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Chapter IV:

Rossi noticed how quiet Emily was so he decided to break the ice and maybe make her talk about what was bothering her.

"A penny for your thoughts" He said looking at her, Emily turned around and smiled. "You know with your fortune you should have offer more" He just smiled. "Emily you know you can talk to me about anything right?" Her face no longer held a smile but some kind of sad expression.

"I…was just remembering something" She finally said with her gaze now on her hands.

"What was it?" He asked his voice kind and warm. Emily looked back at him again and this time Rossi could see the struggle the young agent was having with herself.

"When JJ helped me after…you know the Doyle thing." Emily´s voice sounded sad and Rossi noted something else, pain maybe.

Both agents turned at the same time to look at the petit blonde, and then Rossi realize that they never heard that side of the story. "Do you want to talk about it?" He asked her without looking at her.

"Yes, I´ll really like that" She said looking at him; Rossi felt her eyes on him so he did the same. "But not today" He smiled. "Ok" was all he said but she knew what he wanted to say, he was there for her whenever she needed him.

"You know she has no idea how much she helped me while I was away" Emily suddenly said.

"I can imagine. I think she doesn´t realize how much of an impact she has in people."

"Yeah you´re right" Then it hit her. "Hey Rossi, what did she do?" It was a simple question but he knew what she was actually asking.

"Was right after a case, I was calling to cancel the rest of my book readings and signings. I was mad as hell because the case was, in some way related to it."

"Oh Zoe…" Emily remembered.

"Yeah…anyway she was with me when I called, so she asked me if everything was ok." He shifted a little in his sit. "I wondered why people wanted to hear me talking about serial killers, she said maybe it was fascination and then I asked if maybe my books were doing more harm than good." He was smiled.

"She looked at me and told me a little story. During her senior year in Georgetown she had no idea what to do after graduation and one day she was in the campus bookstore, she told me I was there promoting my second book and she sat through my entire talk, I of course didn´t remember." They both laughed and then Rossi went silent for a moment, Emily was about to say something when he talked again.

"She asked me, what was the thing I was more proud of? I show them a picture of Brad Roberts."

"I read about that case, I neighbor took him and the little one was found alive." Emily said.

"Yes he was…"He had a soft look, the look that a father would have if he was talking about his little girl doing something moving. "She then…she bought my book that day and applied to the academy the next fall." Emily was surprise, she never actually knew the real reason why JJ became a FBI agent, and surprisingly they never talk about it.

Now she was smiling as much as he was. "I see. She made you realize of the good things that comes from the work."

"Yes she did."

Both agents talked about food and books for the rest of the night before going to sleep.

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