Author's Note: A lot of crap has happened to me recently because of my used to be best friend and I need to vent or I'm going to explode so I decided to write this story (everything in this story except the last line is a message I sent to my used to be best friend on Facebook).

Disclaimer I do not own Vampire Diaries or the phrase "hell hath no fury like a women scorned"

The Text

How dare you take my heart like it's something you play with and then put back in the toy box when you're bored with it.

How dare you say you love me, that you want to be with me forever and that you want to marry me and then say that you changed you're mind and have fallen for another.

How could you have the audacity to ask me if we can still be friends after you treated me in such a way?

I used to imagine our wedding and what our kids would look like.

But you smashed those images for the sake of your own selfishness

Do you even care that you broke my heart?

Another question what is it about her that made you choose her over me?

Also you know the phrase "hell hath no fury like a women scorned?" well it's even worse when that woman is a vampire.