Hello and Surprise! I have been so touched by those of you who have been asking for a new E/J story from me. I really appreciate those of you who stuck with me through so much. So while I am between waiting for edits and finishing my next to be published book, I thought why not write a new fan fic.

First I want to say a really big thank you to Mrs. Agget for doing a terrific beta job for me on this first chapter. She keeps me smiling.

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Warning: This story contains M/M romance between consenting adults. Please leave now if this is not your cup of tea or you are under the age of 18. There will be lemons in future chapters.

Chapter 1


Nothing, absolutely nothing should attract me to the man bent over the front end of my car. But there it was…fire burning in my veins, making the blood rush to my cock as I watched him. I told myself he was not my type.

He had dirty blond hair pulled into a sloppy ponytail at the nape of his slender neck. Loose tendrils flew around his head where they had escaped the confines he had tried to make on them. A tee shirt that looked like it was two sizes too small clung to every sweaty inch of his arms and back. Muscles bunched and rippled in those tan arms. I could see just a hint of barbed wire inked along his biceps at the edge of the sleeves. His back muscles stretched as he leaned into the engine a little farther. That's when I noticed a little glimpse of skin above a pair of threadbare jeans and the ass they were covered.

I pulled at the collar of my Jeffrey Beene white dress shirt, loosening my tie. Had it gotten hotter in the garage, or was I uncomfortable because of the man in front of me who was oblivious to the raving that was going on in my head? Shit!

He lifted one leg and put his brown…no they were black but covered in mud…boots on the bumper of my Audi. God damn, how could the material in those jeans stretch that much without ripping apart? I adjusted my growing problem and prayed that I could calm myself down before he finished whatever the hell he was doing under the hood and turned to face me.

Moving his right hand, he pushed the hair out of his face and that's when I saw the flash of light reflecting off the hooped earring dangling against his skin and damned if there wasn't more ink, too. Something in dark blue was etched down the tendon running from behind his ear to below his stood up suddenly, stretched his back out, and twisted his head from shoulder to he turned to face me, I realized it was the first time I'd actually seen his face.

I'd been on the phone with my boss, explaining why I was going to be late this morning, when he had first come into the garage to look at my car. Carlisle Cullen could be a son of bitch when he wasn't getting his way and being late for any reason was not acceptable. When it came to his employees, being family made no difference to Carlisle.

The man before me was drop dead gorgeous. His face was covered in two or three day's worth of scruff. The shadow of the beard gave his face depth and made his cheeks appear hollowed out and sharp. The hair that had escaped the strained pony tail hung in loose tendrils all around his face. His neck was long and graceful with a predominant Adam's apple that drew my eyes. I watched it bob as he swallowed and cleared his throat.

As soon as I heard that noise, my attention was immediately drawn to his eyes. They were crystalline blue. Not like the sky or even water in a clear blue lake. More like…ice. I didn't think I'd ever seen a color like that on human before. Dogs, yeah. Alaskan huskies had that color of blue. It was then that I noticed they were hard and cold and looking at me with disgust.

"The least you could do is listen to me when I speak to you, Mr. Cullen." His words, spoken with venom, stung me and I didn't understand why. I didn't even know this man, did I? How could he so obviously loathe me?

"I'm sorry," I said, confused by the tension coming from him.

"Yeah, I already know that. Look, I don't want to be anywhere around you anymore than you want to be around me, so let's just cut the bullshit." He grabbed a rag that was lying on the shelf next to my car.

"I'm going to have to keep the car. Pete can hook you up with a rental while we order the part I need to fix the problem." He turned and walked toward the main office, never giving me a chance to say a word.

Stunned, I watched him stop and talk to Pete at the front desk before he headed into a door behind the desk and closed it loudly. What the hell just happened? Did I know this angry man? I tried to place where I may have met him before but I just couldn't.. He obviously knew me from somewhere or thought he did. One thing was sure; I no longer had my earlier problem. My cock was completely flaccid at this point. And the blood that was burning for that man a few moments before was now coursing through me, fueling my rage.

Who the hell did he think he was? No one and I mean no one talks to me like that. I straightened my tie and pushed back the sides of my hair. After composing myself, I stomped back into the front office area where Pete was ready with the information about a rental car. I cut him off before he could give me the details.

"Look. Mr. Asshole out there was about the rudest person I have ever met in my life. If he's your example of the best man for a job, then I think maybe I need to be speaking to the manager." My voice must have been a little louder and a little harsher than I had expected it to be. Pete jumped back from the desk and looked at me with wide startled eyes.

"I'm sorry, it's just that he infuriated me and he didn't even tell me what the hell was wrong with my car," I said lightening my voice and hopefully get my point across without chewing the poor guys head off.

"I know there was an older gentleman who used to manage this place…Whitlock. I remember now, his name was Mr. Whitlock. He was a great old man. Knew a lot about cars and he was always so kind and helpful to people. How about I speak with him?" I asked, feeling some relief at remembering the kindly older man and wondering why I hadn't seen him when I came in today.

Pete shuffled from one foot to another and looked at the door behind the desk, which had a plate on it that read "Manager". His eyes became soft and he almost looked like he might cry. I hadn't noticed before just how young he was, probably no more than nineteen or twenty. Funny how when you reach that thirty year mark someone that age seems so young.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Cullen. Gramps passed away two months ago. We all miss him around here. People just liked him and yeah, well, he's been missed by just about everyone." The kid looked so sad. I felt really sorry for his loss though that didn't mean that jackass mechanic could talk to me like that and get away with it. If we treated people like that at the bank, we'd be closed in no time.

"He was a nice man and I'm sorry for your loss, but that man out there really needs to learn how to deal with customers. Do you have a new manager now?"

"Yeah, my Uncle Jasper he took over when Gramps died."

"Well, why don't you get him for me and maybe we can straighten this whole thing out."

'Well…you see…Uncle Jasper…he-" The kid stopped talking when the door with the "Manager" sign on it suddenly flew open.

"Pete! What the hell is he still doing here? You should have had Jacob bring around one of the Audi Q4's for him. He's used to driving the best." He sneered those last few words in my direction.

"Look, you don't have to yell at the kid like that. I want to talk to the Manager and I want to talk to him right now."

The gorgeous brooding man suddenly smiled. Not a smirk or a half assed "so there" sort of smile, a beautiful smile that crinkled the edges of those crystalline blue eyes and allowed a deep dimple to pop out on either side of his mouth. Then he reached a hand stained with grease across the desk as if to shake one of my hands.

"That would be me, Mr. Cullen. My name is Whitlock. Jasper Whitlock."


The jackass didn't remember me. Of course, he wouldn't. It had been ten years. Ten long years but I had remembered him. Edward Masen Cullen had stormed into and out of my life in one night, leaving behind a destruction that it took me years to get over. If I were being honest with myself, and I wasn't; I'd have to admit I still wasn't over it.

It wasn't that Cullen was any different than any other guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth, the rich bastard. But when I had first seen him on campus at Seattle University, I had wanted him to be different. It nearly broke me when I found out just how wrong I had been about him.

Nobody's first sexual experience should be with a bunch of drunk off their asses frat boys. It wasn't all Cullen's fault. I had been naive and just plain stupid. It still pissed me off to no end just how much of a fool I had been. One night had changed me forever.

Stripping off the grease monkey clothes, I replaced them with my dress shirt and slacks. When I'd seen Cullen walking into the lobby earlier, I'd quickly called Peter at the desk and told him to take care of Mr. Cullen. "Tell him you'll get your best mechanic on it right away." I'd almost added, "I don't want to talk to the asshole." I stopped myself because the kid was too nosy and who knows what he would have told his mom. The last thing I needed was for my sister, Rose, to get wind of this. For some unknown reason, she assumed that every detail of my personal life was open to her for discussion and intervention.

She had been a great help when Dad passed away and left this shop to the two of us. Her knowledge of finance and bookkeeping were going to keep us afloat. I was a damn good mechanic, but dealing with people? Not so much. I was learning to be the polite front end manager type but getting my hands dirty with the cars, that's where my heart lay.

My mind drifted back to the problem of Cullen. How he ended up in my shop after all this time was a mystery. Maybe he'd seen the sign on the highway when he started having trouble with the car. It was the only explanation that made sense.

Masen Finance had branches in every little podunk town up and down the coast with a main headquarters in Seattle. Maybe he was visiting the office for daddy dearest on his way back there. Why he was here didn't matter. Getting him on his way was the most important thing at the moment. The fact that I didn't have the damn part I needed in stock pissed me off too. That only meant another delay in getting the man out of my shop and out of my life.

Stopping before the mirror, I took a long look at myself. I could see my hair needed to be done again. The mousy brown was showing through the pale blond I preferred. I made a note to call Rose about saving a night to do it soon. She'd argue with him like she always did, but it wouldn't matter. I'd stopped being that shy brunette with gray eyes a long time ago. Hair dye and contacts made that Jasper disappear. In his place, a blue eyed blond surfaced. He wasn't as nice as the old Jasper, but the new Jasper didn't get his heart broken...ever.

I had my hand on the door knob when Edward Cullen's voice carried through the air. He was yelling at Pete. Fuck no! I wasn't going to stand for that arrogant son of a bitch yelling at the kid. I pulled the door open wide and stepped through.

"Pete! What the hell is he still doing here? You should have had Jacob bring around one of the new Audi Q4's for him. He's used to driving the best." I sneered those last few words in his direction.

"Look, you don't have to yell at the kid like that. I want to talk to the Manager and I want to talk to him right now," he shouted right back at me.

I gave him my best office manager smile, even letting my dimples pop out. Then I offered him my hand across the desk before I spoke.


"That would be me, Mr. Cullen. My name is Whitlock. Jasper Whitlock. Bill Whitlock was my father. The kid told you he passed. My sister and I are the new owners. If you have a problem, I'll be glad to help you with it." I continued to smile at him. He couldn't mistake the way those last words came out. Even I could hear the icy tinge of hate that touched each word.

I felt Pete shiver where he stood close to me. I hadn't meant to scare the kid. That thought alone caused me to soften my tone when I spoke to him again.

"Pete, I can handle this. It's okay. Go take a break after you tell Jacob to bring the black Audi around for Mr. Cullen." I smiled at my nephew, trying to ease the worry etched on his young face. He wasn't used to seeing me this angry. He relaxed and nodded before he took off through the door leading out into the garage. Gathering my emotions, I faced the man on the other side of the desk.

"There are two parts that I don't have in stock. They are expensive and rarely need to be replaced, especially on a new vehicle like yours. If I had to guess, I'd say the parts had been replaced with defective ones. Probably by someone changing your oil. They have to be shipped from overseas. I would think three days by air, and of course there be an extra charge for that. Once I have the parts, we'll have the car back to new before you know it."

I could see the look of astonishment on Edward's face and I chuckled to myself. He really didn't know which way was up right now. He was still so damn good looking. Age had only added a few fine lines around his mouth and eyes, making him look a little less arrogant than the last time I had seen him. Don't go there Jasper, I told myself.

Thankfully, I saw the sleek black 2013 Audi Q4 pull up out front. Jacob Black walked through the front door and threw the keys to me with a wink. Edward didn't miss it. His eyes widened at the exchange.

"If you'd like to leave your business card, I'll have Pete call you as soon as the parts get here." I waited for him to let everything sink in. He reached into his hip pocket and pulled out his wallet. Extracting his card, he picked up a pen on the counter and wrote something on the back of it. When he was done, he slid it across the flat surface to me with two fingers.

"My personal number is on the back," he said carefully, then added, "Have we met before?" His voice was deeper now. Talking at a normal level instead of yelling, it sounded rough, sexy. Now I was shivering.

It stunned me for a moment, just how much he could still affect me. And the simple fact that he really did not remember me angered me to my very core. The smile I offered him this time wasn't a business smile or very nice.

"I don't think I've had that pleasure," I answered through gritted teeth. "Good day, Mr. Cullen. Pete will call you when your car is ready." I turned and quickly headed back into my office, slamming the door behind me.

Slumping against the door, I cursed at myself for letting him get to me. A dish sitting on the table by the door exploded against the far wall before I even realized I'd thrown it.

"Not now! I will not think about him or that night here. Not here! Later! When I'm alone!" I growled the words under my breath. "Much, much later!"