A/N: Alternate ending

John wanted to kiss them until they were red and swollen and parted so Sherlock could gasp in air like a drowning man because John had just sucked every molecule of oxygen from his body.

And he would.


As soon as he figured out the when.

The where and how had just very satisfactorily taken care of themselves...

Sherlock tuned back in to the real world and looked at him.

"Staring again, John?"

John didn't bother answering.

The question was rhetorical.

Sherlock had just caught him staring, hadn't he?

What use was there in confirming or denying it?

Sherlock's eyebrow rose, but he didn't speak.

John wondered what Sherlock saw on his face.

Wondered if Sherlock could see the resolve solidifying itself in John's head right now.

Saw the courage being pooled and pushed into urging John to rise.

Rise and kiss the curiosity right off of Sherlock's face.

John did rise, did approach Sherlock.

John noted Sherlock's eyes dancing over him, flitting this way and that, taking in his everything.

His posture.

His expression.

Trying to figure out his aim.

John saw something light in Sherlock's eyes.


Watched Sherlock's lips part.

To speak?

But no words came.

In preparation for the kiss?

Nothing could prepare him for what John had in mind.

John leaned over Sherlock's supine form.

Watched Sherlock's eyes widen.

Watched Sherlock's cheeks redden.

Then watched nothing as their lips met and sensations exploded along his body and the only things John could see were the backs of his eyelids and the stars dancing there.

He kissed him and Sherlock responded, Sherlock opened himself up.

And John dove in.

Headlong and full speed ahead.

John kissed him like he'd never again get the chance and for all John knew, he wouldn't, so he'd better make the most of it now.

And he did.

In spades.

*[abandoned so done]

A/N: You ever get to writing something that you start to dislike but you can't bring yourself to get rid of so you want to complete? That's what this was for me. This was how the scene originally went. But I didn't like it. And I didn't want to get rid of it, because I have issues with that. So I tried to complete it, but I was forcing myself in the end so I just up and abandoned it before I started to hate it. Buuut, I thought maybe someone else might like this version so here it is.