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Chapter 8


"Go after him, you big idiot!" Seth yelled at Edward.

"What are you talking about?"

Edward continued walking towards Paul's SUV as he spoke. It was parked in the opposite direction that Jasper had walked toward. He'd walked off with that guy with the shaggy brown hair. Seth grabbed Edward's arm hard, making him stop in the middle of the parking lot.

"Edward, you love him. You loved him back then and you're in love with him now." Edward could hear the pleading in Seth's voice.

Edward jerked out of the smaller man's grip and faced him.

"It doesn't matter. He doesn't love me!"

"Whoa, Edward," Paul said as he stepped between Seth and Edward. "Calm down. I won't let you take this out on Seth're wrong. He might not be able to say it but Jasper..he's nuts about you, too."

"You didn't see the way he looked you. I did," Seth added.

Edward appreciated what Seth and Paul were trying to do. He really did. But what the hell could he do about it? Seth's voice, softer now, cut through Edward's internal struggles.

"You went after him the first time and couldn't find him. It nearly drove you crazy. You know where he is this time," Seth sighed, then added, "Go, Edward. You might not get a third chance."

The next thing Edward knew, he was running. Whatever the outcome, he knew Seth would be waiting whether he returned to the SUV with or without Jasper by his side. So he just ran and prayed that he'd be in time.

He'd been so stupid. He never should have let Jasper walk away tonight. He ran past the club, which was now dark and empty. The early morning sky had started to lighten. It must have been after four in the morning by this time.

Paul said Jasper loved him too. That single thought made Edward run faster. The exertion was starting to get the best of him. his legs ached and his lungs felt heavy. His breath was rushing from his body in great heaves. Then he saw Jasper about three blocks ahead of him.

Now that he could see Jasper, Edward pushed himself harder. Emotions warred inside of him. Anger at what James had done to both of them. Fear of Jasper rejecting him and sending him away. But most of all a longing so strong, it couldn't be anything but love. He'd never felt anything like it before in his life.


Edward tried to shout but the lack of oxygen in his lungs made it sound more like a whisper. His body forced him to stop where he was. He bent over at the waist, resting his arms on his knees, and took in great gulps of air. When he was breathing easier, he stood up and yelled again.

"Jasper! Wait!"

Edward saw Jasper turn and look at him. He slowed his gait but still ran the last two blocks. Jasper waited. Edward's heart almost pounded out of his chest. It wasn't just the physical activity he was exerting, he knew it was because he was daring to hope.

Edward had heard some of their discussion as he approached, but he knew he couldn't let Jasper leave with this other man. He'd lose him forever if he did.

"You are coming home with me...where you belong."

Edward watched Jasper's face for any signs that he wanted no part of Edward's suggestion. He didn't see it. After several minutes of looking at each other, Jasper looked back to his friend. The man's eyes bored into Edward but he kept his place and didn't back down. Edward recognized the look on the man's face because he understood it all too well. Whoever this man was, he loved Jasper too.

With his patience wearing thin, Edward called Jasper's name one more time. He could hear the need in his own voice and hoped that Jasper did as well.


Jasper nodded to his friend and Edward watched as the man's face fell. He reached for the car door where he stood, opened it, climbed in, and slammed the door behind him. He sped away quickly, leaving Edward and Jasper to stare after him.

"I never meant to hurt him."

"I'm sure he knows that. He your friend," Edward said, stepping closer to Jasper. Their shoulders touched slightly. The sound of another car approaching slowly had them both turning.

A black SUV pulled up. The passenger side window rolled down and Seth's smiling face appeared.

"Come on, you two. Let's get you home."

Inside the dark vehicle a few minutes later, Edward and Jasper sat far enough apart that a third person could have been between them. Edward wanted to talk, but Jasper just stared out the window looking at the empty streets, never saying a word.

Seeing Jasper's hand on the seat between them, Edward reached for it. Intertwining their fingers, he waited to see if Jasper would pull away. He didn't. In fact, he squeezed Edward's fingers gently. This brought a smile to Edward's lips and made his heart flutter in a strange way. When Edward looked up from their hands, Jasper was looking at him.

"I'm scared," Jasper said, so quietly that at first Edward wasn't sure he'd heard what was said.

When he realized he had heard the statement, he answered with, "Me too."

The car rolled to a stop outside Edward's condo and he led Jasper out of the car and up to the door. He waved back at Seth and Paul as they pulled away into the early morning light. Once inside, Edward locked the door, kicked off his shoes, and flipped on a lamp close to the door.

"It's late...well, early, but we both need sleep. Tomorrow...we' If you want. Figure out what we want…" Edward said, then added, "Come to...bed with me or, if you'd rather, I'll…" Jasper stopped him the only way he knew how.

Jasper's lips were soft and oh, so sweet. There was no hesitancy, no holding back, just a tenderness that overwhelmed and pulled Edward to a place where he never wanted to leave again. Their bodies aligned and Edward could fill the length of Jasper's cock hardening against his hip. He moaned at the emotions it filled him with.

"I'm tired...yes...but I don't want to sleep," Jasper whispered against Edward's neck, where he left soft kisses. "I want to be connected to you. I want to know what I feel is real."

Jasper pulled back and looked into Edward's eyes. "What do you want?" he asked, moistening his lips with the tip of of his tongue.

Edward's knees felt weak as Jasper held him up. He wanted those things too. He wanted to know if what he felt was real and oh God, yes, he wanted to be connected to Jasper. But after everything they'd been through, tonight was not the right time.

"It's okay, Edward. We don't have to." Jasper's voice sounded lost.

"I want, Jasper. God, how I want you to make love to me, but," Edward started and Jasper continued his thought for him.

"But you don't want to do it just because James screwed with us again. I get it. I know both of us are riding an emotional rollercoaster right now." Jasper's cool logic was making sense to both of them.

"I can wait, because when we make love for the first time, I don't want anything hanging over us. I want clear heads and warm hearts making it the best fucking sex we've both ever had," Edward stated firmly. He knew he meant it, too.

Jasper's eyes grew large at the commanding sound in Edward's voice. A smile slowly spread across his face and he laughed.

"The best fucking sex we've ever had," Jasper laughed again. "You don't put much pressure on a guy, do you?"

Edward could see the joy in Jasper's eyes and couldn't help the laughter that bubbled up from inside him. He didn't know if they had both lost their minds or if it was the adrenaline finally wearing off from their evening's experience or just plain exhaustion, but whatever it was, laughter and a lightheartedness filled him. It spilled over into the kisses he shared with Jasper.


Jasper watched Edward roll down the bed covers as he undressed. He climbed into the right side of the bed and watched as Edward removed his clothes as well. Knowing Edward didn't want to make love at the moment did not keep Jasper's cock from thinking about it, especially while Edward bent over to remove his jeans. Damn he had a fine ass.

Edward slipped into the bed and snuggled in close to Jasper's body. With one arm wrapped around Edward and the other holding one of Edward's hands on his chest, Jasper revisited the evening in his head.

James was something else. He was pimping those boys. How could anyone do that to someone so young and innocent? But then, in reality, that is exactly what James had been doing back in college. He just didn't make any money off it. If Jasper had to guess, James was probably going to follow the boys and Mr. Sleaze so he could watch them too.

From what Jasper could remember of the conversation that Edward was having with James at the club, he was embezzling as well. Jasper had never seen Edward as fierce as he was, standing before James and declaring that he knew what James was up to and he'd find the proof as well.

Edward was an amazing man. There were so many adjectives Jasper could use to describe him, he didn't know where to begin. He was worried though about how things had gone between Edward and Carlisle, his father. Were things better now? While he was undressing, Jasper had noticed the pictures drawn by a childlike hand taped to the dresser mirror. He wondered if they were from Alice.

Sleep wouldn't come, even though Edward did finally drift off as the sun was beginning to peak it's head out of the morning sky. It was going to be one of those rare sunny days in Washington State. Jasper just lay there, thoughts running rampant in his head. His body reacted to the sleeping man in his arms, though. It relaxed and even though it was much after Edward had drifted off, Jasper finally succumbed to the peace that only a dreamless sleep can bring.

When Jasper woke the next day, it was going on two in the afternoon. He could hear voices coming from the living room. He pulled on his pants before he left the confines of Edward's bedroom. The voices didn't sound angry, but there was urgency in them.

"Why on earth didn't you tell me about this back then?" Carlisle Cullen paced the floor in Edward's living room, a very angry expression on his face.

"What would you have done about it? Would you have even believed me?" Edward asked, a hurt tremor in his words.

Jasper slipped into the room and sat on the edge of the couch. Edward turned his face up to greet Jasper and the smile on his face was pained. Jasper wrapped his arm around Edward's shoulder and squeezed, letting him know that he was there and not going anywhere.

"Edward, I was a lot of things back then, but I never wanted you to go through something like this. I've failed you so much as a father. I just don't know how I'm ever going to make up for this." Carlisle stopped pacing and fell into the chair across from Edward. "The first thing I can do is fire his ass!"

"NO!" Edward shouted and nearly jumped from the couch. "You can't fire him until I can prove that he's been embezzling money from the firm," Edward stated firmly.

"He's what?!" It was Carlisle's turn to yell.

"I'm not sure how, but yes, I believe he's been laundering money through one of the general ledger accounts," Edward stated then looked from Jasper to Carlisle. "I will find out how he's doing it. I swear."

The phone rang and Edward rose to answer it. Jasper and Carlisle listened to the one sided conversation and it didn't sound good. Whomever Edward was talking to carried most of the conversation; Edward hardly got a word in.

"What do you mean he…."

"Well how the hell could you let…"

"After what he did...they didn't...oh"

"Of course. I'll be careful."

"Thank you for calling."

Edward turned to Jasper, a lost and bewildered look on his face.

"That was Detective Martin. They let him go. James. They let him go."

"What the hell?" Carlisle ranted.

"Someone posted his bail and they had to let him go. They don't consider him a flight risk but they are watching him," Edward looked between his father and Jasper.

"Why did the detective tell you to be careful?" Jasper asked, reaching for Edward and pulling him into his arms.

"Evidently, James blames me for his misfortune," Edward swallowed loudly, trembled in Jasper's arms, and then said, "As he was leaving the jail with whoever it was that bailed him out, he was overheard to say he was going to kill me."

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Carlisle's voice could have raised the roof. He continued to shout and talk as he pulled out his phone and made a call to someone.

Jasper looked at Edward and wondered why he wasn't falling apart. This was scary shit and he thought Edward had every right to be shaken and upset.

"I'm not scared of him, Jasper. He can't hurt me any more than he already has in the past. He's all talk and hot air. We both know that." Edward looked so sure but Jasper was afraid it was all a put on to make himself look brave.

"You don't have to act brave for me, Edward," Jasper reassured him. "Whatever it is, we will get through it together. Jake can take care of the shop for a while. I can stay here…"

Edward stopped him. "No, you can't put your life on hold for me or your business. I'll be fine,"

Edward stood and moved toward the hall leading to his bedroom. "I'll be back in a minute. I just need to know." Jasper nodded his head and watched Edward walk away.

Carlisle had finished his phone conversation just as Edward left the room.

"He's not okay," he said as Jasper collapsed on the couch.

"I don't think so either," Jasper answered.

"I've hired someone to watch him," Carlisle said, falling into a chair as well. "He doesn't understand just how much he means to me. I was a shitty father to him, but now… I don't think he'll ever forgive me. At least I can try and make up for it by being here now when he needs me."

"I don't know anything about what happened between the two of you, but I was there and part of what happened to him with James. I won't let that son of a bitch hurt him again," Jasper stated emphatically.

"It's a wonder he can function at all on any level. I'm so very proud of the man he is but he'd never believe me if I told him that." Carlisle's voice sounded small. "I'm glad he has someone like you in his life."

This shocked Jasper and he knew Edward would be shocked as well, but he believed the man sitting across from him. He cared about Edward. He'd screwed up but he wanted to make things right. Jasper had to like him for that. He hoped Edward and Carlisle could work things out eventually. Edward picked that moment to return to the room. He had a resigned and determined look on his face.

"I want to nail that bastard. Dad, can you let me and Jasper into the building today? I know it's Sunday…" Edward didn't finish before his father spoke up.

"Of course. Let's go."

Jasper watched Edward nod his head at his father and then turn to him. He offered his hand to Jasper and spoke.

"Want to help me nail this bastard?"

"Oh hell yeah!"

Six hours later, Carlisle, Edward, and Jasper were exhausted, hungry, and more confused than when they had first begun looking over the trial balance sheets. Edward was extremely upset with himself for not being able to find the connection they needed to prove that it was James who had been taking the money from the real estate account.

Carlisle finally convinced Edward that they needed to call it a night. He assured him they could start again in the morning.

"You need food and a good night's sleep, Edward. It will look different in the morning," Carlisle said as the three men exited the building.

"He's right, Edward. Let me take you home and feed you. Tomorrow you'll find whatever it is you are looking for," Jasper stated, wrapping an arm around Edward's shoulders.

"Okay. Food does sound good. Maybe a glass of wine," Edward tried to give both men a smile.

"That's it. Relax and try to enjoy the evening with Jasper. I'm going to call Bella and see how she and Alice are doing," Carlisle said as he waved and headed off to his BMW.

"Come on," Jasper moved Edward toward his car and they climbed in.

"I am tired and frustrated," Edward said. leaning his head on the the headrest and closing his eyes.

"How about we pick up something and take it home?" Jasper asked, pulling out into the late Sunday evening traffic.

"I like it when you say that," Edward answered, his eyes still closed.

"When I say what?"

"When you say 'home'."

Jasper smiled and looked over at the tired man beside him. It did feel like home when he was with Edward and the more time they spent together, the more it felt that way. He'd never really thought about what he felt for Edward. Back when he'd first met Edward, he knew he'd had a crush on him. But this was different. Ever since Edward had come back for him after the fiasco at the club, things had felt different. He couldn't deny it anymore...he was falling in love with Edward. The kind of love that meant commitment and life changes and home. Edward stirred things in him. Made him want things he'd never thought about before.

Edward told him what he wanted to eat and Jasper stopped at the place Carlisle had recommended, Orlando's. He went in, placed their order, and waited for it while Edward stayed in the car and napped. When he returned to the car, Edward was slumped over against the car door, snoring loudly. Jasper couldn't help the laughter but he hadn't meant to wake Edward with it.

"Hun? What? What's so funny?" Edward asked, stretching his cramped body as he sat up straighter in the seat.

"Nothing. Can you hold the food or should I sit it down?" Jasper asked, handing the bag to Edward.

"Sure, I can hold it. Damn, I have a crick in my neck," Edward said, taking the bags with one hand and rubbing his neck with the other.

Jasper chuckled under his breath and pulled out into the street from the parking lot. It was only a ten minute drive to Edward's condo so the food was still warm when they arrived. Jasper enjoyed the quiet they shared while they ate their take out. When Edward was done, Jasper gathered up the trash and took everything to the kitchen.

"You're spoiling me," Edward said when Jasper returned to the living room with a glass of wine for Edward and a beer for himself.

"So? Is that a problem?"

"No, I just wasn't expecting it, that's all," Edward answered, swirling the light pink liquid in the glass Jasper had handed him.

"I like you being here," Edward said quietly.

"I like being here," Jasper answered and pulled Edward across the couch to his side. "I like being here a lot. So, what did you expect?"

Edward was quiet for a few moments. This surprised Jasper because Edward was never quiet. He smiled to himself. It was one of the things he, loved, about Edward. When Edward put his glass on the table and turned to Jasper, his face was flushed and his eyes serious.

"I expected you to not want to be here, especially after last night." Jasper could see it was hard for Edward to admit this.

"Why wouldn't I want to be here? You came after me," Jasper reminded him.

The corner of Edward's mouth turned up into a half smile before he spoke. "That was Seth's doing. I need to thank him for that. He reminded me that I might not get a third chance to tell you how I felt."

Jasper swallowed a large drink of his beer and looked at Edward before he asked, 'And how do you feel?"

Edward didn't look away, didn't blush, didn't stumble. His words were clear and full of heart.

"I love you."

Now Jasper was the quiet one. His tongue refused to work and it felt three times it's normal size in his mouth. He'd never expected to hear those words from Edward Cullen.

"I think I loved you back then, too. I was devastated when I couldn't find you. But this time, this time, it's different. You are different. I love the man you are now as well as the man Hale was. I know this isn't perfect. I know we both have a lot of things to work out, but I want to try, Jasper. I really, really want this to be more." Edward's voice suddenly became fierce when he added, "And I won't let James destroy our chance at real happiness, not again!"

Placing his beer bottle on the table next to Edward's glass, Jasper did the only thing he could do. He kissed Edward.

This was what Jasper had been needing and wanting ever since he had first laid eyes on Edward Cullen again. To let it all out of his heart, how much he had always loved this man. He'd never stopped thinking about him or comparing every other man to him for ten years. This man was the man that Jasper had known he would always only love.

When breathing became a necessity, Jasper pulled away and let everything he felt shine through his eyes into Edwards. Edward's sharp intake of breath told Jasper he could see it.

"Remember what you said about the first time we make love?" Jasper asked, leaving tiny kisses on Edward's lips.

"Yes," he nodded.

"I want to make love to you, Edward, now and for the rest of my life."

Edward stopped breathing this time. Moisture filled his eyes but no tears fell. He wasn't sad, Jasper could see that.

Standing, they made their way to the bedroom, only stopping three, or was it four, times to kiss and touch and rub their cocks against each other. Jasper thought, well when his brain was functioning again, that was pretty good. He could have just taken Edward up against the hallway wall but he wanted to do this right.

In the bedroom, Edward pulled down the bed and excused himself to the bathroom while Jasper removed his disheveled clothing. Edward had managed to undo his belt and pull out his shirt as they had progressed down the hall. Jasper chuckled at remembering that.

By the time Edward came through the bathroom door, wearing nothing but that red thong from their first night together, Jasper was naked. His breath left him in a woosh at the sight of Edward standing there with the light from the bathroom glowing around his body. Jasper's cock paid particular attention to the red thong and how Edward's heavy cock lay to the left in it.


A wicked teasing smile graced Edward's face at Jasper's remark. He moved forward slowly, almost like a large predatory cat on the prowl. Jasper gulped in air, trying to calm his rapidly beating heart. This was going to be over way too quick if Edward didn't stop looking at him like that, like he was something to be chewed up and devoured. Edward licked his lips that were already swollen from the kisses in the living room and hallway. Jasper wanted this man. Wanted him like a thirsty man wanted water. Like a drunk wanted his wine. Like an addict wanted his heroine. That was it! Edward was like a drug to him. A drug so potent it swept every other thought away.

Standing before him now, Edward swayed to some soft music Jasper didn't remember hearing until that moment. When did Edward turn that on? A jazzy blue horn played a soft moody melody and Edward closed his eyes and let the music take him somewhere. Jasper couldn't stop staring. He couldn't move forward. Damn, he couldn't even decide what to do next. Edward's eyes opened and the depth of his desire showed through, lighting a fire inside of Jasper.

Edward wrapped his arms around Jasper's neck and pulled him close. Jasper could still feel the press of Edward's chest to his. It felt so fucking good. Edward's warm breath tickled the nape of Jasper neck and a soft groan left his lips.

"Make me yours, Jasper. Make me forget there was ever another man besides you inside me." Edward's words were filled with such need, Jasper felt something inside his very soul snap.

Breathing was difficult for both of them but for Jasper it was almost impossible. Cocks pressed together, rubbing against each other. Jasper didn't want to rip the thong but he needed to feel the skin of Edward's cock pressed to his and in one swift motion the material split and was gone.

Edward gasped when Jasper wrapped one hand around both members and began to pull and rub.

"Feels so good," Edward moaned as his back arched off the mattress, trying to get closer to Jasper.

"Yeah?" was Jasper's clever reply.

"Yes. More, please. Faster."

Jasper sped up, giving them the friction they both needed, but this was not how he wanted to claim Edward. While his lover's head moved side to side and his eyes were shut tight, Jasper recaptured his control.


Edward didn't speak. Didn't seem to be able to, but he pointed at the bedside table. Jasper opened the top drawer and found the supplies they needed. He tore the wrapper on the condom and set back on his knees to slide it on. Eyes now open, wide with eagerness, Edward watched as Jasper prepared himself.

"How do you…" Edward almost said, but Jasper stopped him.

"We are making love, just like this."

Jasper kissed up Edward's stomach until he reached his collarbone where he spent several moments lavishing it with his tongue. His fingers, now slick with lube, circled Edward's entrance. He prepared Edward gently and slowly. He could wait until Edward was comfortable and ready for him. Jasper would never hurt Edward.

Raising up on one hand, Jasper could see tears falling to the side of Edward's face on either side. Panic and worry caused him to pull his three fingers back from Edward's body. The quick grasp of Edward's hand stopped him.

"Don't stop, please. It feels so good. Feels like heaven," Edward cried out.

"Are you sure?" Jasper continued to push in until he felt Edward's sharp intake of breath.

"Oh hell yeah, I'm sure. God, Jasper, harder there." There was no mistaking that Jasper had found that spot that gives such pleasure.

"Now, Jasper...I'm ready now. Want you. Need you," Edward raised up on his elbows as he spoke.

Jasper entered Edward slowly, holding back all the need inside of him to pound into his lover's tight body. Eyes clenched shut, Jasper moved at a slow steady rhythm. He felt Edward's hand on his face and he opened his eyes to see the man whose body fit his so perfectly.

"God damn it, Jasper. I'm not a virgin and I'm not an invalid. Take me. Don't stop until we've both emptied ourselves of every last thought except pleasure." The surprise of Edward's anger let Jasper go to be himself.

He moved quickly, slipping Edward's legs over his shoulders and pounded into the body so open and all his. "Mine!" He screamed out and kept pushing in and out.

Edward let out a loud cry, releasing his seed all over his stomach. Jasper let go and followed right after, filling the condom deep inside Edward. Collapsing next to Edward on the bed, Jasper waited until their breathing had somewhat returned to normal then pulled Edward to him, sticky mess and all. Edward's fingers danced across his pecs and then up and down his arms, petting him gently, drawing him into a deep and contented sleep.

It's almost the end. One more chapter should just about tie everything up. I hope you've enjoyed the ride.