Chapter 2

Lillian's POV

(outside with training stuff)

Kaira: Yeah right

Me: I have an idea. We fight each other using our best weapons and we see who wins

Kaira: I like those odds *grabs a sword*

Me: I'll get my bow and arrows *walks over to the weapon wall*

Jessi: On you mark... get set... fight...

Fuchsia: Can I do that next?

Jessi: Maybe, after you help with the dishes

Fuchsia: Fine

Me: *shoots arrow at Kaira* Like I said I will be using my best weapon


Me: I told you we were using our BEST weapons and min is a bow and arrow

Kaira: You didn't tell me those things had sharp points that could take off heads!

Me: During a battle would you ask for a time out to say 'Just to warn you this is a shap weapon' now would you

Kaira: I guess your right about that

Me: Of course I am! Oh by the way.. tah tah

Kaira: Huh?

Me: *Grabs a hanging tree branch right before getting hit by Kaira's sword*

Kaira: Again that as is not fair! I have an idea though *evil grin and runs up to the tree* You can come down from the tree or I chop it down!

Me: You wouldn't dare!

Kaira: Alright y *starts to cut tree then looks up* Where did you go?

Me: *Shoots arrow at Kaira again*

Kaira: Stop doing that! *turns around to see I am gone*

Me: (in disguised voice) : 'Ello again!

Kaira: *Turns around but is hesitant on using her weapon*

Me: *Spin kicks Kaira down and grabs her weapon* I win

Kaira: How?

Me: It's a secret that I would only tell you if we were to train/fight with the ninja which would never happen

Kaira: True and sorry about you tree

Me: That's OK I can fix it right up *walks over to tree and heels it*

Jessie's POV

Fuchsia: can in please spare now

Me: fine, but no going against Lillian

Fuchsia: why not

Me: she has more training than you, and she could have hurt Kiara really bad.

Fuchsia: fine. *turns to Kiara* can i spare against you

Kiara: sure thing sprout

Fuchsia: HEY, I AM NOT A SPROUT *starts to attack Kiara with a battle ax*


Fuchsia: *drops battle ax right next to Kiara's head* but she called me a sprout

Me: doesnt mater go to your room right now we will talk about this later and Kiara extra ALONE training for you for name calling,

Kiara: but, but

Me: nope, no but's except yours working on the training course

Kiara: fine *sigh* *walks to dummy*

Lillian: how come we never see you on the training course

Kiara: yah, you are always ordering us around on the training course why not try it your self

Me: okay *goes through the training course in less than 5 seconds* there you happy

Kiara and Lillian: how

Me: what Lillian said i would only tell you if we were training/fighting with ninja

Lillian: the day someone used my word against me, i never thought it would be Jessie

Me: i have to go check on Fuchsia *walks inside and goes to Fuchsia's room to find Fuchsia sitting on her bed* Fuchsia

Fuchsia: *quickly stands up* i'm sorry for attacking Kiara my anger got the best of me again.

Me: well lucky for all of us she wasn't injured as her you, you are going to start your first day of REAL training tomorrow

Fuchsia: *gasp* really i'm going to be training like Lillian and Kiara

Me: remember you cant give up, NO MATTER how hard it is. Keep that in mind, your going to need that someday.