Mike and Harvey walked into the small establishment

"Harvey, what are we doing here?" Mike asked

"Surprising you." Harvey replied calmly

"what's this place called? do they sell stuffed crust?" mike asked getting excited at the smell of his favorite food.

"Papa Murphy's and they sell something better" Harvey said over-joyed at his associates eagerness but careful not to show it.

"what could be better than stuffed-crust" Mike asked his curiosity thoroughly peaked. Just then it was their turn to order. Harvey stepped up and in his ever calm voice ordered.

"one Chicago style stuffed pizza"

"s-s-stuffed p-p-pizza" mike stammered out. Dashing to the window, Mike watched in awe as they made the pizza then put on another crust and proceeded to put on even more toppings.

"Oh My God" Mike said in pure awe

"Alright lets go bake this sucker" Harvey said pulling a drooling Mike away from the Pizza place.

45 minutes later

Mike was sitting on Harvey's couch and Harvey was behind his desk. Mike was staring at the gargantuan piece of pizza in front of him wondering exactly how to eat it.

"are you going to eat it or just stare at it" Harvey said in between bites. lifting up the massive piece mike took his first bite of stuffed pizza ever.

"so" Harvey prompted

"ehh" mike replied "not as good as I was hoping for." Harvey's jaw hit the floor. As much as this kid goes on about stuffed crust pizza and he says ehh to a clearly better pizza. mike burst out laughing

"you actually feel for that. are you kidding this is the most amazing. pizza. EVER." mike was nearly shouting by the end of his sentence.

"good" was all Harvey could say, and very good it was indeed.

I'm super glad I finally got this posted it has been in my notebook forever.