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Chapter – 1


Was a passing thought of one Hermione Granger as she sat near the fireplace, twiddling her curl in her finger while the only sound that could be heard was the scratching of the quill where she was furiously scribbling, yet miraculously coming out as neat slant handwriting as she did her homework.


There, she had it now! She was trying to concentrate here, which was slipping slowly to the impossible border sighs after sighs! She slammed her book, earning a jump from Harry.

"Harry you have sighed like bajillion times. Now out with it!"

He frowned.

"I didn't sigh bajillion times and it's… it's … nothing Hermione." Harry said and scooted a bit, giving a long sigh. There – he sighed again. It was rubbing on Hermione's nerves and it was a struggle not to clutch his collar and shake him and say 'sigh again and you will be in the hospital wing!'

"Then don't sigh and let me read," She said with a forced calm and turned to read her book.

The silence was deafening on Hermione's ears.

Like a worrywart Hermione was, she couldn't help but sneak a glance at Harry, whose eyebrows were furrowed and he seemed to be deeply contemplating something. She felt her curiosity itch and worry burn. What would it be? His scar? Dumbledore? Sirius? Oh bloody hell, Ginny? Ron? Snape? Voldemort? Me?

She couldn't help the guilt rushing in her veins and eating her out. Again.

Why, Merlin, oh why did I have to be so bloody stubborn?

She wanted to seek forgiveness of Harry, for constantly PMSing on him, with Lavender on her obsession with Ron, she always felt her ire rising when she giggles and whispers her oh-so-dirty fantasies about Ron. Merlin, shagging on the Moon! Who could bloody shag on the Moon? Does she think it is absolutely romantic? It was downright hilarious! They will die from the lack of oxygen, let alone shag. Then she talks about anal-

Christ. Hermione Jean Granger dare sully your pure mind!

She shook her head to take her mind out of the gutter and did a quick washing to shake off all the tidbits of grime by mentally reciting the Twelve Uses of the Dragon Blood.

Yeah where was she? She took out all of her frustration on Harry. She still thought that book wasn't right, but she was just worried. He wasn't listening to her like usual; he didn't get his lesson even after last year. But then again, she hadn't approached to him the right way, instead used her usual bossy tone. Hell, she even accused him of cheating, which he will never do in her wildest dreams, let alone reality. He was too good and noble to even think like that. Then there were studies and NEWTS-

It hit her like an epiphany.

She had been such a bad friend to Harry. Where was the Hermione who supported him through thick and thin? She was just jealous that Harry was getting better at Potions that's all; even if she still believed the book was not to be trusted, however helpful aid it was providing and believed in using one's own caliber, but at least he was improving. Potions are Potions, no matter how you approach it.

She felt her tears prickling her eyes as realization hit her again and she felt a horrible feeling on being trampled down by a furious herd of Hippogriffs.

She suddenly left his side like this. She was acting like a git.

When did she get so bitchy?

Merlin, how would he ever trust me again? He must be so disappointed.

Hermione was determined to stop this.

To fix this.

She felt her irritation disappearing like Houdini and now she felt the same feeling of love for her best friend. She will fix it, for sure. But for now, she needed a moment. She wasn't ready to face him. Until she felt a bit clearer, more better.

"E-Excuse me,"

Distinctly feeling her face contort, she threw her book on the sofa, not bothering to pick it up at all and raced to the Girls dorm.

She didn't see the curious and concerned look of Harry.

She was too busy not to breakdown then and there.

She was again at the Common Room the next day, doing her Potions essay with Harry. Ron was busy serving detention to Snape, Hermione couldn't believe her luck. She shook her head; she shouldn't waste her brain cells on worthless matters like that and concentrate on her best friend Harry.

She had a problem to solve.

Apparently Harry found it as an opportunity to speak to her.

"Harry," "Hermione,"

They both offered a tentative smile.

"You go first." Harry said. Hermione nodded and took a deep breath.

"I just want to say, I am sorry for acting like a git this whole time."

Harry looked a little surprised, he certainly didn't expect that. He opened his mouth to say something, but Hermione beat him to it.

"Wait let me finish." At Harry's nod, she continued.

"Yeah, I was a right git to you. I don't even think I deserve your forgiveness, but I could hope you do forgive me. I called you a cheat in anger, which you are not, and never thought you were. At all. I was downright rude to you, adding myself to your plate while you have other important things to worry about. I swear I won't act like that again, but just be very careful of that book Harry. Any thing that has ever come to you possession, has never turned out to be good. And… and I am very worried for you. I am worried for you, then NEWTS, then the prophecy it's just eating my brain and I snap at you. Please, please-" Harry cut off incessant rambling with a hug. Hermione's eyes widened.

Harry James Potter was hugging Hermione Jean Granger.

Was it raining Hippogriffs?

"Just enjoy. I don't do that often."

Hermione could imagine the adorably flushed face of one flustered green-eyed best friend of her. He was the one initiating the hug, she could he was rather stiff and realized it must be a bit… well she would just shut up, stop analyzing and bask in the comfort just as Harry said.

She hugged him back tightly and …realized.

Realized just how much she missed him. Realized the comfortable warmth and scent of Harry was what she always missed. Realized that he smelled a bit familiar, she had smelled this scent… somewhere before. Also, realized he smelled very pleasant.

And realized he had grown.

Were those muscles?

He finally relaxed after few minutes.

"It's okay Hermione, you are forgiven. I would refrain myself from using the book as much a possible, is that alright?" Harry murmured as he let go of her. He looked like he was elated to finally have her back. Hermione smiled and nodded, tucking a stray golden curl behind her ear, carried away by her previous musings.

That knot in her chest loosened and Hermione felt peace, love, happiness, and it suddenly seemed too much to take in.

But she could surely adjust. Harry forgave her, and she could finally see the Harry she had lost in their fight.

"So, what you wanted to talk about?" Hermione asked, titling her head in anticipation, a soft curious smile on her face. She never expected Harry turning beet red, so she immediately realized he was embarrassed to ask. And this embarrassment could only lead to one thing.

"Is it a girl? Ginny?"

Harry's eyes widened.

"Is it that obvious?"

Hermione smirked.

"I have known you for five years Harry. That was easy to read just by looking at you." Hermione rolled her eyes. He can be so much like Ronald sometimes…

She motioned him to go on. Harry sighed and rubbed the nape of his neck. He cleared his throat and opened his mouth. He closed again, shook his head and tried again.

"Oh honestly Harry, spit it out." Hermione finally said after his third try. She huffed when Harry shook his head and seemingly looked like he was searching for some courage. He looked like he was going to say that the Library burnt down.

Touch wood.

"You know we – Ron and I caught Ginny, well, snogging Dean passionately."

"And you want to threaten him?" Hermione continued slowly, slightly relieved that he decided to continue. She waited for a moment, her own brows creasing as Harry frowned.

"Well, yes-"

"Wait did Ron said something?" Hermione suddenly got worried, imagining the scenario where Harry got angry and did something stupid while Ron got angry when he found out his best mate apparently started fancying his sister.

But she couldn't see bruises on his face.

"No but-"

"Oh that's good then." Hermione sighed in relief. She smiled at Harry which faltered as he gave her a disgruntled look.

"Are you done?"

Hermione narrowed her eyes. Harry sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"Sorry, it just irks me, when I caught them snogging." Harry sighed again. Hermione sighed back, she understood somewhat, what he meant.

"It's okay, continue."

"So she said something when Ron got angry and confronted her. She said I have kissed Cho and you have kissed Krum. She also accused Ron of getting jealous because he had just got a kiss from his Aunt Muriel and he keeps her picture beneath his pillow. Hell, they were about to hex each other!

"They threw variety of insults at each other. Just missed a hex nearly off my shoulder." Harry grinned when he remembered the scene. Before today, he never thought of it as funny, but when Hermione was rolling like that while laughing, he couldn't help but laugh too. Hermione wiped a tear rolling of her eyes.

"Is… is that what you were feeling embarrassed about?" Hermione asked, rubbing her cheeks, her face flushed. Harry turned red.

"Er… no. It's just that… well, I wanted to know whether what Ginny said was true. Did you really kiss Krum?"


"Yes I did."

"Really?" Harry asked dubiously. Hermione huffed as she put her quill down and glared at Harry. Is it really hard to believe the prim and bookworm Hermione had a good kissing history?

"No offence Harry, but my kissing experience is way better than yours. Krum is a good snogger." Hermione smirked at his discomfort.

"O-oh I-I see." Harry stuttered and it looked like the blush would stay forever on Harry's pale cheeks. Hermione grinned, that grin that always made Harry smile as he turned to his parchment and scribbled down.

"Is that all you wanted to ask?"

Harry abruptly groaned, now furiously scribbled on his parchment.

"No. Well, I…" Harry trailed off, looking suddenly lost and unsure how to continue.

"Harry, I won't get angry or judge you or anything. Please continue, I promise I won't. I will listen to you like a good friend. Please?" Hermione persuaded gently, trying to catch Harry's eyes, who was desperately trying to avoid it. Emerald finally met amber and he sighed, again.

"You know, that I disliked it, when Ginny kissed someone like that. Then I wondered that Dean must be a really good snogger. The experience, if you even call it that, was a kiss from Cho, who even started crying for Morgana's sake. It suddenly hit me that I don't even know how to properly kiss; I don't even remember what I did with Cho. It was very brief then I broke off when she started crying. And I thought, hypothetically, if I start dating Ginny, what if she breaks off because I am not a good kisser? Oh god, I am doomed." Harry clutched his head and moaned.

Hermione listened to his problem with amusement, frowning again when she wondered how she came in the picture. Sure, he was being a bit dramatic, that was a rare sight, but Hermione still couldn't imagine what sort of fact Harry was trying to establish here.

"…And?" Hermione raised an eyebrow. Harry mumbled something quickly and Hermione scooted closer.

"Sorry, didn't catch that,"

"I-I just wanted some tips, that's all. You don't have to, if you don't want to."

"Oh no Harry, it's no problem. I am surprised that it was only such a small thing that got your wand in a knot."

"It's not small." He said in a tiny voice.

"Okay it's not. So let's go with the tips. Hmm… kissing is a very special moment for a teen girl. You have to be especially careful not to hurt their feelings. You have to be very slow and gentle; the girl likes it that way as a start. It's a good build of trust when she thinks her man is someone she will put her trust to. So start slowly. It's all about subtle signs of what a girl wants. Every girl indicates she wants to be kissed in very different manner. Body language is the key to all, okay? Just don't jump on her, or you will be on the receiving end of her wand. You have to understand her mood, get cozy and comfortable with her, and then only you can head to the next level… Harry?" Hermione frowned worriedly at her best friend, who looked utterly lost.

"Hey Harry, its okay. Practice and concentration is the key. You will get it with time." Hermione rubbed Harry's back consolingly, who was sweating a little.

"Why the hell these girls need so much? You have to do so much before kissing, what will the man do when it comes to kiss?"

Hermione gave a sympathetic smile.

"It's the way we are Harry. As Ron often says, mental." Hermione snorted. Harry mumbled which sounded like 'I think he is right'.

"So… did you get everything I said?" Hermione asked. Harry looked at her blankly.

"Maybe not." Hermione muttered as she suddenly got a nice concluding line for her almost complete essay and smiled in satisfaction, waving her wand to let the ink get dry, folded it and carefully placed it in her bag.

"Maybe I should have taken notes. Can you say that all again?" Harry winced. Hermione looked at him for a moment, thoughtful and shook her head.

"No Harry, it won't be of any use. You didn't get anything when you listened, then what will you get when you study? Or you want to read some cheesy romance novels. I think not." Hermione added as Harry shivered at her suggestion.

"Please I need some real life advice, not some novels which usually make girls squeal. Aunt Petunia reads it everytime and the way she squeals always give me real creeps." Harry shuddered again as he remembered something, which Hermione didn't want to know at all. She had seen her mother herself, and she knows it isn't… pleasant, to put it mildly.

"Fine… then real life advice is evidently not helping you Harry… then…hmm." Hermione bit her lip thoughtfully, immediately drawing Harry's attention to her lips. Hermione realized what she was doing as she let go of her lip and it hit them both like a bludger in the head.

Of course! The obvious!

"Yes!" Hermione exclaimed. While Harry's expression suddenly sheepish, Hermione remain grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"You are thinking what I'm thinking, aren't you?"

"I don't think that's a good idea." Harry shook his head, but didn't seem opposed by the idea at all. It will be a bit of coaching that's all, but it sounded appealing if he gets the attention of one certain red-haired witch who unfortunately happens to be his best friend's sister.

But this - it would be like taking advantage of Hermione, which he won't do at any costs.

"And why not?" Hermione frowned in confusion. Harry looked incredulous.

"Why not, you say? I can't take advantage of you like that!"

"You are not taking advantage of me Harry. I am willing here, you see? I can teach you, and practical is way better than theory. Let's say this is just like Defense Against the Dark Arts. I am not complaining at all. Or you will find some other girl?" Hermione suggested. Harry contemplated what Hermione said, shuddering as he imagined proposing the idea of asking any other girl and next he knew, he will be impotent.

Or worse castrated.

Hallelujah. Note the sarcasm.

"… Okay." Harry agreed, albeit a bit reluctantly.

"Good that's the spirit. Now, you want me to cover just kissing, like a crash course or with dating techniques and kissing, full course?" Hermione asked sweetly. Harry snorted – it was like being served dinner, main course?

"I think I will take the full course, Professor Granger."

"Good Mr. Potter. But just call me Hermione; I tend to be extra intimate with my favorite students."

"Then just call me Harry, Hermione." Harry replied with a smirk. Hermione clapped her hands.

"With teacher and student bonding done, I decided to take your teaching course separate. I will take your kissing classes first and dating classes afterwards. Let's not shove it all a once. I should build you a pro snogger or else I won't enjoy my dating classes." Hermione sighed, lost in her musings and didn't notice Harry blush. Was she really considering – en-enjoying this… stuff they were going to do?

"So Defense Against the Bad Snog?" Hermione offered with a smirk and playfully ruffled Harry's hair. Harry waved her hand and gave her an annoyed look but his lips traitorously curled up in an amused smile. She collected her bag.

"It will depend on Ron. If he is busy, which is your duty to inform me, we will commence our classes."

"Thanks. I will. Good night."

"Good night Harry." She yawned as she walked away and climbed up the stairs.

Harry grinned and couldn't wait to start the classes, leaning against the sofa and finally relaxing for the first time in these days. The best thing of this conversation was that they were finally made-up with each other. He admit missing Hermione, it always felt him sort of… hollow. While Ron was a comedic relief, Hermione was the cement of their trio, an essence which kept their group intact. Ron would probably call her mental, but he definitely treasured their friendship as much Harry did.

And the second best thing was Hermione was going fix every flaw in him and he would be able to satisfy Ginny now, no more wet kisses at all!

He turned to his dorm to talk to Ron. He needed to set a schedule afterall.

He didn't know what was coming for him that time, neither did Hermione. It started innocently, a best friend eager to help out her male best friend with the 'classes'. At that time neither of them was aware of the turning point it was going to be, a change of status in their relationship.

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