Chapter thirteen

Over the next couple of weeks Severus, Hermione and Draco kept working, Neville and Luna would always be with Harry but now that everyone knew the truth, some of his other friends wanted to help. One thing that Harry said, he wasn't going to spend his last days stuck in a room, he wanted to be down in the school or even out in the grounds on a sunny day. So even though it was cold, he wanted to sit in the sun, feel the wind on his face, listen to all the sounds of life. Severus relented because he realised that nothing seemed to be working, so he decided to give Harry whatever he wanted. So on some days while Severus kept working with Hermione and Ron, Neville, Luna and now others would sit beside Harry while he would lie down on the blanket. They kept trying to make Harry smile so they would all tell stupid or ridiculous stories of what they all got up to over their years at Hogwarts, even Ron who was hesitant at first but he finally sat near Harry.

One day when Harry wanted Severus to stop and spend some time with him, they decided to lie together on their blanket, Harry's friends stayed back and let Severus have some private time with Harry, but they couldn't help glancing over at the two men on a blanket, Harry again with his head in Severus' lap who kept running his fingers down Harry's cheeks.

'Look at Hagrid and Grawp,' Hermione nodded and they all glanced at the giant and half giant. Hagrid was crying into a large handkerchief with Grawp patting his head.

'Hagrid always loved Harry,' Luna said sadly.

'Sunken cheeks, pale skin, dark circles around his eyes, he looks so bad,' Hermione sniffed again.

'We know Hermione, but we've tried everything. I think we have to face facts, Harry will die, so it's time to just be his friend, be with him,' Neville sighed, 'I want to pull out some miracle like I did with the sword of Gryffindor and the hat, but there's nothing.'

'No, there's nothing. I don't want to give up but we've tried everything,' Draco said as he stared across, 'Severus looks so lost.'

'He changed so much since he's been with Harry, I'm worried about him, how he will cope when…' Hermione couldn't continue, she couldn't say it, say when Harry was dead, her friend, her best friend was going to die. No matter how hard she tried to be strong in front of Harry, she always ended up with tears falling down her face, but she wasn't the only one.'

'Look,' Luna said and pointed towards the gates of Hogwarts.

Hermione, Neville and Luna turned, 'There must be hundreds of people standing there,' Neville said.

'What are they doing here?' Hermione asked.

'They want to be here for Harry, I spoke with a few of them. They said they wanted to show their support for the saviour,' Minerva said sadly, 'He's going fast now, isn't he?'

'He can't die, he just can't,' Hermione choked out then she was crying into Draco's arms again.

'What's that?' Neville asked as he gazed around trying to find the source of the music then everyone started to look around as the music got louder and louder, like it was coming closer.

Everyone stared in amazement as the large red bird flew overhead before it finally descended to land beside Harry who was asleep still with his head in Severus lap. Fawkes looked at Severus then lowered its head, dropping tears onto Harry's famous lightning shaped scar. Slowly every student and staff all walked over until Harry, Severus and Fawkes were surrounded by hundreds of people but not a sound could be heard. Even Kingsley had been told Harry didn't have long so he'd been turning up every day, so he now stood next to Minerva watching as time seemed to stand still as Fawkes the phoenix continued to drop tears onto Harry's scar. After about an hour Fawkes lifted his head then the beautiful but haunting song from the phoenix filled the air, he flew up until he was sitting on one of the branches, but Fawkes just like everyone else kept staring down at Harry who hadn't moved. Even the people at the gate staring in at Harry were amazed at seeing Albus Dumbledore's phoenix watching Harry.

'Do you think?' Hermione asked softly.

'I'm trying not to hope Hermione,' Severus said as he kept his eyes on Harry. For the next half hour no one moved or made a sound, 'Look, the circles are disappearing.'

'Oh please, please make him well,' Hermione begged.


'I'm here Harry, open your eyes.'

Harry blinked a couple of times, 'Hi, that sleep was the best I've had in a while, I feel better.'

'Um Harry, I don't think it was the sleep that's making you feel better, look up love.'

Harry's brow furrowed the looked up, 'Fawkes, oh god, did he use his tears?'

'Yes, he did,' Severus smiled as Harry sat up just as Fawkes flew down to stand next to Harry, 'Did you save me again Fawkes?' Harry gave the large bird a pat as it nodded his head, 'Thank you Fawkes.' Harry slowly stood but he took it easy and then saw everyone standing in a large circle around him, Severus and Fawkes, 'Blimey.'

'Not many people got to see Fawkes Harry,' Minerva smiled then stepped over to give the bird a pat, 'Do you know that a phoenix will only present itself to someone that deserves it, that has earned their respect.'

'I know I called him when I showed loyalty to Dumbledore, but that's all I know about Fawkes.'

'There's more, he just nodded to you which shows that he can understand…their owners.'

'Owners, but Dumbledore owned Fawkes, why did he nod to me?'

'I think Harry's brain needs work, it's been resting too long,' Severus smiled, 'Fawkes has presented himself to you Harry meaning you own him now.'

'Fawkes,' Harry faced the bird again then knelt in front of him, 'Me, you want to belong to me?' the bird nodded again then ran his beak across Harry's face before his beautiful phoenix song was heard again, 'You are a miracle Fawkes, I always thought so, thank you.'

'Can you let me examine you Harry, I know phoenix tears can heal anything and Fawkes healed you before, but I would like to check.'

'Yeah, of course Madame Pomfrey, you've kept me alive all this time,' Harry stood with his eyes open and watched as the matron moved her wand over his head.

'All I have to say is this is a miracle, the one we've been hoping for. The tumour is completely gone.'

Shouts, applause and whistles went around Hogwarts, but the people at the gate realised what had happened as well, so they all sent red sparks into the air as their way of celebrating that the boy who lived has survived again.

'Fawkes, you have given me back the man I love, thank you,' Severus patted the bird then pulled Harry into his arms, kissing him passionately to more cheers and whistles, naturally there were a few comments but not derogatory comments this time, this time the comments were all saying the same thing, go shag and not in front of everyone.

When the two men came up for air they kept staring at each other, than Severus dropped to one knee making Harry and everyone else gasp in surprise.

'Three times I've thought I've lost you, three times I felt my heart dying. You are my love, my life, do me the honour of marrying me and I will show you exactly how much you are loved.'

Harry saw Severus pull a ring out of his pocket, he wiped the tears falling down his face as his eyes stared into his lovers eyes.

Harry nodded, 'Yes, oh merlin yes. I love you Sev.'

Severus stood, 'I love you to Harry, we have a wedding to plan. Now Luna said three children, two girls and a boy, one girl named Jamie. Do you really want me to have a daughter named after your father?'

'Yes and the boy's middle name will be Sirius, you can choose the first names for the others, but maybe more than three, five, six, how about ten?'

'I didn't want to scare either of you before, but there will be eleven, a set of twin girls who have dark red hair and green eyes.'

'Lily,' Severus said.

'Mum,' Harry said then saw all the people at the gate, 'Blimey, why are they here?'

'For you Harry, they wanted to be here for their hero,' Kingsley said then hugged him, 'You scared the fucking shit out of me Potter, don't do it again.'

Harry chuckled, 'I scared myself Kingsley.'

Hermione rushed to Harry and started to cry into his arms as all Harry's friends surrounded him but no one tried to make Hermione let Harry go, they knew they would have a fight on their hands. Severus moved back with Minerva and Kingsley, they stood together watching as Harry was changing, the healing done by the phoenix tears was bringing Harry back in every way, not just health wise, but they could all see that fighting spirit Harry used to have, his life that used to be so evident was again easily seen. It seems to a lot of people that miracles can happen, they don't know when or why it will happen, they just know it happens. So from the boy whole lived to the man that survived, he found his miracle.

The end: