Hey, everyone! I just wanted to try something new, and what better way to do that than by writing drabbles? Like I said, this is inspiration from other fabulous writers and their drabbles, and I have no idea if they're any good, so I'll leave it up to you guys to R&R and tell me what you think about it!

Drabble: 1

POV: Rose

It was one of those days, when you have absolutely nothing to do.

So me being me, pulled out all my old boxes from the Academy to reminisce some old memories and maybe- just maybe- annoy Dimitri.

Pawing through old yearbooks, cards, Valentines, and the occasional Jersey, I finally came upon something bright, blue and wrapped in tissue.
My old Alarm Clock.
It was the one Andre had given me on my birthday, teasing me about my snores, while telling me that it would help Rose Hathaway wake up on time, for once.

But again, me being me, had wrapped it up in tissue and stuffed it at the back of my closet.

I never remembered the clock after that day, what with going back to the Academy, the car crash, running away, and being dragged back, to graduating out of St. Vladimir's.
But somehow, it had followed me all the way to Court!
Or, to be reasonable, someone had kept it in my boxes so it wouldn't be forgotten.

Oh well, atleast now I could wake up on my own.
I smiled at the thought of seeing Dimitri's face if that happened.
So, later that night, I set the alarm on my new Alarm Clock and placed it on the bedside table, before smiling to myself and falling asleep.

Groan. What is that sound?!


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