Tsuna smiled to himself as Hibari glared straight ahead of them. The brunet knew the skylark resented crowds, but the fact that Hibari was here with him warmed his heart.

"Can I have this one?"

Tsuna turned his head as he heard a child ask its mother for something. He grinned to himself, feeling rather lucky that his boyfriend was here with him.

The faire had come to Namimori and the raven had grudgingly agreed to come with Tsuna to celebrate their three-month anniversary.

"Thank you for coming, Hibari-san," Tsuna said softly, respecting that this wasn't an easy thing for the older male to do.

Hibari remained silent as he ran a finger down his bird's feathered back. Hibird was perched on his shoulder, chirping the Namimori Middle theme as he ruffled his wings every now and then.

"You're lucky those other herbivores you crowd with aren't here or I'd bite you all to death."

Tsuna laughed nervously, knowing Hibari wasn't one for empty threats. He was thankful he had been able to talk his friends into leaving them alone for the night, and he was almost considering buying them all a gift as a thank you, until…


Tsuna felt as if he were about to have a heart attack as he watched Hibari whip his tonfa out and chase after Gokudera who was now fleeing for his life, the silver-haired male having forgotten all about Tsuna's wishes.

When Hibari returned to Tsuna just a few minutes later, the brunet had almost thought they were about to be left alone. But then…

"Yo, Tsuna!"

Once again, Hibari was chasing after one of his boyfriend's friends. This repeated itself a few more times before…

"I'll bite you all to death," Hibari growled as he headed towards the nearest random stranger who had thrown his empty cup down onto the ground, disregarding the bin he was right next to.

Tsuna made sure to leave as fast as he could. He also didn't bother Hibari for the next week, too scared for his life – he could only imagine Hibari was the reason each and every one of his friends had landed in hospital.

Note to self – next time, just don't tell them I have plans… and if I have to, don't tell them where.