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Chapter 3


By four o'clock the next afternoon, Jasper was ranting and in a rage again. Nobody was immune; not Jake or the guys who worked in the garage, not Pete or even Rose. But he knew she wouldn't put up with it for as long as the rest of them did.

Around five, Jake approached him with a sort of hands in the air look on his face. Then the asshole did raise his hands in the air and smiled at Jasper.

"I come in peace."

"Asshole," Jasper mumbled under his breath, trying to ignore the other man.

"Jasper, man, you have got to talk to someone. It might as well be me. Pete and Rose love you and you don't want to take this shit out on them. Em, Quil, and Embry work for you and they're afraid to say "Boo" right now for fear of losing their jobs. I'm not afraid of you and I sure as hell don't love you so sit your ass down and give!"

Jasper growled at his best friend and shoved himself away from the car he was about to kick. Damn thing wasn't cooperating but that could have been because he couldn't concentrate on what he was doing. He knew Jake wouldn't give up but he could take it somewhere more private. He nodded his head at the office and walked away from Jake. He knew the other man would follow.

Once inside and after Jake closed the door behind them, Jasper opened the bottom left drawer of his desk. He pulled out two tumblers and a bottle of Captain Morgan's. He poured a healthy amount into each glass and handed one to Jake. He sat in his chair and drank half the contents of the glass before he spoke. When he looked up, Jake's eyes were huge and full of concern. Jasper pulled out his wallet and removed a picture. He handed it to Jake.

Jasper watched as Jacob Black stared at the photo while he sipped his drink.

"So, it's Rose and Pete and some cousin of yours. What's a family picture got to do with the shitty mood you've been in lately?"

Taking the picture from Jake, Jasper grinned. It wasn't Jake's fault he didn't recognize the man in the picture. He hadn't known Jake back then.

"It's me."

"What the fuck?" Jake questioned, grabbing the picture back. He stared at it again.

"That was taken the day I left for college," Jasper answered. He remembered the excitement and happiness he felt that day.

"Wait...wait! This guy has some dark shade of brown hair. And those glasses have to be two inches thick. Hell, he's even shorter than Rose and you are not shorter than her," Jake was having a hard time putting it together.

A wide smile covered Jasper face, making his dimples deepen. "Bitch was wearing stilettos that day just to make me look even shorter. Pissed her off royally when I had a late growth spurt that same winter. I grew three inches. She hated me for awhile for showing her up."

"Okay, so you aren't the first person to go through the ugly duckling stage and come out better on the other side. Look at me!"

Jake pulled himself up straighter and flexed his huge biceps at Jasper. Jasper laughed. Not for the first time, Jasper thought about just how hot and straight Jake was and what a shame he wasn't gay. He shook his head and chuckled.

"Jasper, tell me what happened."

The sudden change in Jake's mood, the absolute concern in his voice, shocked Jasper. But it was the completely open and accepting look on Jake's face that broke Jasper. It was clear the man cared.

"I haven't spoken about this for ten years." He gave Jake a look that clearly stated and I won't ever speak of it again, so don't ask.

"At eighteen, I wasn't much to look at - short, geeky, awkward, and totally gay did not make for a very attractive package. I'd known for awhile that I was gay but Forks High School wasn't exactly a gay friendly environment. I'd done a good job of staying in the shadows." Jasper poured himself another drink and sipped at it, slower this time.

"I was determined that college would be different. I was wrong. I didn't fit in there either. Then I met…" Jasper shivered, took a drink, and continued.

"Edward Cullen was a senior. He was a PA for one of my professors. He specialized in tutoring freshman who tested out of early math classes into upper level ones. He's a genius with numbers." Jasper knew his face was pained. He could feel it.

"I fell fast and hard. He was so damned gorgeous with that crazy bronze hair and those deep forest green eyes. He was everything I wasn't - popular, sophisticated, seemed to really care about people, and so damned nice. I was going by my middle name, Hale, because I wanted to leave Forks and high school far behind me. He probably didn't even know my last name. Everyone used their student ID number on everything."

"So that's why he didn't recognize you when he brought his car into the shop. Different name and different look," Jake picked up quickly. Jasper nodded his agreement.

"Yeah and I was totally wrong about his niceness, too. He was dating another senior...James Archer." Saying the name was like having the taste of vomit in his mouth.

"That man's sole purpose in life was to seek out young inexperienced gay men and 'open their eyes to the glory of butt sex'. His words, not mine." Jasper finished his drink and went to pour another. Jake reached across the desk and took the bottle, a cocky grin on his face. He gave Jasper a shrug of his shoulders.

"James quickly spotted the way I was acting around Edward and I'm sure he found it hilarious. I had no idea I was so transparent until the Halloween party. James had Edward invite me. I need that drink, Jake." Jasper pushed his glass towards the other man.

Jake poured out half of what Jasper had been pouring. Jasper sneered at him but grabbed the tumbler anyway.

"It was a masquerade party at a frat house off campus. I would never have been invited to it if not for Edward and James. I wasn't the only one, either. I recognized two other guys who were in a couple of my freshman classes. They evidently knew why we'd been invited, where as I was clueless. Their eyes behind their masks looked scared as hell. I could only see Edward. Such a fucking idiot!" Jasper swallowed the alcohol and felt the burn as it went down.

"I lost track of Edward as the party wore on and the booze flowed. I wasn't much of a drinker back then. It wasn't until later that I realized there must have been some kind of drug in the beer. That would have explained the way Ben and Eric were losing control. James herded Ben, Eric, and me to the basement around midnight. It was pitch black, damp, and cold. Someone lit a few candles in a far corner but we were faced away from them. We were told to strip everything off but our leave our clothes at the door. After we were undressed, someone threw bottles of lube at us and James told us to lube up. A voice from somewhere in the room laughed and told us to 'get it good and wet or you'll regret it'."

Jasper began to shake in his chair. All the anger, pain, and embarrassment of the night came rushing back as if he were back there and it was all happening again.

"James spoke to another person in the room. 'Get ready baby', he said. 'It's going to be the fuck of your life'. He called Edward's name then and told him to come get his prize. Do I really have to continue this?" Jasper could feel the cold sweat that had popped out all over his body. His shaking had become worse.

Jake had been silent for a while. Jasper watched as he grew paler as each fact had been revealed and realization dawned.

"Jesus Christ, Jasper! They raped you!" Jake was furious and disgusted all in the same breath.

It was Jasper's turn to be quiet. Jasper had shut it all away and over the years he had refused to revisit that night .He had let anger and pain cloud everything that had happened. Now having taken the nightmare out, shaken it, and looked at it with the objectivity of maturity and time, something had changed.

"No it wasn't least for me." Jasper looked up at Jake.

"I could hear Ben and Eric both screaming. One of them was crying. Other voices were laughing. I braced myself for what I was sure would be a painful intrusion of my body. James kept talking to Edward but I never heard Edward say anything. James was egging Edward on." A sudden flash of memory and Jasper was back in that room again.

He would never cry and he would never let them know how scared and ashamed he

was. Bent over a chair, he felt cold and so alone. Hands grasped his hips. Not from

lust, but for support. He wasn't sure it was Edward behind him but whoever it was

was shaking worse than he was.

"Don't stretch him Ed, just go for the cherry!" James moaned out as Ben sobbed

beside me.

I felt fingers, long and slender, slide inside me. They were gentle and the surprise of

the tenderness threw me off guard. I froze. His body slumped across me. I could

feel the quickness of his breaths. Then, I felt his semi hard dick slide between my

cheeks. He whispered something but I couldn't make it out because James started


"Shit Edward! Can't you do anything right?"

I felt Edward stiffen then pull back. His hips slapped my ass loudly and he groaned. His

dick wasn't hard enough to enter me. He was grinding our bodies together as if he had but it was clear he wasn't turned on, at least to me. The others in the room, including James, clearly couldn't see what was going on.

"He's not making a sound. Make him scream. You're such a shit, Cullen! Worthless!"

Edward's body began to pump against me harder as if he was pounding into me forcefully. He pinched my ass hard and I yelled out "SHIT!"

"Finally got in him. It's about fucking time. Now give it to him hard. They all like it hard the first time. Ben does, don't you Ben? You love me pounding into your ass."

Edward nearly fell over then. I could feel every tense muscle in his body as he leaned on me for support. He panted against my neck. The pinch came again harder and after I screamed out again, he breathed into my ear. I was sure no one else could hear him for

all the voices mixed together to make a loud chorus of laughs, cries, screams, and taunts.

"When I tell! Your clothes are still by the door. I'm…" his words were cut off by James.

"What the fuck, can't do anything...SHIT...such a tight ass...damn feels

so good...I'm coming...fuck so...ahhhhhh!" Ben's screaming filled the room.

Edward leaned closer and whisper shouted one word, "Run!" He let me go and I ran, only

stopping to pick up clothes. It didn't matter whose.

Jasper came back to himself. He wasn't sure how much of his thoughts he had vocalized. His body was damp from sweat. He felt chilled.. Jake's face was one of shock and confusion. He looked how Jasper felt.

Clarity reached Jasper for the first time in ten years. All this time, he'd thought Edward had been a willing participant in the nightmare. He'd thought Edward wanted to cause pain and inflict embarrassment just like James. Jasper could see now that James was the culprit in the entire situation. He not only humiliated the three new men in the room that night but he had done the same thing to Edward. Jake said the words out loud that Jasper was thinking.

"He was a victim as much as you were."


Sitting in the boardroom, Edward couldn't keep his mind on the meeting Carlisle was directing. He pretended to scratch notes on the pad in front of him but it was really just doodles. He glanced at his watch for the fifth time in as many minutes. His only thought was that five o'clock couldn't get there soon enough and he wanted to get to Port Angeles to pick up his car.

A soft knock could be heard at the boardroom door. A familiar scent wafted into the room before the woman who wore it did. Bella Swan peeked around the door and smiled across the room. Edward didn't miss how his father's whole being changed as he smiled back at Bella.

"Mr. Cullen, Mr. Archer is here," Bella spoke quietly.

"Good...fine...thank you Bella." Carlisle actually tripped over his words. Edward noticed that everyone in the room had turned to stare at the man.

"Have him join us...please."

What the hell was that? Carlisle Cullen looked like he was blushing. Edward tried to think of the last time he'd seen the man even smile or, hell, even look happy. Little flashes of Bella's presence around the office and the way Carlisle reacted to her floated across Edward's memory. Damn, how could he have been so blind? Edward drifted away inside his head as the meeting continued.

Carlisle Cullen had been a hard cold son of a bitch for as long as Edward had a

clear memory of his childhood. His mother, Elizabeth Masen-Cullen, had died when

he was still an infant barely two months old. Something about the delivery of

Edward had caused her to bleed to death internally. No one knew it was

happening until it was too late. Carlisle had blamed Edward and threw himself

into his job at Masen Finance.

The only kind face in Edward's growing up years had been the housekeeper, Esme

Platt. She was a widow whose only child had died shortly after birth. She was a lonely

woman who only wanted a family to love. What she got was a child desperately needing

love and a man full of pain and hate. The only thing worse was when Esme let herself

fall in love with the bitter man and his young son.

Edward remembered the day he came home from school to find Carlisle screaming

at Esme to get out of his was weeping uncontrollably and Edward

rushed to her defense. Carlisle was clearly not expecting that and his fury multiplied.

"Stop it now!" Edward had screamed at his father. "What did you do to her?"

"It's alright, Edward," Esme tried to calm him. "He didn't do anything. It's all my fault."

"She thinks she is in love with me and that I would marry her!" Carlisle yelled at

Edward. "I'll never love anyone else ever again!"

"Just take your things and get out." Carlisle continued, "He's too old for a babysitter. We don't need you here anymore."

He then turned and left the house. The door slammed loudly behind him. Esme had shuddered beside Edward. He wrapped his fifteen year old scrawny arms around the only mother he'd ever known and hugged her tightly to him. It was the first time he'd realized that he had grown taller than her.

"He's right. You don't need a babysitter anymore. You are almost grown," Esme said,

reaching up to kiss his cheek.

"I still need you," Edward told her in a quiet voice. "He hates me."

"I don't think that's true. I think he hates himself and he's never gotten past the hurt of

losing Elizabeth. I should have realized that."

"Do you have to go?"

"Yes, but we'll stay in touch," she had promised. But they hadn't.

She'd left him with a man who couldn't forgive or forget that he had lost the one woman

he had loved because of a son he hadn't wanted. Several years later, Edward had

discovered that truth because Carlisle had told him so on more than one occasion.

Carlisle's voice broke through the haze of Edward's memories. His father's voice stated one name and Edward's world came crashing down around him.

"And here is the man who is going to head up the new Real Estate Lending Department of Masen Finance...James Archer."

Edward raised his head to stare at the man who had starred in his nightmares for the last ten years. James took three long strides to cross the room and shook Carlisle's hand where he stood.

Mike Newton, who had sat at Edward's left during the meeting, hadn't spoken to Edward in months. Now his low whispered voice sounded shaky and angry.

"Did you know about this?"

Edward could only shake his head in denial.

"Shit! The SOB used me again," Mike yelled quietly under his breath. His hands, clinched in tight fists, lay on the table in front of him. Edward could see the whites of his knuckles.

"Edward," Carlisle's voice called out. "I believe that you and James already know each other. He's going to be in the vacant office next to yours. After he's met everyone else, why don't you show him where he'll be working?"

Edward stood from the table, still in shock but wearing his practiced office face. He motioned toward the door with an outstretched hand. James smiled widely and met Edward at the door after speaking to several of the other people in the room.

Other staff members were standing in groups of two or three, discussing the meeting or gossiping. Edward could see them glancing at Bella and his father as they talked quietly at the head of the table. Bella was taking notes as Carlisle spoke. No one could miss the flush on Bella's cheeks or the twinkle in Carlisle's eyes.

"Looks like the old man is getting a young piece of ass these days." James laughed. "Good for him. It might improve his surly mood if he gets his dick in that. Not that a cunt is where I want my dick. How about you, Edward? Where are you putting your dick these days?"

Edward was seething by the time they reached the office that had been cleaned out for James. As CEO of Masen Finance, Edward had little time to notice who worked in what office or if there was no one in a vacant one. He reached deep inside himself and locked the frightened abused man James had known away tightly. When he turned to face the one person in the universe that Edward had cause to hate, he was in control again. This was his territory and his life. James had no place in it.

"Here's your office." Edward turned to leave. James placed a hand on his wrist. The tiny touch sent ice water and rage running through his veins.

"Take your hand off me," the words were said between gritted teeth. "You work here James...that's it, period." Edward smiled tightly as James removed his hand slowly.

"And I believe as CEO and part owner of Masen Finance, that makes me your superior," Edward added with a calm voice he didn't feel on the inside, "so stay the fuck away from me."

Edward couldn't get out of the building quick enough. The drive to Port Angeles would give him time to get his nerves under control. The entire day had taken a nose dive, all in one thirty minute meeting. He couldn't call Seth because he was headed out of town on a getaway with Paul.

On top of everything else, he was headed back to face the gorgeous, arrogant mechanic shop owner. Could it get any worse? The only thing the day had going for it was it being Friday. Once he picked up his car, he could spend the weekend forgetting the hate in the mechanics eyes and that James would be in the office next to his come Monday morning.

He was running late but he had called ahead and somebody named Jake said, "No problem, we'll be here for awhile." Edward thought it was the guy who brought the lender car around when he originally left his car to be repaired.

The lights were on in the shop and the lobby when Edward pulled into the lot. He took a deep breath as he turned the car off. Squaring his shoulders for the blond man's angry attitude, he exited the car and walked to the front door. A bell rang somewhere in the building when the door closed behind him. The manager's office door opened and the angry blond man walked out. He lurched a little to one side as he met Edward at the counter.

"Everything looks good. Jake took it out for a test drive this afternoon and he didn't find any problems," Jasper Whitlock said as he ran Edward's credit card and handed him his receipt. He didn't even look at Edward.

Still upset from the encounter with James, anger seeped into Edward. He didn't know why this man was treating him this way but he didn't have to like it or take it, for that matter.

"I don't know why you detest me so strongly but whatever it is you could at least have the decency to face me when you talk to me when we are doing business." Edward knew his words were harsh and unkind. He wasn't prepared for the look in the other man's eyes when he finally turned to face Edward head on.

There was pain, confusion, and fear all mingled together with a little bit of insecurity thrown in. It was raw and it was real. What had happened to this man to make him look exactly how Edward felt deep inside?

Offering a hand to Edward, he spoke softly. "I'd like to start over, if that's okay with you. My name is Jasper Whitlock...Jasper Hale Whitlock. It's been a long time, Edward."

Edward froze. That name. He knew that name. He would never forget the name Hale. Flashes of a night that haunted him passed through his mind. But this man. Wasn't. Couldn't be. He didn't know this man. Did he?

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