To the majority of the boys in the 104th training squadron, the concept of a communal shower was no big deal. Sure, they teased Reiner about how his large pectorals almost looked like a pair of strange breasts, or Eren about how he looked like a drowning cat when he was wet, or Connie about how all the hair had fled from his head to his back, or Armin about how lanky he was, but it was explicitly understood, after the first week, that it was all in good fun, and that if anyone showed genuine discomfort, the teasing would immediately stop. The few times this unofficial policy had been needed, it had been followed to the letter. There were other, official restrictions, such as regulations regarding when they could shower and for how long to conserve water and time, and one very strange, very specific unofficial rule.

No one was allowed in when Jean was showering, unless it was an emergency. In that case, only Marco could go in, unless there was absolutely, positively no choice whatsoever in the matter. After a few months of awkwardness, with Jean progressively taking shorter and shorter showers to avoid causing problems, the rule had loosened a little to no one being allowed to pull back the shower curtain around Jean's little cubicle, no one being allowed to peek over the edge of the cubicle, and Jean refusing to leave the safety of said cubicle until everyone (barring, on rare occasions, Marco) had left already.

It was strange, but they all had their little quirks. Mikasa freaked out whenever someone threatened Eren, though stoically. Armin had dozens of books now, but he was constantly rearranging them by name, date, author, genre, and whatever else came to mind and tickled his neuroses. Mina spent over an hour on her hair every morning. Reiner had to brush his teeth exactly fifty-two times each in the morning and evening. Bertholt ironed his pants every day, whether they needed it or not. Annie hated it when people tried to touch her hair. Sasha was obsessed with food. Connie couldn't stand being in even mild weather without a jacket. Marco borrowed Armin's politics books as often as possible. Ymir and Christa were… Ymir and Christa, with their own set of problems that no one had tried to poke through yet.

And Jean had his shower rules.

Too bad Eren accidentally broke them.


It was an accident, really, it was. Eren had just realized that he'd left something behind, something so comparatively insignificant that he couldn't recall what it was years later when asked. He'd just been coming back to get it, and thought that Jean had already left.

He hadn't.

So when Eren nonchalantly opened the door, well-oiled and silent, which his eyes already searching for the left-behind sock (so that's what it was), his gaze accidentally hit upon Jean.

A very shocked Jean.

A very shocked and naked Jean.

A very shocked and naked Jean with no penis.

Eren stared for a total of three seconds before flushing and turning around, intent on getting the h*ll out of there as quickly as possible without suspicion.

"Jaeger!" Jean's voice stopped him short, panicked and slightly higher than normal. "Don't you dare tell anyone!"

"…We can talk alone in the training grounds later." Eren offered, because holy sh*t, this was big, and eurgh, he needed to get the facts straight or he'd go insane.

"…If that's what it takes for you to keep your stupid trap shut, then fine." Jean growled. "Now get out."

Eren fled, mind already racing.


A/N: I was browsing some SnK threads, and a few mentioned various characters being genderbent. One or two mentioned Jean in some way or other, and… honestly, it infiltrated my mind. This isn't my first genderbender story, not by a long shot, so a lot of you probably already know that I've got a certain love for them, even if this is my first story where the change is an "origin" change, rather than a mid-life change. As a result… this. This one will, from my preliminary ideas, run under a bit of a friendship theme. PLEASE do NOT ask for pairings. Pairings will come when I see fit, and not before. They will also be only by my own choice, depending on what I think is best for the story.

Let's see how this little trip goes, eh?

Ja ne,