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Drabble: 75

POV: Third Person

Viktoria barreled through the front door of the Belikov house, yelling at the top of her lungs.

"MamaSonyaKaroPaulZoyaBabushka-everybody! They're here! Roza and Dimka are here!"

Olena grinned at the excitement in her youngest daughter's voice, and rushed out of the kitchen, rubbing her hands on her apron, just as Paul came running down the stairs, Zoya right behind him.

"Where are they, where are they?!" The siblings asked in perfect unison, making Olena, Viktoria, Sonya and Karolina- who had come out hearing the commotion- laugh.
"They're right out-" Vika started, but was cut off by a sassy voice.
"Rose Hathaway's here to play, folks." Rose grinned, waving at the Belikov's from the doorway.
"Or rather, here to stay." Dimitri joked, coming up behind her with an equally large grin on his face.
"Comrade. Stahp. Not the lame jokes. Please." Rose groaned dramatically, hand on her head.

And just like that, the Belikov's were happier. Complete.

Paul ran up to Rose, giving her a huge hug.
Viktoria grinned as she noticed the look Dimitri shot at Paul when he lingered too long.
"Don't get too jealous, Dimka." She grinned. "Wouldn't want to scare Rose away."
"Trust me," Rose sighed. "If there's anything about Dimitri that would scare me away, I've seen it already. I just love him too much to let him go." She smiled fondly up at him. Then looked back at all of them and shuddered. "I considered it after listening to his choice in music, though."

"Here's where you'll be staying." Olena opened the door to Dimitri's old room. "We changed a few things, just to keep you two comfortable." She smiled, pushing them in, and closing the door behind them.
"Get settled!" She called as she left.
"Yeah!" Vika added, passing by the room. "And use protection!"
"Shut up, Vika!"

Rose looked around the room. Olena was right, the room looked very different.
In place of the single bed in the corner, there was now a queen size bed in the center of the room. Also, the extra dresser had been replaced with an old armchair. But what was most impressive, was that Dimitri's desk and chair had been removed, and in place of them was a floor to ceiling bookshelf.

It looked hand-built, the Belikov's couldn't have afforded to get it made, and was filled from top to bottom with westerns in every stage of use.
There was one particularly battered western that looked like it could probably rival Ekaterina Zeklos in terms of age.

Rose was so lost in her examination of the books that she was caught by surprise when Dimitri pushed her gently against the bookshelf, capturing her mouth with his. The kiss intensified, clothes slowly coming off. Dimitri pulled back slightly at one particular point.
"I love you, Roza."
"I love you too." She smiled dazedly. "Oh, and lets not forget the protection. God knows what Vika will do if we don't." She smirked.
"She'll be too busy squealing over the fact that you're pregnant." He grinned, bending down to kiss her stomach.
"What do you want? A girl or a boy?"
"I don't know, but I know I'll love him or her more than anything."

"More than me?" Rose smirked.
Dimitri just sighed exasperatedly, pulling her to him and crashing their lips together heatedly.


Okay, that could have continued, and Rose would probably have pushed Dimitri away and punched him for saying he might love their kid more than her. xD Or maybe she would be too caught up in the moment to say anything. :P But eh, it had to end, otherwise I wouldn't have stopped writing and it would have been updated next year. :P