Seven months had passed since she'd last seen the elven prince of Mirkwood. Seven long months since Aragorn, Arwen, and Amina bid farewell to the fellowship. Seven months of bonding with her brother and sister that she would not trade for anything in this world.

Gone were the old lingering feelings of doubt. She did belong here with them, the transition into her new life felt seamless, all in thanks to the couple so deeply in love with one another. The wedding of the king and his beautiful queen was elegant and perfect. It was held just before everyone had left. Even the high elves of Lothlorien came to see their granddaughter be wedded. Arwen made for a most gorgeous bride in her silken gown of white; she was a breathtaking sight to behold. The day she bore witness to the two closest people in her heart declare their love for one another in a binding ceremony would always be precious to her. Everything they had overcome led them to that moment in love.

The months that followed the disbandment of the fellowship proved to be a sad yet joyous time. The time and distance away from the captivating male elf did prove that Amina could live on without him. And it made her wonder if she actually ever loved him at all. By now she had determined that it was one of those 'crushes' Eowyn had told her about all that time ago. She figured that she'd confused admiration and friendship with love of the romantic sort.

Speaking of the Lady Eowyn, she herself had found love with Lord Faramir and they had soon married. She was now a citizen of Gondor so as to be with her husband. It was great as it allowed the two comrades and friends to remain close with each other. Faramir was a good Captain of Gondor's armies, his tutelage helped train new recruits and his experience being a ranger made him a perfect fit for the new kingdom. He was a good man and he reminded Aragorn and Amina so much of their lost Boromir, being in his presence felt like a part of the fallen man was restored to him. Faramir was; of course, his own person, and was different than his elder brother. It all brought about a certain closeness between them.

It had only been seven months since the crowning of the king, but already there were scattered reports of random packs of orc attacks along their borders and of out in the wild. That was where she was now, traveling quickly under the grey clouds of day to reinforce patrols on the northern borders of Gondor and Rohan. The good captain Faramir was co-leading the party with her. She had on her chain-mail, finally custom-fitted to her body properly, and the dark blue outer shirt with the proud image of Gondor's white tree. She remained in her leggings and leather boots and still refused to wear the helmet. Half her hair was kept braided over her remaining loose waves, and a soft leather cloak hid her form as they did their best to remain camouflaged with the terrain. Overall she was comfortable as the group continued to run towards the lands under attack.

Sauron and the one ring had been dealt with but that did not mean the remaining forces of orcs and uruk's were simply going to disappear. And by the time they arrived to the border all was quiet for as far as they could see. It had grown dark out and Amina called for the company to make camp for the night and did not allow any fires. They would not give away their position if it could be helped.

The next morning, after a quiet and small breakfast, they trekked on foot over a large hill and came upon a battle already ensuing. The forces of Rohan were having a rough go against a rather large number of orcs.

Faramir indicated to her that he was setting up their archers and she nodded in return. She hid among two of her other men and did her best to aim appropriately with her bow. Even after continuing her training under Aragorn and Faramir she was still not the greatest with the long-ranged weapon, though she was decent enough to not accidentally kill one of her allies. Well, as long as she took her time to make sure her aim was true.

When the orcs finally noticed the company of Gondor Amina brought the two men and several others with her and rushed towards the ongoing battle with both of her trusted blades drawn. Glancing around to the side she saw Faramir also leading a host of men with swords at the ready. In a fierce clash their army joined forces with Rohan's once more and made quick work of the remaining orcs.

She was happy to note that she miraculously had not lost one man in the battle, though a few of Rohan's soldiers had died and some needed medical attention quickly. In a fast agreement, they agreed to set up camp there again for the day and night to treat the injured and send out scouts into the surrounding area.

"Was I ever glad to see the well-aimed arrows of Gondor flying through the air," the new king of Rohan dismounted and bowed before her with a smirk on his face.

She bowed to him as well in return and smiled at him in confidence, "You barely needed assistance, my king, but I am glad that we arrived in time for the fight."

He chuckled lightly before standing beside her and joined her in looking around the camp site. His eyes turned fierce as he looked at the host of his own men that were killed and badly hurt, "As am I, Lady Warrior, as am I."

Amina glanced up at him from the side, "So what other news from the Riddermark, Eomer?"

He let out a deep sigh, "More attacks are being reported throughout the lands every day. It seems the orcs have gathered in the Brown Lands in south Rhovanion. A few of my people wish to flee to Helm's Deep but the repairs are still ongoing after the war."

She nodded in understanding all to well, as their own keep of Minas Tirith was still recovering from the damage of war, "Perhaps a last march is in order to rid the world of their threat. I wonder if the elves of Lothlorien and Mirkwood have been suffering the same attacks."

"That I do not know," he admitted as he continued to glance around, "the woods of Lorien have always been heavily protected."

They talked a bit longer in private and Amina decided she and her company would return back to Minas Tirith the following morning. She needed a counsel with her brother and king. Eomer had given her his word that he would travel for Minas Tirith at the end of the month. And so at light of the next dawn the men of Gondor followed after their princess and captain back to the great white city of their beloved lands.

Sitting with Aragorn and other various captains, Amina couldn't help but think these times should have been spent in peace. That was the trouble with the world, there was always a battle for dominance between good and evil. They had discussed several different strategies to deal with the bothersome orcs and felt good about the coming meeting with Rohan's king and allied friend. Despite the fact they were expecting the noble family of Imrahil of Dol Amroth; the time had come to deal with the pesky orcs and uruks.

Upon agreement; Amina was sent with another captain named Dorian with a larger company of soldiers to reinforce the border and to relieve a small group of men who'd been stationed there for over two months now. They agreed to leave at the end of the week. However, the day she was set to leave two surprise visitors greeted Minas Tirith. In the unlikely form of two friends of opposite races; yes an elf and a dwarf. Legolas and Gimli had returned from their trek through the ancient woods of Fangorn forest.

Aragorn and Arwen greeted them warmly and quickly brought them into the main hall for privacy. Once he dismissed the guards stationed throughout the room, the king and queen sat side by side and listened to the two old friends spin their tale.

"So it is as we feared," Aragorn glanced to his beautiful bride knowing how much she was now worried, "Amina came to the same conclusion but now we have proof that it is true."

At the mention of the missing princess's name Legolas and Gimli both glanced around the room, wondering why she wasn't with them. Upon noticing the unspoken question it was Arwen who answered, "Lady Amina is preparing her men and horses."

"Aye, the lass is leaving, hm?" Gimli wondered aloud as he leaned more onto his axe to keep himself relaxed yet balanced. His eyes briefly glanced to the tall elf at his side and spoke again, "So we won't even get to see her?"

"You will," Aragorn promised, "she will bid us farewell before departing. That and I now have additional orders for her."

They nodded to one another and went on speaking with each other. Legolas found great joy in speaking of the adventure he shared with Gimli while in the thick woods. Why they had even come across old Treebeard again and spent an entire week with him in his den.

Conversation soon moved to the repairs of Minas Tirith and Gimli suggested that he would return one day with a host of dwarves to better reinforce the securities of the city. Legolas was quick to agree that he would also bring some of the wood-elves from his father's realm in Mirkwood to assist the project. The discussion was soon interrupted when the main doors opened with Amina and the captain Dorian coming through and quickly striding forward, dressed in their armor and ready to depart at a moment's notice.

Amina had been re-tying to tighten her forearm guards as she walked and talked, "The horses are loaded and saddled," she smiled to herself as she pulled down her outer shirt over her hips to cover a new long knife, the last had been lost on a large troll during the final battle against Sauron's evil, "Senna is rather restless it seems. But we're ready to-," she paused when she finally looked up, her mouth still open in shock at seeing dear Gimli and Legolas. Coming back to her senses she finished lamely, "…go."

There was a growing smirk on the elf's face at her obvious new nervousness, but it was Aragorn who answered her, "Plans have changed."

"In what way, my king?" Dorian asked with a bow.

With a flickered glance to Legolas and Gimli, Aragorn announced, "It has been confirmed that Lothlorien may be soon overwhelmed by enemy forces. Captain Dorian, you will take your men and remain on the border of Gondor and Rohan and await King Eomer's arrival. Amina, you will travel into Lothlorien and assess the damage. Send word immediately if more reinforcements are needed. We will not abandon our allies while we have strength in arms." Arwen gripped her husband's hand tightly within her grasp, glad that they would send help to her grandparent's domain.

"Agreed," Amina answered easily, still avoiding looking into the male elf's eyes. Then she plastered a smirk of her own over her mouth, "it will be good to properly thank Haldir for his lovely gifts."

"Indeed," her brother returned her smile.

Clearing his throat noisily, Gimli sent a harsh elbow into the side of Legolas. They shared a look and it was the elf who finally spoke up, "We will go with you to Lothlorien." Gimli was obviously quite pleased with himself, now he could see the majestic and very fair Lady Galadriel again!

And finally, after months of being separated, Amina looked up into the eyes of her so-called 'crush'. All the feelings she thought were gone and lost rose quickly to the surface and she suddenly wondered if she could handle journeying with him once more. But, it was the will of her brother and king and so it shall be done. She would simply do what she'd always done, brush her feelings aside.

"Very well," she whispered and with Dorian at her side they turned and started walking back to the thick doors leading out onto the terrace, "we leave in half an hour."