"We'll live in this..."

Eren stared at the big screen that was placed in front of the Colossal Agency's building. Familiar faces keep appearing in a MV that is played on that screen, while dancing following the rhythm of the promoted music. Those emerald green orbs looked sad- overwhelmed by this feeling he got when seeing the face he missed so much, but he doesn't want to go back even if he got payed dozen of money.

"It's really a shame that you quit before this song was released. You were really liked this song back then."

That chocolate haired teen turned around, finding someone smaller than him with blonde hair standing there.

"Armin!" Shouted Eren as he smiled happily seeing his best friend, "Why are you here? How about classes?"


"Ah, I took a day off." Armin returned his smile, "You too, you must've really liked your disguise. Wearing boy's clothes but still wearing a girl's wig."

"I forgot! I intended to take it off at the rest room though, hehe." The owner of those green orbs said with a big grin on his face as he pulled out a hat from his bag.

"Since we're here, how about we take a walk around? I mean, it's been awhile since the last time we met, right? I'll be waiting here while you take that wig off."

"Really?" Eren's eyes glimmered with expectations, it's really been awhile since he took a walk with his beloved- precious friend. Armin nodded firmly, and Eren immediately dashed out to the nearest men's rest room. Then he came back with his usual short chocolate hair.

"C'mon, Armin!"

His blonde haired friend smiled and walked besides him, walking away from the agency's building.

Without them realizing it, someone saw the entire scene behind them.




Reveal My Secret!

Chapter 4

Shingeki no Kyojin belongs to Isayama Hajime

Original fic by Draco de Laviathan

Translated by Miharu Midorikawa

WARNING! Cross-dressing Eren, maybe OOC, BL!Shonen-ai!yaoi!boy x boy!



Rivaille really wants to throw that gold hard-covered and thick book to the nearest garbage can.

"The hell is 'Can Dance In 5 Minutes'?! I can barely read the contents!" he complained to himself. "Shit... Mike is taking a day off because his little sister is getting married- there's no other people that can replace me to go to that stupid party next week!"

He even bought a dozen stacks of DVD about Ballroom Dance, but it's futile, Rivaille can't dance properly. He completely has no idea what to do again right now. Of course he can ask one of the maids to teach him to dance, but yeah-

"Aahh, it's irritating..."

-Rivaille has too much pride in him. He doesn't want to be laughed at.

(Well yeah, he will surely get laughed at if he asks that kind of thing. But y'know kid, sometimes you have to let go of that pride.)

"One more time, maybe this time I can."

The heir of the Smith household started playing the old gramophone. The smoothing sound of Waltz dancing in the air, and Rivaille started to practice.

"One, two, three."

He moved his foot just like the manual told. Even though he didn't really get it, but at least he tried.


"Young Master Rivaille, it's time for tea."

Shit. Rivaille froze and stopped his movement at the voice. Ellen has come, and honestly- he's still shy to meet with that maid (maybe butler would be better or is Ellen a girl? Sorry I don't know the anime/manga so I'm kinda out of it) of his, his memory about a few days ago still recorded perfectly in his mind. And with this situations... Well, he's kinda pathetic.

"Yes, come in."

-yet he let Ellen come in. Even though he could just order him to leave the tea in front of the door and he will take it himself later.

The door opened slowly , revealing a girl in a full monochrome dress, while carrying a tray with a tea set, complete with her Young Master's favourite cookies. Her curly brown hair matched perfectly with her face, and her green orbs stared at her Young Master softly.

Huh? Why is Rivaille fascinated by her figure...

"Today I made your favourite Earl Grey, Young Master. Do you want to drink it now or later?"

Rivaille drop his body to his bed, "Now."

Eren walked towards the Young Master, then poured the tea into the cup swiftly and gave it to him, "Here, Young Master."

While the Young Master enjoyed his tea, Eren saw his master's bedroom surroundings that made him think that it was messy for a clean-freak. Stacks of CDs were on the floor, moreover with Master Smith's old gramophone, Eren guessed that his Young Master is trying to learn a ballroom dance.

"Are there any occassions, Young Master?"


"You usually don't take an interest to a thing like this. Do you will attend a party?"

Rivaille was stunned. He realized that this maid of his is really sensitive and concerned about him. His tired face became slightly red. He rushed to changed his mind, "Dance Rivaille! Dance!"

"Well, something like that. Even though my parents know I've never attend a party before. They're really selfish, ordered me to come to the party instead."

"Should I help you, Young Master?"



"Do you want me to help you?"

"...You can do a ballroom dance?"

"A little," Eren smiled, "So, do you want me to help you, Young Master?"

The French Master didn't say anything. Of course he wanted it, but he's shy to admit it. He has to much pride for not to being taught by his own maid. But this is his only chance, he doesn't want to be laughed at at the party. It's no laughing matter (actually it is) if he stepped on his partner's feet later.


Eren grinned widely, he pulled his phone and earphones out of his apron's pocket and sat besides him, "Do you already know the basic moves? You have to know the dances rhythm so your parter can follow your lead well, Young Master." Rivaille just nodded in silence while seeing his maid playing with his phone's buttons, surprisingly that chocolate haired maid offered him one of the earphones.

"Then we will just have to practice. I will take the lead first to help you- how is it, Young Master?"

The Young Master was awestruck, "You mean we'll dance together?"

"Yes, of course. Ballroom dance cannot be created by one person," Eren smiled again, "Please use this, Young Master."

Reluctantly, Rivaille took the earphone and put it in. Not long after, Eren stood from his place and started the classic music. Looks like the maid is stretching his hand to Rivaille.

"Shall we dance, sir?"

Again, reluctantly Rivaille took Eren's hand and stood up. He secretly gave a scowl, his maid in front of him is far taller than him- it makes him want to bury half of Ellen's body to the ground to make their height the same. But, he had no choice. Rivaille stopped growing since last year.

"Just follow my lead, and try to remember the rythm and moves, Young Master."

Rivaille just nodded in silence.

The soft tapping sounds can be heard from Rivaille's room, the classic music that the two are hearing being the company for them, just they can hear the sound. The atmosphere between them became really soft and sweet. While Rivaille's trying to remember the moves and rhythm, he sometimes tilts his head up (because he's... short), staring at his maid who's returning the gaze with a warm smile.

"You're actually good at that kind of thing."

"Ahaha, something like that, I once-" Eren seemed to be remembering something and stayed silent. He almost revealed his past- where he did use many kinds of dances to make for a living, "...had learned it."

The atmosphere around them became dark, suddenly Rivaille stops his movement.

"Ellen, how old are you? You're not a student are you?"

Silence. Eren doesn't really know how to answer that question.

"Ah, umh... it's a secret, Young Master- I'm sorry. Ah, looks like you've remembered the moves! How about you're the one leading now, Young Master? I will follow your steps!"


Eren rushed to take out his phone and restarted the music that was being played, and gave his best smile for his master, "Let's start, Young Master! The party is in a few days, right? You should practice more often."

Throwing a doubtful glance to Ellen, Rivaille then took the lead and they started dancing in silence, just the stepping sounds from the floor and the soft music that can be heard through the earphones.


Eren sighed deeply. It's really obvious that the Young Master is suspecting him, and maybe soon after this he will be bombarded with questions from him, and soon his real identity will be revealed- and he will be unemployed again. He stared at Rivaille's tea cup that he was washing, "Should I go back there..."


"Huh? Go back? What do you mean?! We still have a schedule after this! Stop complaining! You better get back to practice than complaining!"

"But sensei-"

"But what, Eren? You have too much complains!"


He shook his head, "No! I will not go back! Remember what they had done to you, Eren! Remember!"

He sighed again. To be honest, he actually missed that world of his. Dancing, singing, wear a flashy costume, meeting with his fans...


Suddenly his phone vibrated, he dried his hands with a towel on the table besides him and opened the new e-mail.

From: Horse – Pony

Meet me at the cafétodayat 7. Bring some change clothes (boy) or training pants with you. AND DON'T COME WEARING A WIG OR A SKIRT.

Eren wrinkled his eyebrows and stared disgusted at the mail he received, "Tch, that pony, what does he want now? For what should I bringtraining pants anyway? Oh well, I don't have any work for today."

He glanced at the clock on his phone- 06.35 PM. There are some 20 minutes left till the meeting that Jean decided. He rushed, putting the sleek white device back into his pocket, wiping out the tea cups and dashed out to his room.


Jean stared at the now-dark sky above him while letting out a long sigh.

He wasn't really sure if he's doing the right thing or not. On one side he's afraid that Eren will hate him after this because the media won't just stay calm about this. But he's still sure that at this kind of time there will be no one coming and he's really sure that this will bring Hunter back again.

But after some time of thinking, why did he do all of this in the first place? After all, his band became more popular after the news that Hunter quitted The Shifters. Public liked them more and started to forget about The Shifters. Isn't it better for him to let Eren be just like that?

"For the fans' sake. For Eren's fans." That's the thing his heart always answers.

"Oi, horse!"

He turned around pissed off because of the insult he received and replied it, "Horse, horse, horse, you still can say that with that toilet-like face!"

"Ah, I don't care, you're still a horse to me! So, what did you call me for? You even ordered me to bring training pants."

"Just come! You will know soon."


The greeneyed teen was stunned.

Jean brought him to the studio where he usually practised before the début.

"Don't just stand there! Come in!"

They entered the studio, and the bell rings- telling that someone has come.

"Welcome! Hi Jean and- EREN?!"


"Hi, Petra. I want to wake up this idiot. It's empty right? You, change to your training pants now! I'll catch up with you later."

"Jean, no, I don't want-"


That chocolate haired teen flinched when he heard his rival calling him with such a cold and deep voice. He stared at Jean and waited for what he had to say.

"Just try."

Eren clenched his fist tight, and finally he moves from his place and walked towards the changing room.

"Jean, what the hell are you doing?! He's definitely depressed, all of this will remind him of his past!" Petra pulled Jean's sleeves, "You know what will happen to him!"

"I know, Petra." Jean stared sharply at the auburn haired girl, "But he has to go back. He has to go back being himself again."

Suddenly Eren appeared behind them, with short sleeves green shirt and black training pants.

"You're... right," Said Eren with a small voice, "I have to try."

Jean smirked, "So, what do you want? Overdose just like back then? T.O.P?" That chocolate milk haired teen said as he pulled out his training pants from his bag, "Or This Love?"

He took a deep breath, Eren started to do a warming up, "This Love."


"That Studio looks rather crowded, what happened there?"

"Want to see?"


Two boys who were just passing through the Studio finally walked closer to the crowd, there was a bunch of girls surrounding the Studio's windows. After they searched for a place, they peeked a little through the window, and they're surprised by the scenery they saw inside.

"The green light... michyeobeorin..."

"Th-That's Hunter, right? Look, he's even singing it!"

"Yes! And, is it Jean who's besides him?! Freedom Wing's vocalist?"

"Why... Why are they here?!"

Inside the Studio, Eren doesn't really care about the people that are staring at him in amazement. He's really being swallowed by his dance, the thing he really loves and is good at, the thing he ended up keeping a secret.

Yes, this is the true Eren, an orphan which daily activity is to get into a fight accidentally and really loves dancing.

"Hunter... Is that really you?"

To Be Continued

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