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In which for some reason, Annie was also forced into the Survey Corps. Without Mikasa, Annie would be number 1.

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Basically, the evacuation from Shiganshina goes to shit, and Eren, Armin, and Mikasa get separated from the other refugees and are forced to fend for themselves as the Marian territory is slowly overrun.
However, somehow they discover a way to actually eat titans for nourishment. Previously thought to be impossible because the corpses evaporate after death. (Maybe Dr. Jeager discovered something) As other food becomes scarce, titans soon make up the majority of their diet.
We are the hunters indeed...
- The scouting legion runs across the mother of all snare traps on one of their expeditions. Someone jokingly remarks to the effect that someone's trying to catch a titan with it. (They're right.)
- At one point it's revealed that the EMA trio actually has recipes for the best way to serve titan. (What? They're not going to eat them raw.)
- The Shifter trio's reactions.

They were breaking a new route since Trost's gate can no longer be used. Unsurprisingly, there were titans. Surprisingly though, there were less titans than usual, enough that they were travelling in a relative straight line. The trees were arranged rather oddly, so Erwin decided to shorten the distance between the squads.

The arrangement of trees grew denser as they travelled along. After hearing someone shriek nearly falling into a hidden pit, Erwin had the corps travel in a straight line. The trees are advantageous for the maneuver gear anyways. It also meant that he could hear his troops gossip.

One of the recruits (Braus if Erwin remembers right) mention something about giant snare traps. Considering her track record of sneaking out food, Erwin and the vast majority of Survey Corps dismissed her comment.

They passed by the first strung-up titan in silence.

By the fifth titan, everybody was on edge. Hange was frothing at the mouth, spewing out pleas to just stop and let her experiment - oh, please, Erwin, pretty please -

By the twelfth titan, Erwin signaled his troops to stop. Hange reached towards the titan with a manic gleam in her eye -

"What are you doing with our winter supply?" The female voice deadpanned from above the trees. She landed in front Hange with a feline-like ease. Everyone stared at the teenager in a red scarf in shock. This was titan territory, right? (Somewhere near the middle, a certain recruit blushed at the girl's beautiful hair.) Before anyone could say a word, more voices called out from the forest.

Two other teens also appeared in front of the Survey Corps, in varying degrees of grace.

"Ah, it's the Survey Corps." One of them exclaimed. His eyes sparkled in hero worship. Levi snorted from his seat on the horse.
"No shit, brat." The corporal opened his mouth to say more, but before he could -
"So they are staying for dinner?" The brat asked.

Which is why the Survey Corps found themselves crammed in a clearing - the trio's little treehouse wouldn't fit them all - eating soup. It was delicious stew, with thick pieces of meat floating in it. There was also grilled meat, seasoned with herbs. They haven't had such a good meal since... they have never had such a good meal. At least, it was a good meal until somebody had to ask what kind of meat it was.

"Ah, three people can't possibly finish a fifteen meter class in a week." The blond haired - ah, Armin explained. "We were saving them up for winter since the cooked meat wouldn't go bad as easily, but it's ok." The teen beamed. "We usually catch more than we could eat."

Some of the new recruits rushed out of the clearly, in the direction of the latrine. Others (particularly a heavy set recruit and the prodigy of 104 Trainee Squad) slowly placed their bowls down and pushed them away. The rest continued eating - like that Braus girl.

Erwin looked kind of pale. Hange was already questioning the blond brat - something about recipes and cooking methods. Levi took another bite of stew. It was delicious, perfectly seasoned and it wasn't like the titans were humans, right?

"Not bad."