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Chapter 2


"Seth, I can't. I'm sorry but I just don't want to hurt you." Edward rolled over on his back, covering his face with his left arm.

"Don't be such a drama queen, Edward."

Edward sighed and turned to face his best friend and sometimes lover.

Seth pushed his long black hair away from his face and over his shoulders as he sat up in bed.

"You are not going to hurt me by topping me. You are not James or Mike and it happened ten years ago. It's time to get over this and move on," Seth reached for his cigarettes on the nightstand beside the bed before he continued. "What brought the nightmares back anyway? And don't try to tell me you aren't having them. You only get like this when the dreams are bad."

Edward watched Seth hold the pack in his hand and reach for his lighter. Seth must have recognized the look on his face and he put the cigarettes and lighter away, then opened his arms. Edward immediately closed the distance between them and snuggled into Seth's warm embrace. Laying his head on Seth's smooth, hairless chest Edward could feel the other man's heart beating.

"Sorry I spoiled the mood," Edward said softly.

"It's okay," Seth answered, rubbing his fingers lightly up and down Edwards arm and shoulder. "It'll come back." Seth snickered and pointed at his cock. "See!" Seth bobbed his cock at Edward.

Chuckling at his friends positive attitude, Edward realized that was what had attracted him to Seth from the very beginning. Well that and the fuck the world point of view that he'd had even as a green freshman in college.

Edward had been a senior when they'd met and was deeply involved with James. That relationship was doomed from the start and having Seth as a friend eased some of the pain as things became progressively worse during the fall semester of his senior year. Seth stood by him and helped him put his life back together, especially after that dreadful Halloween masquerade party. He even encouraged him to get help with the nightmares that plagued him from that night and the issues he had with his father.

Eventually Edward got over James, finally seeing him for what he really was, and graduation finally came around. Things began to take a different turn with Seth. Over the next two years while Edward had gone to work at Masen Financial with his father, Carlisle Cullen, Seth continued at college. They tried dating. Then they tried sex.

The problem was that Seth was open and willing to try anything...everything, and Edward just couldn't do some of the things Seth wanted. Edward had a huge fear of topping. It terrified him and he had James to thank for that. Seth understood and didn't mind at first but eventually it made things very uncomfortable between them. The romance didn't survive. The friendship did.

Eventually they became very close friends again-friends with an additional benefit on occasion.

It had worked for them. They were closer now than they had ever been. Seth had been involved in one serious relationship during the years since they'd first met. It had ended without much drama and Seth didn't seem to be too upset when the other guy moved on.

For Edward, there had been no serious relationships since James. Only a few times, he'd managed to have more than one date with a guy. Office romances hadn't worked for him either. Starting something with Mike Newton had been a complete failure. When the stress of work and his father got to be too much or he was just too lonely, he'd visit a club he knew in Seattle. Edward finally decided that he just wasn't cut out for a relationship and if he needed more than a quick fuck or a mutual blow job, there was always Seth.

Seth had been quiet for awhile. He was letting Edward be lost in his own thoughts, setting things straight in his mind, and Edward appreciated that Seth knew him that well. It was so quiet that Edward jumped when Seth quietly said his name.



"I've met someone." Seth's voice sounded cautious in the darkness of Edward's bedroom, hesitant to reveal this truth to his friend.

"Someone new?"

"Yes. He's from La Push, actually." Seth slapped Edwards shoulder and pushed him away. "Stop laughing, you asshole! I'm being serious."

"You went home to visit Leah and met a gay guy there," Edward laughed, shoving his friend back. "Come on, you know that's funny. You left the Quilitte Village because you said you were the only gay guy there."

"So, I guess I wasn't the only one after all." Seth was pouting. Edward could hear it in his words. Seth was a professional pouter as far as Edward was concerned. No one did it better. Edward leaned forward, nipped the bottom lip that Seth had stuck out, then kissed him soundly.

"I was going to tell you in the morning. I've never met anyone like him before." There was something different, deeper than Edward had ever heard in Seth's voice before. There was awe.

Edward nudged his friend. "So, what's dream guys name and what does he do?"

"Paul," Seth sighed softly when he said the name. "He's a teacher at the rez school. Fourth grade. Says he likes that age 'cause they haven't learned to be smart asses just yet."

Edward could feel the smile on Seth's face as it was lying against his hair. He knew his friend was happy.

"How come this is the first I've heard of this?" Edward asked.

"You've seemed down a lot lately. I know things have gotten worse at the office since your old man, 'Chief Asshole', rehired Newon. Is that when the nightmares started up again?" I knew Seth could feel me tense with his question.

"No, it wasn't Mike," Edward answered then continued, "It was after James came to the office on the pretense of seeing Mike. I can only assume that Mike called him. They've always been close."

"What the hell, Edward?" Seth jerked his head up. "Why didn't you say anything?"

Edward sat up and pushed himself out of Seth's warm embrace. He missed it as soon as he did.

"I'm tired of being a wimp, Seth! Tired of being the guy who is...he called me gutless! James said I was gutless and worthless." The last sentence came out as a whisper.

Seth's comforting arms encircled Edward again. Soft kisses were peppered on Edward's temple.

"You are neither a wimp nor gutless. God damn it, you face Carlisle Cullen on a daily basis, in the office and in your personal life. There is no way in hell you are gutless."

Edward felt the embrace from Seth tighten with each word he spoke. It gave him strength. It made him realize just how lucky this Paul guy was and he hoped he knew it. He also hoped that the man wouldn't come between the friendship that he treasured with Seth. Not for the first time, he wished like hell that there could have been more with Seth but knew that wasn't meant for them.

"Guess you're telling me this because he doesn't want to share."

"Ah...no. It's more like...I want to...Edward...damn it...I can't think when you're..." Seth's head dropped back against the headboard and he groaned loudly. Edward had slipped his hand under the sheet and had grabbed Seth's cock.

"What was that?" Edward teased. He knew Seth was a sucker for a warm hand fisted tightly around his shaft, pumping the skin slowly up and down. Edward knew exactly how the other man liked to be touched.

"Just a little faster...oh...yeah...that's it. Edward," Seth moaned as his hips began to move up and down in the same rhythm as Edward's hand on his cock.

Edward flicked his tongue over the nipple closest to him. Pleasing Seth had always been such a turn on for him. He enjoyed it almost as much as the man on the receiving end.

"SHIT!" Seth shouted.

Edward could do this for his friend. He wanted to do this for Seth one more time. Then he could let him go and maybe one of them would finally find real happiness.


"Bodies" was not Jasper's usual hangout. Most of the time, he liked bars with a little more class. This was a meat market, plain and simple. He watched as boys, barely legal enough to get in the door, ground against each other blatantly on the dance floor. Colored lights bleached their naked torsos and made the sweat on their skin glisten. The music was deafening and most of it was picked for its exaggerated beat.

Probably the most offensive thing about this club was the "Gallery" on the left side of the wide dance floor. It was the official observation pit. Men of all ages, sizes, and relationship statuses watched the twinks as they strutted their stuff and danced provocatively. Yeah, it was a meat market.

Some of the men came to watch and then go sit in their cars and jerk off before going home to their wives. Others would pick up someone for a quickie in the men's room or a dark corner or a parked car if they could make it that far. No one was here to find love or a lasting relationship. It was all about the instant gratification of a carnal desire, which was exactly what Jasper was looking for. Though he wasn't desperate enough to hang out in the Gallery, he sat at the bar watching the crowds on the floor and in the Gallery sipping his Captain Morgan slowly.

He was surprised to see the place this crowded on a Tuesday night. The club was always busy but this early in the week was a rarity. It was okay with him...it just made for better pickings.

He'd been in a foul mood all afternoon. Most of the staff had been giving him a wide berth for the last two days. Every second he had spent working on Edward Cullen's car left him edgier and moodier. Even Peter was staying clear and Jasper knew the kid idolized him. He knew he had to do something to get rid of this anger, so here he was looking for someone to help him burn it off.

A familiar sizzle slithered up his spine when warm lips touched the side of his neck. Garrett.

"What on earth are you doing in here?" The man asked as he mounted the stool next to Jasper and nodded toward the barman.

Taking another sip of his drink then sitting the glass on the bar, Jasper answered, "I could ask you the same thing. It's a school night isn't it?"

Garrett Walters had been as close to a relationship as Jasper had ever had. A professor at UW, head chair of the American History department, he fit the part to a tee. Tall, slender, dark brown shaggy hair that always seemed to be in disarray, and the oddest color of golden brown eyes that Jasper had ever seen. He was a hot fuck for sure. Jasper's dick began to throb achingly. Garrett could be great for what ailed him at the moment.

"Wanna dance?" Garrett asked after throwing back his entire drink in one shot. His Adam's apple bobbed slowly as he swallowed and Jasper's cock jerked.


The music was too loud for talking but the rhythm worked miracles on Jasper's mood. As his hips swirled and his body swayed, the anger he'd been carrying for days seeped away. His eyes closed and he let himself drift. His body felt lighter...at ease. He hadn't realized just how bad he'd needed this. Garrett's arms snaked around his neck, pulling him closer. Warm rum flavored lips touched his. They kissed him softly. Garrett must have groaned. Jasper couldn't hear the rumble but he felt the vibration against the sensitive skin of his lips. Garrett pulled away, causing Jasper to open his eyes.

"Damn, would you look at that?" Garrett looked to his left, nodding so Jasper would look too.

Two twinks were wrapped so tightly together they could have been one person. Each boy had his hands in the others back pockets, gripping the other body like a life line. Neither wore shirts and their chests pressed tightly together. The rhythm of their dance was slightly off. It didn't take rocket scientist to realize they were grinding their cocks together. The blond of the two had his head lolled back. You could see it on his face the instant his orgasm began.

"Shit!" Garrett murmured against the side of Jaspers neck, where he had been licking and sucking while he watched the show.

The black haired boy watched his partner fall apart in his embrace. Then his eyes suddenly widened , his mouth formed a single word, then he screamed out.

Jasper and Garrett could clearly hear the shouted "FUCK!", though most of the moving bodies on the dance floor didn't. Katy Perry's "Roar" had just come on and the music was now more than deafening. On top of that, several loud voices were singing along to the lyrics.

Garrett pressed his own cock against Jasper's, causing him to suck in a deep breath. It felt so damned good. Jasper's fingers dug into the skin just above Garrett's pants waist band. His shirt had worked loose and hung half in and half out of them. Jasper helped it the rest of the way out, then stroked the skin exposed to him. Garrett pressed his body closer to Jasper's.

They danced on, pressing closer together until Jasper could swear he felt the predominantly large head of Garrett's cock pressed tightly against him. He groaned, wanting more, needing more.

"My place is closer," Garrett's voice was rough when he spoke. His hot panting breaths in Jasper's ear caused a familiar tingling all over Jasper's body.

Jasper wrapped his hands on either side of Garrett's face, looking him straight in the eyes. He wanted this, needed it, but he didn't want Garrett getting the wrong idea.

As if reading his mind, Garrett said, "It's okay Jasper. I know I want you now. Tomorrow has nothing to do with it."

Jasper kissed Garrett roughly, seizing control and giving them both a little prequel of what was waiting on them when they made it to Garrett's. If they made it to Garrett's.

Wrapping his arms around Garrett's waist, Jasper headed them for the door, stopping at the bar long enough for them to settle up their bills. They both needed the cool down. No sense in losing control like those twinks on the dance floor when they had a comfortable bed waiting for them only moments away. Garrett turned to Jasper and smiled at him. Returning the grin, Jasper grabbed Garrett's hand and started for the door. A voice out of his past froze his blood in his veins.

"Nice show out there. You two wouldn't want a little third action tonight would you?" The voice was sleazy and made Jasper's skin crawl. He turned to face the man behind the voice.

He leaned with his back against the bar, one leg stretched out in front of him. The other was bent at the knee and resting on the bar foot rail behind him. Mousey no color brown hair was pulled back tight from his face into a stubby ponytail at his neck. The years had not been kind to this man. Shit brown eyes ogled Jasper from head to toe and back. His tongue slid out and licked his too thin bottom lip. Jasper shivered.

"So? Are you interested in a three way?" James Archer asked, a sneer on his face.

Jasper was stunned. Wasn't it bad enough that Cullen had walked back into his life? At least he had been a gentleman. Now this asshole was standing right in front of him.

Realization flashed through Jasper's mind. He didn't recognize Jasper. James was either too drunk or just too plain stupid to make the connection between the boy Jasper had been ten years ago and the man he was now. Jasper relaxed, squeezed Garrett's hand, and brought it to his lips. He kissed the knuckles tenderly but his eyes never left James.

"I'm sorry, that just isn't going to happen...ever," Jasper said, smiling sweetly. "We definitely don't do pussy!"

Turning abruptly before James could react, Jasper pulled Garrett through the bar crowd, out the door and into the night, a very satisfied smile on his face the entire way. Getting to Garrett's place was going to come quickly at this pace.

Two hours later, Jasper rolled over, stretched carefully, and slid from the bed. He removed the now used condom and dropped it in the trash bin in the bathroom. He grabbed a cloth and wet it with warm water. The reflection in the mirror was satisfying. He was relaxed. He felt good. Sex with Garrett had been a good thing.

Returning to the bed, he handed Garrett the cloth then started pulling on his clothes.

"Do you have to go already?" Garrett's voice sounded disappointed.

Jasper knew this was coming. He didn't want to hurt Garrett but he couldn't stay. So, he lied.

"Not this time. I've got an early appointment in the morning."

Jasper didn't have to see the other man's face to know that Garrett had been hoping for a different outcome, even though he knew better from the start.

"Who was that guy in the bar tonight?"

The question came out of nowhere like a punch to the gut.


"An asshole," Jasper mumbled.

"True," Garrett chuckled then said, "But there was more to it than that. I could feel the animosity overtake you. Hatred is a strong emotion and it was clear you hated that man."

Jasper really did not want to open up this can of worms. Not now that he was finally feeling so much better.

"Garrett, it was long before I met you and it's better left there. Please," Jasper added, hoping the other man would let it go.

Garrett squeezed then patted Jasper's thigh. "Alright but you know I'm here if you ever want to talk about it."

Jasper shook his head, agreeing but knowing he'd never tell his friend. He didn't want him to know what an idiot he'd been back then. Standing up beside the bed, Jasper pulled on his jeans and slipped his feet into his boots. Garrett slapped his ass playfully and laughed when Jasper yelped.

"Don't stay away so long. Next time you come to Seattle, call me and we'll meet on purpose instead of by accident. Okay?"

Jasper leaned across the bed and kissed his friend...ex lover...tenderly. He didn't respond this time. He left Garrett's question hanging open.

The long drive back to Port Angeles was boring at three in the morning. Jasper rehashed everything that had gone on for the last week. Seeing Edward again had brought all the pain of that night back. It was so long ago, he thought he was over the hurt and disappointment. And if he was being honest with himself, and he didn't want to be, his attraction to Edward was just as strong now as it had been then. And just like it was then, Edward had no fucking idea that Jasper even existed.

Although, seeing James in "Bodies" tonight was worse. He still just couldn't see how someone like Edward could have been involved with such a slime ball like James. Why couldn't he had seen how much Jasper had cared for him? That little voice inside your head that everybody has tried to speak up but Jasper didn't want to hear what it had to say. He already knew what the voice would have told him…

"Maybe he didn't see because you never opened your mouth to speak to him!"

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