Title: Too Good to be True... or is it?

Chapter: 1

Author: Ashlee Angel

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*.:.*.:.*.:.*.:.* Chapter 1 *.:.*.:.*.:.*.:.*

Darien Shields sat restlessly in the chair beside his bed. As big as his penthouse was, there was only one bed. He hadn't even slept in the last day or so.

All because of 'her'.

Ever since yesterday afternoon, she had been sleeping in his apartment. Actually... she hadn't woken up since.

Hell, he didn't even know who she was.

All he remembered was that yesterday had been raining. He was outside taking a walk when he saw some girl, maybe a little younger than him, collapse onto the ground. She was completely soaked in what seemed like only two seconds. Her umbrella had been tossed away by the wind, and she didn't look strong enough to go pick it up.

From what he could tell, she probably wasn't even strong enough to pick herself up. Unlike some people, he wasn't just going to shrug it off and leave.

He had walked over to her and asked if she was okay. Which was probably beyond the point of stupidity, because she clearly wasn't. But as soon as she heard his voice, it was like everything was just a mass of confusion.

She had even tried to stand up, her arms and legs quivering as she pushed herself off the ground. Her attempt failed though, so he had to help her.

He had said something then, but in her condition, he doubted that she heard him. Or recognized his presence at all. But she did.

Darien didn't know how he knew that. He just did. Never in his life had he seen someone so confused. It was like she was fighting an inner battle with herself... but losing.

Though as soon as she looked into his eyes, everything was just too much, and she just fainted. He, of course, caught her. And despite her wet clothes and soaked hair, she weighed as light as a feather.

She was also remarkably pale. No color whatsoever.

Though you could still tell she was quite beautiful. And even now, he still didn't know her name. She had been running a high fever, and he knew he should've sent her to the hospital... but... something told him not to.

Thank the Gods that her temperature had gone back to normal. Now there was just one more problem...

She wasn't waking up.

After he brought her home, he had to find a way to change her into something dry. And since he was a guy... he... well... you know.

So he called one of the maids to do it instead. But her hair was a totally different story. It took them more than two hours to untangle everything. She was fine now. Her clothes had been washed and dried.

Darien just hoped she'd wake up soon. He had 'a lot' of questions to ask. One being how she knew him.

Every now and then, she'd mumble in her sleep. About... him. Maybe she was psychic or something. How else would she know his name?

Sighing, he leaned his head in his hand. What was it about her that just made him so... so... frustrated. Closing his eyes, he tried to get some sleep.

It was already two in the morning, and pitch black out. Nothing could be heard but silence. It was no use though. He just couldn't sleep.

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught the glimmering jewels on his finger.

The ring.

Something that he still puzzled over. He didn't even know who gave it to him or how he got it. But he wasn't going to take it off anytime soon. It was too... precious.

He had taken it off once though. Only to find his name etched in. After that, he kept it with him. What was weird was that, he didn't know anything about his life. The only memories he had were ones of the last two years.

He had woken up one day in this apartment, not knowing anything about himself. The ring was his only clue. But he had adjusted to it.

Though he couldn't help but wonder what happened to the other 21 years of his life. And there was something else too. His name wasn't the only one on the ring. There was someone else.


Whoever she was.

He might not know who she was, but he vowed to find her. He had a feeling that she knew... well... everything. Though how was he supposed to find someone he didn't know?

The only thing he had to go by was his ring. He didn't even know her last name. Just the initial.

The result of the search?


He had flipped all of California upside down in the last two years. And what's worse? He found her. He still didn't have an address as to where in California she was, or even a picture.

Which made everything even more frantic, because he now knew a person like her existed and it wasn't just some far out dream.

Though he never even got a chance to think about Serena since yesterday. Since 'her'.

Who knows... maybe it was fate and this girl would lead him to Serena... Like they say, life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get.

But no matter what, he'd find Serena...


Darien's thoughts were interrupted by a soft, and notably faint voice. He turned to look at the girl that lay in his bed.

No, she wasn't awake yet. But she was mumbling again.

"I'm sorry. Just don't go. Please." She kept repeating. The pain evident on her face. It was like she was going through that internal battle with herself again.

They were still the same words as before. She'd call his name, then tell him not to go. And repeat apologies over and over again.

Darien was about to close his eyes again, when something caught his eye. Something silver. Leaning forward slightly, he noted the bracelet on her wrist.

'How in the name of God did she get it on?' He wondered. There wasn't any clasps or anything of that sort.

It was probably a present from her parents or something.

Shrugging off the strange sensation that passed through him when he saw the words, he closed his eyes once again.

Maybe he was just imagining things.

Maybe she'd even wake up tomorrow.

Maybe this was all a dream.

Or maybe he just needed more sleep...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

*Next Morning*

Darien sat in the kitchen with a steaming cup of coffee in front of him. Though he wasn't paying the slightest attention to it.

It was eight o'clock. But he had woken up at six. Meaning he actually got an amazing four hours of sleep. And the last time he checked, she still wasn't awake yet.

But when she wakes up, she's going to be hungry enough to eat a horse. He'd wait until after she ate to ask her anything.

He had wondered why she was outside in the first place if she was so sick... And at the university of all places. It just didn't make any sense.

She didn't have anything with her. No money, no identification, nothing. From what he could tell, she had driven here, or else she would've worn more than just a thin blouse. California's more than warm for that, but when it can get a little chilly when it's raining (which is almost never).

Darien took a gulp of his coffee, wincing when the hot liquid scorched his tongue. Guess he forgot the milk and sugar. The bitter aftertaste grew stale in his mouth, as he stood up, with the mug in hand.

As he walked around to the other side of the counter, a scream rang out from the bedroom. Causing the scalding, black liquid to slosh over the rim of the mug and onto his hand.

But that was the least of his worries right now. Tossing the mug carelessly onto the counter, not bothering if it clattered into a million pieces, he made a sprint toward the bedroom.

Stumbling into the room, he put his hand on the door frame to keep from completely falling on flat on his face. It wouldn't be the best way to make a first impression.

Bringing himself to look into a startled pair of blue eyes, he leaned himself against the wall. His mind wasn't working properly, but one thing's for sure, she was finally awake.

Though just the way she was looking at him told him that he was going be no where closer to his objective than he was two days ago.

"Umm... You're awake?" He began, not knowing where to start. But even to him, that question sounded pathetic. Of course she was awake!

She jumped when she heard his voice, her eyes wider than before. Clutching the covers of the bed, she just stared at him.

'Oh shit, what if she thought I raped her?' he thought, misinterpreting her shock. But what she said next was.... well... more than enough to confuse him all over again.

"You can talk?" she asked quietly, almost out of wonder, not even bothering to conceal her confusion.

Darien's brows furrowed. Either he heard wrong, or else she had... problems.

"What's your name?" He asked, deciding to ignore her question.

She opened her mouth to answer, but then stopped. It was as if she had just heard his question for the first time. He could tell she had to some sort of realization. Whatever it was... it stung. And it stung bad.

She closed her eyes and told herself something, before opening them again. She had made a decision... and a secret. A secret that she wasn't going to let him in on.

He didn't know how he knew that. It just felt like he was connected with her somehow, but completely distant at the same time. Though he had every intention to find out what she was keeping from him.

"What's 'your' name?" She asked with what seemed like fake confidence. It pained her just to say it. But what choice did she have?

"You're not a very good liar." He said, as he watched her eyes grow more alert. "How old are you?"

"How old are 'you'?" She asked suspiciously, ignoring the fact that he knew she was lying. It was like playing a game... one wrong move, and she would be out. No matter what, she couldn't, and wouldn't let this slip.

'She's stubborn.' He thought. Maybe he should just answer her. Who knows. Maybe she'd answer his if he answered hers.

"Umm... look, thank you for umm... helping me, but I should get going." She said in a rush, as she got out of bed and walked toward the door.

Darien watched dumbly as she walked past him. But somewhere at the back of his conscience, something made his hand reach for her wrist, stopping her from going any further.

"Don't go."

To be continued....