Eren blinked his emerald green eyes several times, a 40-ish old man sit in front of him while staring at a pile of documents on his desk with a boring face, he just replied Eren's shocked face with a long sigh.

"Yes, you've heard that yourself, Jaeger." He coughing slightly, "Your work's good, you also experienced in your field… but there's something missing," He takes a deep breath.

"You're not a girl."

Still don't understands, Eren asked him again. "What do you mean by I'm not a girl?"

"You know, people in this century are more preferred to be served by a girl than boy – and you know this is a Maid Café. We don't accept any employee other that a girl, even though it's just a janitor." Eren sharpened his eyes at that.

"Let's see, rather than you being a waitress, why don't you search for an agency? Your face is good enough to be a boyband's-"


With a loud slam on his desk, the room fell into silence. Eren whispered with a cold voice.

"Excuse me."



Reveal My Secret!

Chapter 1

Shingeki no Kyojin belongs to Isayama Hajime

Original fic by Draco de Laviathan

Translated by Miharu Midorikawa

WARNING! Cross-dressing Eren, maybe OOC, BL!Shonen-ai!yaoi!boy x boy!



Eren Jaeger, 16 years old, unemployed.

Teens like Eren are – probably – in school right now. Studying, spending times with a friend (s), attending a club, and even falling in love (with an opposite gender or with the same).

But he doesn't have a time for that. He's not lucky like the others.

Abandoned by his parents when he's still a child, often got into a meaningless fight because of his attitude, placed in an oh-so-poor-Orphanage that he had to quit school to fund the Orphanage.

Well… actually, the Orphanage wasn't so poor in the past that require Eren to find a job (which 'till now he hasn't got a job) but that all changed when the owner of the Orphanage – an ex-doctor – suddenly working on a crazy project, based on the mystical creatures named 'Titan'. Now that place only can afforest 'till kindergarten - that's because the owner oh that place is a friend of the Orphanage's owner.

Dragging his legs heavily to his beloved home, he led out a long sigh and still thinking where should he search for a job next. For god's sake- his talent is just cleaning something and takes care of the house. That's because the Orphanage is always so messy- courtesy of the kids.

Willing or unwilling, Eren have to search for a job that has to do with cleaning.

. . . . .

"I'm home…" Eren closed the door while takes off his shoes. Before he can even breathe, a bunch of kids approaching him.

"Eren-nii! Did you bring something for us? Foods? Presents?"

Sadly, the kids always expecting him to bring something home, but he hasn't got a job, that means he doesn't have any money.

"I'm sorry, I don't have anything for you guys…"

Their expression becomes sad, tears dwelled up in their eyes. Eren couldn't bear to see their sad faces, he rushed searching for an idea.

"For an exchange, how about I bake you guys something? What do you want?"

In a matter of seconds, their faces become happy again. "Biscuit! Biscuit!"

Eren nodded and walked to the kitchen to start searching for ingredients in the counter. 'Thank god, there's ingredients left from Mikasa yesterday.'

"Eren, you're back?" A voice come out from the kitchen's door, Eren glanced to see the owner of the voice.

"Ah, Christa! I just arrived a moment ago. You've finished your job?"

A blond haired girl with a pair of blue sky eyes named 'Christa' nodded while take a chair from near the diner table and turned on the TV in the kitchen. "Yup, the head gardener is being kind to us and let us come home early."

The sounds from the nearly broken TV filling the kitchen. While Christa organizing her stuff from her bag, Eren started mixing the ingredients to bake the biscuits.

[Currently, cross-dressing is popular among the citizens, there are so much boys and girls dressed up as the opposites-]

Eren watched the TV while mixing the batter in his hands. He saw some cross dresser that being interviewed by the reporter, they looks happy when explaining about their hobby. Suddenly, he got an idea, well… it's kinda a crazy idea actually. But he's sure that his idea can bring him a job. He glanced at Christa.

"Christa, you're working on the Smith Family's garden right?"

Christa confused why Eren is asking her that question, she tilted her head slightly. "That's right, but why?"

"Is there's a job in there? Anything."

"Like I said several times, Eren. They don't have any job anymore." She sighed. Her brother – she considered all of the people in the Orphanage is her family – is keep searching for a job.

"Actually, they currently need a maid. But you're-"

"That's exactly what I need." Eren is now in front of Christa and held her hands – with his hands is covered with flour.

"Christa, teach me how to be a girl!"


. . . . .

"Shoes with heels, check! Black stocking, check! Make up, check!"

A dark brown haired girl with her medium length – slight curly – hair reached her back, she stared herself on a mirror. Fitting her new maid outfit that gave to her a moment a go. She got a job in the Smith Family, her hard work is finally being payed.

"…Wig, check!"

"Ellen, are you done?"

Yup, Eren Jaeger – or should we say – Ellen Jaeger now, is succeeded hiding his identity and now working as a maid in the Smith Family – the infamous corporation and have sooooo much money.

"Yes, I'm done!" Eren replied and open the door. He stepped out to where the other maids are waiting for him.

"It's looks good on you!" Said Mina, one of the maids working here, "I'm so glad that Christa had a sister! If not, I would be dropped dead cleaning the house!"

Christa gave her a smile, while her sister gave her a – fake – smile and say, "Thank you for accepting me here." To the other workers in the house. Eren hoped that his disguise won't blow up anytime soon.

'I hope he can stand our Young Master…'

. . . . .

"Now, are you've remembered all the places in this house?"

Eren nodded. Honestly, he doesn't really remember all of the places. But he remember where is the bed rooms, his bed room, Master Irvin Smith's office and his son's room – Eren forgot his name.

"Good! Why don't you prepared a tea for Young Master? He will arrive from his college soon. You have to show a good impressions to him~"

"Un, I get it." Eren nodded again and walked to the kitchen, but Mina stopped him. "Um, wait!"

"Yes, Mina-san?"

"Be careful, don't mess things up in his room. He hates anything messy and dirty!" That black haired girl reminding Eren, which replied jus with a nod from Eren's head – again.

. . . . .

"Excuse me…"

The boy dressed up as a maid stepped on a room while carry a tray that has a tea pot, complete with one set of a tea cup on it. He stared at the fancy and amazingly clean room, even he can't see a single dust in the room.

He placed the tray on a small table besides – Eren think – the Young Master's desk. While poured the warm tea to the cup, he glanced at the desk filled with a dozen of papers lying around – probably from his work. He noticed there's a small pool of spilled ink in the corner of the desk. Looks like his Master is on a hurry when left this morning.

After finished preparing the tea, he takes out a clean napkin from his dress' pocket and cleaned the ink off of the desk. He also organizes the papers and fixes the position of the clock in that room.

The point is, he finally cleaned his Master's room in his own.

. . . . .

A black silky limousine stopped in front of the Smith Family's house, a young man – probably around 19 years old – stepped out from the car while say his gratitude to the driver. The driver replied with a smile and a nod, before finally drive the car away to parked it.

That young man with silky black raven hair tiredly stepped inside the house, "I'm home."

"Welcome back, Young Master Rivaille." Mina greeted him while bowed in respect. "A tea has been prepared in your room. Do you want to take a bath? I will prepare the water."

"Yes, make sure the water is not too hot." Replied Rivaille with a monotone voice without expressions on his face and he walked to his room. When he arrived at his room, his eyes slightly widened in surprise.

His room is… more clean and tidy than this morning.

Usually, he cleaned his room himself because he's afraid his things will be misplaced and mixed is someone's cleaned his room. But this is not. Everything looks perfect, his paperwork is complete – nothing missing, the ink bottle in the corner of his desk is filled, and his clock is placed on the wall.

Everything is perfect.

He sipped – surprisingly – warm tea, usually it's not this warm when he arrived home. 'Am I arrived early?'

Even he noticed the tea cup cover is different than the usual he use.

"Young Master, the water is ready. Do you want to take a bath now?"

He nodded, "Before that, who's prepared this tea?"

"Ah, that's our new maid, Young Master. She's the one who prepared it."

'A new maid? Since when we have a new maid?'

He placed the – now empty – tea cup on the tray, and he sharpened his gaze.

"Call her here. Now."

To Be Continued


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