Gon and Killua were walking side by side back to their hotel in the late night. It was a little breezy, so little did the boys notice, they walked closer together to keep warm.

Killua noticed that Gon was being a little fidgety. Sure, on a night like this, Gon isn't hyper; he doesn't have to be, not all the time. But, Killua noticed that Gon seemed a little . . . sad.

"Oi, Gon. What's wrong?" he asked him. Gon continued to rub his hands together for warmth. For some reason, he refused to look up at his snow-haired buddy. Killua nudged him gently with his elbow. He smiled a little at Gon and asked him again, "What's wrong, Gon? It isn't like you to be looking like . . . you're sad."

Gon sighed and nodded. He slowly lifted up his head and glanced back at his friend. "I know, I'm sorry. It's just that . . . I'm a little depressed."

"Why?" Killua asked. Gon went back to walking with his head down. Killua noticed that he seemed to be shaking, but it wasn't just from the cold. "Gon?" He heard his friend sniffle. "Are . . . you crying?" he asked quietly. He didn't want to sound like a jerk to Gon. Something was seriously wrong and honestly, Killua was getting really worried. Did something happen to Gon? Did someone hurt you? Tell me! I'll kill them right now!

Gon looked up slowly and focused his eyes on Killua's. Killua saw the wetness shine in his friend's eyes. Gon seemed like he was about to cry. "Ne . . . Killua?"


"What do you think will happen . . . if one of us dies someday?" Gon asked him. Killua stopped in his tracks. He was thrown off by the question, because he never thought Gon would ever think of something like this. Though, obviously coming from Killua's background, he's thought of it before, and he just ignored the burning sadness that lurked in his heart just from thinking about it.

"Wha—well . . . Let's not think about it, Gon. It's not like we haven't faced Death before," Killua said almost jokingly. Maybe it's best if he tries to avoid the subject. He's avoided it before, but now that Gon's brought it up . . . maybe it's impossible.

"No. I mean . . . actual death. We've almost died plenty of times, and sure, I'd be devastated if we died in a battle. But think . . . what will happen if one of us is gone forever? Like for real?" Gon asked him.

Killua sighed. "Well, I don't think it'll happen anytime soon. But, I'll be honest with you." Killua wrapped his arm around his comrade's neck and brought him in for a playful noogie. He stopped and gently held Gon in a headlock. He sniffed his friend's hair that still smelled of strawberry shampoo. "I don't know what I'd do, Gon," he whispered. He felt Gon's hands grab onto his shirt. Killua rubbed Gon's back. "It's alright, Gon. C'mon, let's go back to the hotel." He unlocked Gon from his headlock and waited for Gon to say something. Gon just nodded and continued walking, his grip still on Killua's shirt. Killua started walking again, too. He absently took Gon's hand off of his shirt and intertwined their hands together. He gave Gon's hand a small squeeze and he waited for another in return. He was a little sad when Gon didn't return a squeeze.

Gon just continued walking, holding hands with Killua, and shutting out everything from his mind. The more he thought about what worse could be done, the more he seemed to drift away from reality.

I don't want Killua to die. I know he won't . . . but I feel that something bad's gonna happen . . . and it's gonna happen to Killua, Gon thought. Thoughts like this plagued his mind. He couldn't stop thinking about it no matter how much he could hear Killua's faint encouragement.

"Gon?" Gon looked up and realized that they were finally in the hotel. Had they already gotten there? Gon felt like he had been walking on a never ending ice trail. He heard his name again. He looked to his left and saw Killua coming from the bathroom with a towel over his head. "You should take a shower. We've trained the whole day and you're a mess." Gon looked down at his dirty clothes and nodded.

"Yeah . . ." he said quietly. He stood up from where he sat on his twin bed and slowly walked into the bathroom to take his shower.

Killua watched Gon close the door. He sighed. "Why is he thinking about stuff like that now?" he asked himself. He rubbed his snow white hair with the pale towel a bit more, scrubbing his scalp to get rid of the gunk or shampoo that may still be there. "He's making me depressed."

After a while, Gon finally reappeared from the bathroom. He stared at the grandfather clock hanging on the wall. It seems he spent an hour in the shower. Wow, time really does fly. Killua was hanging on the couch watching some weird erotic Spanish soap opera. His friend looked at him and held out a chip. Gon smiled and took the chip, eating it in one bite.

"For a while, I thought you were drowning in the rain," Killua said through a mouthful of chips. Gon chuckled sadly.

In my tears, to be exact.

"You weren't gonna save me?" Gon asked.

"You were gonna be naked!"

"Yeah, so? It's not like we haven't seen each other naked before," Gon said. Killua choked on his chips.



"N-Nothing . . ."

"Are you alright?"

"Jeez . . . I can't wait until you actually understand what you say," Killua muttered. Gon shrugged and took another chip.

"I don't know what you mean," Gon said. He seriously didn't. What does Killua mean by 'what he says'? Is there another meaning for whatever Gon says? "Were you gonna save me or not?" Gon asked. Killua looked at his friend and smiled, eating another chip.

"Of course." Gon smiled again. "Right after this soap was done."

"Hey!" Gon threw a pillow at him.

"What! Hey, shush, the good part is up!"



"What are they doing?"

"Close your eyes. You should know something by your age," Killua muttered. Gon looked at him. He burst out laughing and Killua did the same. At least Gon was smiling again.

"Ne, Killua?"


"I'm glad we're friends."

"Me, too."

"Best friends."


"Brothers, maybe," Gon suggested. He gave Killua a shy look. Killua looked at him and smiled.

"Brothers, huh? You may be one I actually like." Gon laughed.

"Ooh, I know! How about . . . Thunder and Lightning!"

"Where the hell did you get that from?"

"Thunder is powerful and has a lot of BOOM! I'm thunder. You're lightning, because you have the power of electricity!"

"Thunder and Lightning? Not a bad combo. How about fire and ice?"

"Or light and darkness!"

"Hey! Who the hell are you callin' darkness?"

"Ah, gomen, Killua."

Killua smiled at Gon and wrestled him gently on the couch. "Yo, Gon . . . Are you alright?" he asked. Gon looked up at his friend and gave him a sad smile.

"Yeah . . . I'm sorry for acting weird earlier." Killua ran his hand through Gon's slick black hair.

"Don't scare me like that." Gon nodded. He gave Killua a quick hug and jumped off the couch into bed.

"I'm gonna go to sleep now. I'm tired."

"G'night, Gon." Killua hopped into his own twin bed, beside Gon's, and let his head fall against the soft pillow.

"'Night, Killua." Gon slept with his back facing Killua. His smile soon faded as thoughts came swarming back to him. Thoughts to when only two words were envisioned in a crimson red.

He's dead.

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Some confusion with the "He's dead" part. Remember back to when Gon was thinking to himself? "I don't want Killua to die"? Gon feels that something bad's gonna happen. But the words "He's dead" is just in his mind. So, hope there's no more confusion.