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Chapter I:

The moment Spencer cross the threshold door they knew. They´d have to do something or everything was going to go wrong. Hotch turned around looking at Derek.

-Morgan, Is there a back door to this place? - His gaze was steady.

-There are at least two entries, but I can´t say which leads directly to the right place? - Everyone knew that there wasn´t much time so Hotch talked.

-All right listen, Morgan call Garcia and ask her which of the two entries is the right one and go with JJ, the rest will go in front, we don´t want her to notice the absence of two of us. - Everyone nodded understanding.

The call between Penelope and Derek didn´t last long and once obtained the right door both agents continued cautiously. Both knew there was not enough time. With Morgan in the front and JJ behind him they began to go up the stairs.

There hadn´t been more than a few seconds when they heard a shot that made them run the rest of the steps.

Shsh!- He said moving his hand to indicate to slow down, they were there. Both, in each side of the door, thanked the small window in the door allowing them to see everything inside.

-We need to go in, quietly. - Said JJ

-I know- Said Morgan while planning their next move. Both, the Unsub and Maeve weren´t facing them, it was an advantage. The rest of the team was already with Reid and they could see them without problems.

They didn´t have much time and their next move was going to define the fate of Maeve and Reid.

-Ok, JJ when I open the door go quietly to the right and I´ll go left.- With no more to say she knew what to do. Morgan was stronger, he could handle Diane and JJ would get Maeve as far away from her as possible. Nodding both went in.

For their luck the door didn´t crack or anything or maybe the sound was so small that Diane didn´t hear it because she was shouting something to Reid.

JJ and Morgan moved cautiously toward both women, with their weapons holstered again, they were gonna need both hands for this. Reid along with the rest of the team watched what was about to unfold without revealing anything.

They heard Maeve said something to Reid, something about that it was the only thing Diane wouldn´t take away from them and in that precise moment, just when Diane was about to shot Maeve and herself, JJ and Morgan acted.

Everything happened so quickly for some of them and so slowly for others. In total sync Derek grabbed Diane´s arm lifting it above her head saving them both from a lethal shot, at the same time JJ took Maeve away from the struggle, pulling her behind and using her own body to protect her. But what no one suspected was the strength and resistance of the petit woman.

-Calm down! It´s over!- Derek shouted, but she didn´t listen to him, all of her plans were over, everything was ruined and all because of that woman she thought. Rising the weapon she began to shoot. Bullets were flying all over the room, the team tried to find some cover in the small place, even though most of the bullets were directed in JJ and Maeve´s direction. The only thing that JJ did the moment she heard the first shot was protect Maeve with her body, she was like literally a human shield during the chaos.

Once the struggle was over Hotch went right to Morgan helping him handcuff Diane, Rossi was also with them. Reid ran toward Maeve and JJ, Emily behind him.

-You´re bleeding- Rossi said pointing Derek´s right arm.

-It´s just a scratch- He replied- It took me by surprise, I didn´t think she was going to put such a struggle.

- People in certain emotional states acquires more strength or will they actually have.-Explained Hotch. The three agents were interrupted by Emily.

-Hotch! We need an ambulance!- She shouted from her position on the floor, indicating them at the same time, to get closer.

-What happened?- Asked the unit chief already by her side and what he saw was the answer to his question. Rossi was already calling 911.

There on the floor was Maeve, right beside Reid, both equally worried, beside her preview wounds the girl seem to have no new injures. While lying on the floor was JJ, the left side of her shirt soaked in blood, one of the bullets had reached the side that wasn´t cover with her Kevlar.

Her face a mix of pain and worry, her breathing was elaborated and the knuckles of the hand holding or more like crushing Reid´s were white. Emily was the one putting pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding.

-JJ? Talk to me, the ambulance is on its way ok, hang on there.- It was Reid, he was pleading her.

-Ok…How´s Maeve?- She asked with a faint tone. "She´s bleeding out in front of us and she asked something like that. Hell of a girl" Morgan thought.

-I´m here- said the girl with a small smile.- Thank you…

-The paramedics are here! - Hotch exclaimed. Most of the agents moved from the spot where they were just seconds ago to let the guys work.

-Hey, what´s your name? - The blonde paramedic asked while searching for something in his kit.

-Jennifer- She answered. Her voice wasn´t too loud but it was clear and that´s a good sing thought the young man.

-Alright Jennifer we are gonna get you on the stretcher now, ok? - She nodded.

The rest of the team watched with a careful eye what they were doing to their friend. And asked themselves; how did it happen?

Once outside the building the paramedics loaded JJ in one of the ambulance, the other one was waiting for the rest of the injured.

-Ok, listen; Morgan you are going with JJ so you can get that scratch patch up, Reid, you and Maeve are going in the other ambulance. The rest we´ll going in the cars right behind you.- No one disagreed with him.

In the ambulance Derek was holding JJ´s hand, who seemed to be getting even paler with every minute gone by.

-Hang on Jayje. We´re almost there—He said in a whisper, she just nodded. The lack of communication worried him, the blonde paramedic saw this.

-It´s one of the meds we gave her add the lost of blood and have the reason for her lack of words.- He said in a firm tone.

-I see…Is…is she going to be fine?- Asked the dark agent.

-I think she will. Was a through and through, which is a good thing but I´m not able to tell you anything else…for now- He added- She´s young and strong, so I´m confident.- Morgan noted that the young man was telling the truth and that was just trying to assure him but that didn't get the feeling of worry out of him.

Now, again he found himself wondering how a bullet ended going through the shoulder of his friend and he just had a superficial wound?

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