Silver could never remember just when it was that he had put aside the anger and hatred he felt towards the world and instead begun letting people in.

He would also never understand just why he had taken a chance and allowed Gold into his life – the same boy who seemed to have followed him everywhere and constantly made him feel belittled.

And what would forever remain a mystery is just how the raven manages to always turn his frowns into smiles, his anger into laughter.

What had once been a world of misery and pain was now one of hope and trust – though he couldn't say there was love in his life; he still didn't understand the meaning of such a foreign concept.

But what he did know was that he trusted Gold to the point he had somehow agreed to become the other's boyfriend.

Holding hands at first had been strange, almost unsettling, but the warmth Gold had provided was soothing. The raven's kisses were amazing, his heart always melting at the gentleness. And when they made love together, Silver could only imagine that this is what it's like to love someone.

"Gold?" the redhead found himself whispering timidly one day. "…What's it like to love?"

"It's the best thing there is," Gold replied confidently. "Don't you feel it when we're together?"

Silver thought about this question. It's true he felt happiest with Gold - trusted the raven to take care of him. He also believed the taller male could help him change.

And the thought that Gold may one day leave him for one reason or another made him want to cry. Was this what it was like to love someone? To trust them and want to be with them always? For the thought of them no longer being in your life to hurt?

Nodding, Silver allowed one of his rare smiles to slip onto his face. "Yeah… I think I do..."

That was the day Silver discovered he had loved Gold all along – he just hadn't been able to see it.