Gon woke up with sweat soaked clothes stuck to his skin. He looked at the Grandfather clock telling him that it was at least three in the morning, the sun still down but the sky a mid-blue in the early morning. Darkness filled the hotel room as Gon panted quietly, trying to regain his breath. He wiped the sweat off of his face and looked around the room again. He looked towards the next bed, where Killua slept. He inched his head up a little to get a better look and sighed a quiet relief after seeing a bit of spikey snow-white hair poking from the burgundy blankets. Gon slapped the blankets off of him and quickly rushed into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. He didn't turn the lights on just yet, for fear that his dream might flash back on him if he turned the lights on right away. He waited for a few minutes in pure darkness in the bathroom, but then he realized that the dark made it worse. He shivered violently and struggled to search for the light switch in a quick panic. When he switched the light on, the brightness stung his eyes but he still felt remorse from his dream.

Gon tried to calm his breathing, trying to keep quiet so he can hear what he can on the other side of the bathroom door. With his exquisite hearing, Gon can easily hear the steady beat of Killua's heart through his light snores, indicating that he was still sleeping peacefully. A small smile played on his face but faded the instant it showed. Gon winced as he rubbed his hands over his eyes.

I . . . I can still see it . . . go away.

Gon desperately tried to rub his ears from a buzzing sound that just wouldn't leave him alone.

I can hear him . . . Dammit! Killua! – I can hear him . . . his screams . . . dammit!

"I don't wanna listen . . . I don't wanna see . . ." he desperately whispered to himself, his voice cracking as just a few tears escaped his closed eyes. A small vibration ran through the door to the ground to Gon's feet throughout his whole body. It took Gon a second to realize that a knock was placed on the bathroom door. He finally opened his eyes and stared at the door. Another knock sent another shiver down his spine.

"Gon?" was asked through the door. Gon licked his dried lips and quickly wet them with cold water.

"K-Killua . . ." Gon said through the door.

"You alright?" Killua asked.

"Uh . . . Y-Yeah . . . just a little worried is all. 'Had a bad dream is all," Gon said quietly through the door.

"Wanna talk about it?" Killua said.

"Maybe some other time. You're probably tired." Gon rubbed his eyes with the backs of his hands. "I know I am."

"Okay. Can you open the door, I need to take a leak," Killua said. Gon unlocked the door and opened it slowly, his gaze slowly setting on his sleepy friend's appearance. Killua yawned. "You sure you okay? You don't wanna sleep in the same bed or somethin'? I heard that fears can be overcome if you're consoled by the person you feel most comfortable with," he said. Gon grew a slight blush across his cheeks.

"I-I'm fine," he said quietly. He started walking towards his bed but stopped in his tracks and turned around. "Um . . .? Would I be a bother if I can?" he asked nervously. Killua flashed him a grin and a thumbs up.

"'Course not! I can't have my Thunder blowing nightmares can I? I gotta do my job and take away the darkness! Plus, you're the light . . . be the bright, bratty sun that you always are. 'Kay?" Killua gave him a reassuring look and before going in the bathroom, he watched as Gon slowly made it towards his bed and laid down under the sheets. A smile broke on his face. "Get as comfortable as you like, you need a good night's sleep, Gon."

Gon heard the door close and he nodded to himself at Killua's comment. He immediately felt safe, reassured, in Killua's bed. It was still warm from Killua occupying this part of the bed. Gon smelled the pillow and the blankets and immediately relaxed. He felt his eyes start to drift away droopily.

It smells like Killua . . . I like Killua's smell . . . it makes me feel as if he's closer. It makes me feel happy.

After Killua's bathroom break, he tiptoed over to his bed and lay down next to his already sleeping friend. He smiled and thanked Kami for giving Gon some peace as he snored away as if he hadn't been sleeping through torture. Killua wouldn't admit it out loud, but he wasn't really sleeping either. He would've fallen asleep instantly just a couple of hours ago, but he noticed once Gon fell asleep, he wasn't having the best time. He heard Gon whimper multiple times and cry out and it worried him. He got up from bed a few times and watched as Gon shed tears in his sleep. He didn't know what to do. He tried to snap him out of it, but he wouldn't wake up. So he tried to sleep, tried to ignore Gon's desperate cries for some unknown source of help, but he couldn't. So he stayed awake little by little, listening to what Gon would say once a few times before going back to tossing and turning in bed and shuddering in fear in his sleep. Killua caught on to some things Gon would say:

"No . . . Don't go . . . Gomen! . . . Killua . . . I didn't mean it . . . I shouldn't have . . . Killua! Please . . . don't leave me alone!"

Killua didn't know why, but he was starting to think that this wasn't going to be just some dream. He even shed a few tears. Gon, whatever was hurting him in his dreams, it would be visibly seen. Sure, not physical wounds, but mentally and physical appearance, you could tell. Gon is a lively boy. He doesn't just turn Seven Seas like that. He's not supposed to be filled with heavy sorrow. Killua didn't know what had gotten into Gon, but he had to do something about it.

"Please don't leave me alone . . ."

Killua wrapped his arm around Gon's waist and pulled him into a warm hug on the bed. Killua snuggled close to Gon, trying to comfort the both of them from the pain they felt in their hearts.

"I'll never leave you alone, Gon . . . just as long as you don't leave me alone," Killua whispered. Gon sighed peacefully in his sleep. He turned his body towards Killua's and snuggled closely to his friend. Killua held in his shock as Gon wrapped his arms around the paler kid as well and pulled him into a warm embrace.

"Never leave . . ." Gon begged as he clutched his friend's shirt tightly. Killua nodded and pulled the covers over them more, the room temperature suddenly getting cold and they needed all the warmth they could get.

"Never," Killua said, rubbing a soothing hand over Gon's back. We're gonna be fine.

I know it's short and not much, but I just wanted to see how Gon would react to his dream. So I hope you liked this really short chapter. More will be coming up maybe sooner or later, all depends on time!

I forgot to mention in the first chapter, but this story is actually based on a sad dream that I had with Gon and Killua, so I decided to turn it into a fic. Please favorite, follow, and review!