The Whispering Woods. These woods are home to very few. There is a large manor in the middle of these woods home to the one large family who lives here. They are the Grays. The Grays are a mixed family. Only three of them are "original" Grays. Nathan, the mysterious one. Alina, the quiet and secretive one. And Vincent, the oldest and most serious. The others are misfits and runaways. There are many, I can't name the all right now. Because this story focuses on one.

This is about Alina. And the man she met the one night she shouldn't have ever gone out.

2:00 AM in Whispering Woods

For some strange reason, Alina needed to take a walk. She grabbed her coat even though it wasn't that cold. She needed something to cover the scars. She stomped down the steps in her combat boots and was almost down the stairs when she was confronted by her brother Vincent.

"Where are you going at this hour?" He asked sternly.

"Out." She said reaching for the door. She was stopped by his hand grabbing her arm. She held back the scream she wanted to let out when he squeezed her fresh scar.

"Why so late?" He said staring straight in her eyes.

"Maybe she's sneaking out to see her boyfriend," her brother Matthew, a taken in Gray.

"Shut up Matt, I'm just taking a walk." She finally forced her way out of the door and down a path to as far she could get away from the jam-packed house. Sometimes, its good to get away. Unfortunately, she soon lost the way back and sat in the middle of the woods... Very, very confused.

Behind her, lurked something evil however. His name was Oliver Kirkland. The only other person to live in these woods. A very humble looking man from Britain. But he wasn't as innocent as his pouty blue-pink eyes, blond shaggy hair, and thin demeanor gave off. He was a murderer and a successful one at that. Only 20 years of age, yet still successful. He had killed many young girls. Similar to the one who was walking alone at 2:00 AM.. Little did he know something was different about her. He decided to approach.

"Hello girl!" He said popping up behind her.

She jumped at first but then responded. "Hi."

He grinned and took out a basket with a fresh batch of his signature, deadly cupcakes. "Would you like to try a cupcake?" He asked calmly.

Though she was hungry, the girl refused. "No thanks." She began walking away but he stopped her again.

"Please, this is a fresh batch that I made myself and I need a taste tester!"

"Well why don't you try it yourself?"

"I already did. I think they're delicious! But I need a second opinion." He said, pressing the cupcake against her lips. She took the cupcake from his hands and sniffed it. It made her mouth water. But she was clever.

"Ok, I will try one of these, if you take a bite first." She said mimicking his gesture and pressing the cupcake to his lips.

"B-but I told you, I already tried one!"

"Well if thats so, then you wouldn't mind taking a small bite!" She said placing the cupcake in his hand. He gulped and took the cupcake to his mouth. He opened his mouth and then quickly shut it. He threw the unbitten cupcake on the ground and yelled.

"Alright I can't! you obviously saw I'm a murderer, planning you as my next victim!" Alina looked shocked and scared. She backed away slowly against a tree. And even though every bone in her small body was telling her to run. She was curious why this man wasn't running from her? Or at her for that matter. He just stood there angrily and sadly. Like he had failed someone by not killing her. This man... intrigued the 18 year old girl. So all she could say is...

"Why me?"

"Why you what kid?"

"Why did you choose me to kill? No wait! Why do you kill in the first place?" She said crawling over to the man who was sitting on the ground.

"Why do you care kid?" He asked looking at her frustrated.

"My name's Alina!" She said sternly, "And I just want to know!"

"First of all, why would you tell the murderer your name? Second..." He paused and sighed.

It's all I know...