The argument, such as it was, occurred every year. Still… it wasn't nearly as vicious as most.

Deidara lay on the ground, his head in Sasori's lap. The stiff, dry blades of dying grass dug into his back, but he ignored them. He was a little too busy paying attention to the bright red leaf he held delicately with the tips of his fingers, turning and flipping it in the air above his head.

Personally, Sasori found the position to be near sickeningly saccharine, but he put up with it for Deidara's sake. The fuss that the blonde would put up if Sasori declined was too much of a hassle to consider, and besides… it was almost kind of nice.

"The leaves are the same color as your hair, un…" Deidara muttered, continuing to spin the leaf in his hand by the stalk. "But only a few."

"I'm aware."

"Much more brittle, though, un." Deidara mused out load, moving the leaf to rest against Sasori's head, comparing the color with an expert's eye. "And yours is more… no, your hair is less orange. It's closer to a pure red, un."

Sasori pushed Deidara's hand away from his head, sighing. While the blonde's current actions were rather annoying, he was genuinely trying to compliment the puppet-master, so he put up with it.

"I love the fall…" Deidara muttered, continuing to play with the leaf, a pensive and content smile on his face. "Everything's dying off, but not forever, un."

"We're not having this conversation again." Sasori cut in, putting a hand on Deidara's mouth.

Sasori could feel Deidara pouting against his palm, and rolled his eyes in response. He removed his hand, and began running it through Deidara's hair instead.

"But they're artistic…" Deidara pushed the subject anyway, all of his nineteen years of supposed maturity. "They're here for a while, but they always die in a beautiful way, un. All those colors are just…"

Deidara trailed off, once again mesmerized by the leaf in his hand. Sasori shook his head. "That's not art, brat. It's pretty, yes, but it's not art."

"Bah." Deidara stuck out his tongue at the living puppet, garnering an exasperated, but fond, smile in response. "You're just in denial, un."

"If that's what helps you sleep at night."