing that supports why the church is against homosexuals, it has only recently begun in history, homosexuality used to be embraced by many different cultures before now." He lightly chided not wanting to upset her more, but wanting to remind her that she was talking about one of her friends. Lenalee looked shocked for a moment and then flushed.

"Oh my gosh, what would Allen think if he heard that! I'm so sorry, he's still my friend and I still love him, I'm just so angry that I can't have because of his freaking sexual preferences!" she said crying harder. Lavi patted her back.

"Actually you can't have him because your brother turned him into a girl." Lavi joked, trying to relieve some of the tension and maybe get a smile. Lenalee's breathing hitched.

"You're right" she said. "In that case I need to be mad at my idiot brother, who ruined my plans at a happily ever after!" she fumed. Lavi sighed, apparently he had just made her angry, 'well at least she isn't angry at me' he thought to himself.

"Lenalady. Do you seriously think you would be happy married to someone who didn't love you back? I mean sure Allen would try. He would try so hard for you, but you and I both know that he would never be able to love you the way you love him. And that would make you both feel awful. It would end up making you feel inadequate and insecure and he would feel guilty the entire relationship. Is that what you really want?" Lavi asked. Lenalee was quiet for a few minutes; the green eyed man guessed she was thinking.

"If you put it that way it does sound awful." She whispered. "But what am I supposed to do now?" she looked up at him her dark eyes full of sadness and unshed tears.

"You take this as an opportunity to find someone who can return your feelings." Lavi breathed as he reached up to brush her hair out of her eyes.

"Who?" she asked softly.

He was about to answer, maybe even confess his feelings, when they were interrupted by a very loud. "Heh hem." He looked up and Bookman was standing amongst the books and he did not look happy.

"Excuse us Miss Lenalee, but Lavi needs to get some work done." Bookman said. Lenalee took this as he clue to leave.

"Pan-" the red head didn't even get to finish his sentence before he was sent flying by Bookman's kick to his face.

"What did I tell you?!" he hissed. "We are here to observe only! You cannot become attached to anyone here! I don't care if you think you like her; you need to shove those feelings away before they interfere with your impartiality! I cannot have someone corrupted by feelings be my successor! You need to figure out if you still want to be a Bookman or not Lavi; because if you continue on like this you won't be one anymore I can guarantee it. Now get to work, I need you to read these books and recite their contents for me tomorrow." Bookman said pointing to a large stack of books on the table before heading out. Lavi groaned, as much as he liked reading, the amount Gramps had given him was impossible to read unless he stayed up all night. 'Well at least I have a photographic memory so I will only have to read them once.' He thought, before opening the first book in the pile and losing himself in history.

Allen's POV

It had been two weeks since he had gone with Kanda on their mission, and so far Kanda had been the best partner. As much as he liked the freedom to be doing almost anything and being able to see Kanda almost every day they weren't on missions (yes they fought) he really didn't like being a girl. He hated the stupid lacy underwear his master made him wear, the stupid uncomfortable bras (which still had trouble with, although he could do it, it just took time) the miniskirts that made him feel exposed, but most of all he hated how most of the guys looked at him now. Ever since he had been classified as a girl all the guy exorcists, minus a select few, took to staring at him with eyes that reminded him of the looks he gave to a particularly delicious looking dango. The looks made him shudder in disgust and the only time he got a reprieve was when he sat next to Kanda to eat (it was the only time he could eat without being put off his food unless he was alone). Suffice it to say he did not share a bed with any of the other male exorcists; he always made sure that there were enough beds or separate rooms. The only exorcists that he had even felt comfortable enough to eat with had been Krory and a guy named Noise Marie. Krory he knew from before and they were good enough friends, although Allen still had to watch him a bit to make sure no one swindled him, and Noise Marie he had met once before but hadn't really known him, however he turned out to be a really nice guy who was quite comfortable to be around. Allen was surprised that he hadn't changed back yet so he was getting kind of nervous because the announcement for the new pairings was going to happen tomorrow. He knew that nothing could guarantee that he would be paired with Kanda, but he was praying for the first time in a long time for him.

The next day Allen walked to Komui's office full of anticipation and anxiety. He wasn't sure if he wanted to know who he was paired with or not. He had it narrowed into three preferences: the first was Kanda (duh), and if he couldn't have Kanda he would settle for Marie or even Krory, all the other guys, had been jerks or perverts and he wasn't looking forward to having much of a relationship with them especially if there was a chance of him changing back. He knew that the worst that would happen if he changed back with Kanda is that he would get an early, but quick death.

He looked up when Reever cleared his throat. "Everyone it is time to announce the new pairings."

-To be continued-

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