Italics mean thinking or in head. Star means actions

Chapter 1

Jessie's POV

Me: FUCHSIA QUIT PULLING ON KIARA'S HAIR AND HELP ME MAKE DINNER! Oh the life I have. I am Jessie, i live with my best friends Kiara and Lillian and i guess technically my daughter, but more of a friend, Fuchsia. She is a Fang-pier.

Fuchsia: *sigh* yes ma'am *starts to walk to the kitchen* wait can i spare with Lillian instead

Me:No, you spent your free time pulling on Kiara's hair. Now Kiara needs to train with Lillian.

Fuchsia: *sigh* yes ma'am

(outside with the training equipment)

Lillian: take that

Kiara: hey, that's not fair

Lillian: do you think a real opponent would be fair

Kiara: your right, but this time i'm taking you down

Lillian: oh, your on

(at the dinner table)

Me: Dinner's done

Lillian: Great i'm hungry

Fuchsia: that doesn't surprise me, by the looks of it it looks like you were sparing really hard.

Kiara: dinner looks good, but is it edible

Me: you really think i would poison you"

Kiara: you didn't here this from me, but rumor has it one of the ninja makes poisonous food.

Fuchsia: really, can you pass the salt

Me: as long as I've known you you have never wanted salt on anything.

Fuchsia: i heard it helps you grow big and strong

Me: Fuchsia sweetie i think what your thinking about is milk

Fuchsia: oh, can i have some milk then.

Me: fuchsia why do you want to grow big and strong all of the sudden

Fuchsia: well at school, everyone calls me names like weakling and sprout

Me: why would they call you that

Fuchsia: maybe because i am one

Lillian: why would you be a sprout, I'm guessing your taller than most serpentine your age

Fuchsia: i guess they are thinking people height, I'm the smallest one in the classroom.

Kiara's POV

Me: You thought salt helps you grow big and strong *starts laughing*

Jessie: She made a mistake, Kiara.

Fuchsia: Learn to behave that way from the big bad wolf

Me: Leave my father out of this *growls at Fuchsia*

Lillian: Zip it you two!

Me: She started it *points to Fuchsia*

Fuchsia: I started it!?

Jessie: Fuchsia be quite or you'll be grounded again! And I'll call your Dad, Kiara.

Me: *Sigh* Ok

Fuchsia:*Sigh* Fine

Jessie: Good, now Kiara eat your dinner.

Me: *Sniffs it* I guess it smiles OK to eat. *Takes bit out of it* IT'S AS GOOD DEER! *Eats it as fast as can*

Lillian: I think I lost my appetite

Me: Well what did you think wolves eat?

Fuchsia: Do you wanta hear what I have to say?

Me: *Growls at her again*

Jessie: If you want to you can finish your training now.

Me: Ok, you're going down Lillian.

Lillian: You're wolf skills are no match for my skills