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Chapter – 4

Hermione heard Ginny laugh at her sullen expression as she plopped herself on the sofa. Hermione sighed and leaned her head back, rubbing her eyes. After two hours of intense reading in the library, she finally felt that she got her mind off those stupid emotions.

But no, they had to make her life hard.

She checked her watch; she still had half an hour left before the classes. The tingling sensation started. Again.


"Where is Ron?" Hermione asked. She groaned and she heard a suckling noise from somewhere like one finished their leftover drops of drink with the straw, as Ron surfaced from an intimate snog with Lavender.

"Shouldn't have asked that," Hermione grumbled and rolled her eyes. The disgusting sound still reverberated through her brain and she shook her head to clear her mind. She turned to Ginny, who was giving her a curious and somewhat calculating look.

"What?" Hermione asked. Ginny just continued her scrutiny and what looked like she found something; she chuckled and shook her head.

"Nothing, just thought something funny," Ginny said with a small frown. She shook her head once and looked at her brother, giving him a smirk.

"Don't you have detentions to attend?" Ginny smirked at Ron's sudden pallid face and Lavender patting his face and trying to soothe him. He smiled weakly at his girlfriend and looked at Hermione, who was lost gazing in the fireplace. Ginny knew his detention was with Snape, and she was enjoying it, immensely.

"I will escort you Won-Won, don't you worry," Lavender cooed and fawned over Ron like he was a zoo animal. She pulled a little dazed Ron who gave a look at Hermione. Half-dragged by her arm entwined in his, he gave one last look at Hermione, who was still looking over at the fireplace, thoroughly distracted; he frowned as they met Harry on the way and closed the Portrait door.

"Hey Hermione, Ginny," Harry nodded at the two girls and sat beside Hermione. Hermione noticed Ginny looked a little disappointed, but covered her expression with a mirthful laughter.

"Finally someone arrived to snatch that awful expression from Hermione's face," Ginny winked at Harry. Hermione rolled her eyes. Like hell she had. She glanced at Harry once who was just staring at her wordlessly. Before she just sat here and gape at him like a squirrel eyeing its groundnuts, Hermione turned to Ginny.

"I don't have any sort of awful expression on my face Ginny," Hermione crossed her arms.

"You had when Ron broke from his intense match of Tonsil Quidditch," Ginny grinned at Hermione's disgusted expression. Hermione shook her head to clear that memory. It was horrifying!

"It was disgusting," Hermione made a noise and shuddered. Ginny smirked and nodded.

"Sure it was. So now Harry is here, let's continue our interrupted talk from breakfast, about that guy from the muggle-" Ginny started enthusiastically and Harry joined the conversation abruptly and stared expectantly at Ginny.

"No!" Hermione shouted and stood up, looking at Ginny in disbelief. She gave an apologetic look to the Gryffindor occupants and turned back to glare at Ginny.

"C'mon, I think Harry might help! He lives in the muggle world too!" Ginny said with a confused frown. Hermione took a deep breath and comforted herself. It was just an honest intention to help, nothing else, no need to hex Ginny…

Yeah like he would help when he will realizes that it was him!

"What is it Hermione? A muggle guy…?" Harry asked with the same scowl he wore this afternoon. Taking it as being out of the loop, Hermione rolled her eyes at Harry.

"I will tell you about it someday when I am comfortable enough. But you Ginerva Molly Weasley, come with me!" Hermione took Ginny's hand and dragged her to the Girl's dorm, straight to her room, shut the door and placed a Silencing Charm. She clawed her hair and cried.

"Why did you tell him?!" Hermione moaned and jumped on the bed, burying her face in the pillow. There was no reply. Hermione frowned and turned around to find Ginny gaping at her stupidly. Hermione raised an eyebrow.

"You- just- you-you…" Ginny waved her hand to the bed, then to Hermione. She shook her head and then stared at Hermione with something akin to awe.

"What?" Hermione asked in irritation. Ginny chuckled and then squealed and gave Hermione a good tight hug. She seemed to be faking sobs and she patted her head. She let go of Hermione at arm's length, her eyes shining proudly.

"Oh Merlin I am so happy!" Ginny dabbed the corner of her eyes to remove the invisible tears. Hermione growled impatiently at Ginny.

"I never thought you were a girl! But you proved me wrong!" Ginny explained and fawned over Hermione, touching her curly hair and patting her head and nodded.

"I am proud of you." Ginny puffed out her chest with pride, looking at Hermione like her little girl has finally grown up.

"Are you done?" Hermione asked at Ginny's antics. Ginny rolled her eyes.

"I am pretty much done. I won't forget this, never! I finally have a response to your Malfoy blackmail!" Ginny squealed but soon shut up at Hermione's amused and I-know-something-you-don't smirk. Ginny gulped. Ron was right; she is brilliant, but scary.

"Do you think that's the only thing I know, should I start listing?" Hermione asked as she crossed her arms. She knew Ginerva's every little secret, maybe not every, but most of them were embarrassing and Hermione was proud of her knowledge, however Slytherin it was of her. Ginny gulped as her shoulders sagged in defeat. She sat down beside Hermione.

"No. Don't," Ginny said in a small voice. Hermione laughed as she patted Ginny on the shoulder.

'Don't worry, I won't whisper your secrets to anyone, after all they are your secrets," Hermione said and smiled when Ginny's shoulder sagged in relief.

"So why did you drag me here?" Ginny asked Hermione.

Hermione realized why did she drag her here and looked at her like she was a life sized Venus flytrap. She buried her head on Ginny's shoulder.

"Hey, Hermione…" Ginny asked hesitantly. Hermione moaned.

"I didn't tell and I don't intend to tell them about this anytime soon," Hermione mumbled. Ginny raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow.

"And may I ask why not? And who is it anyways?" Ginny asked curiously, intent to know who is this guy which made their bookworm react so heatedly. Hermione raised her head and regarded Ginny intensely, which only served to confuse her more.

"No, please, don't ask. I feel embarrassed," Hermione whispered and blushed deeply. Ginny's eyes widened in realization. She clapped her hands on her mouth as she stared at the puce colored Hermione.

"Oh Merlin, you love this guy. Holy Morgana, how…? I thought you fancied, may be loved Ron?" Ginny asked in astonishment as he summed her observations she was making since this morning. Hermione frowned as she looked silently at Ginny.

"No, I don't love this guy. No Ginny I don't- I can't- I won't… I just don't" Hermione placed a hand on her chest. Ginny looked at Hermione seriously and pulled her hand away from where she placed it.

"Felt that sinking feeling?" Ginny whispered. Hermione's eyes widened and opened her mouth to ask, but Ginny cut her off.

"I know Hermione… And I know you love this guy, whoever he is. I am shocked that he made you react this much. Even Ron never made you this jumpy." Ginny said as she looked at Hermione, who had this face of utmost concentration, she could still see the strong denial there. She would get it in time, Ginny was sure of it. She hadn't intended to open her mouth, but the look now on Hermione's face said many things, especially that love shining in her eyes, but her expression set in a denial. Ginny managed to chip the wall of her disbelief a little, now time was the only thing which could make Hermione realize.

"I… don't know Gin. And I hate it, not knowing. I am not used to it…" Hermione mumbled, her face scrunched up. Ginny laughed at that and patted Hermione's back.

"I may be wrong Hermione, but it's for you to realize. You will know by the time, I am sure of it. If you are in love with him, my heartiest congratulations. If you are not…. Then it's good," Ginny smiled and turned to walk to her dorm room.

"But I can't love him Ginny… because that guy is Harry Potter," Hermione whispered as the door closed. Hermione shook her head; this was just getting to her head. She thought of Harry as a brother. He was just Harry, the most respectful and nice guy, whom she thought of as a brother.

Didn't she?

Hermione sighed and ran a hand through her hair. Ginny made her think many nonsensical things. How do people realize that they are in love? Is there a universal guide for that?

She was broken from her musings as the door of the Room of Requirement clicked opened.

"Hey Hermione. Sorry I am late," Harry said as he sat down beside her in the plush sofa and pulled out the Marauder's map and the Cloak from his bag again and placed everything on the coffee table. The last year with Umbridge and catching them has just made him paranoid.

"Hello… Harry. I won't approve next time, you are fifteen minutes late!" Hermione turned her gaze from the fireplace to Harry and smiled sadly. She can't love him can she? That's just ridiculous, funny even.

But then why did she felt so sad?

"…Hermione?" Harry asked at Hermione's lowered spirits. She waved a hand.

"It's alright; I think I am just a little tired…" Hermione said as she straightened her back.

"Do you… want to leave?" Harry asked, looking a little disappointed. Hermione thought over it, she didn't want to leave, not at all. She felt so cozy, comfortable and safe with Harry, like she always did.

Always did…?

"No, don't wanna. We rarely get to the class Harry and you might want to date Ginny when she is currently fighting with Dean…" Hermione trailed off when she felt something piercing in her chest.

"Oh… You are right, I suppose…" Harry mumbled with a frown as he ran a hand through his hair. He looked at Hermione intensely, searching for something. Feeling rather uncomfortable at Harry's gaze, she cleared her throat.

"So… today, we'll cover French kissing," Hermione announced with a blush. She looked at Harry who was blushing too and gave a tentative nod.

He looked so innocent and cute that Hermione fought the urge to bury him in her hug.

Hermione cleared her throat again. She shed off her robes and placed them neatly on a sofa and asked Harry to do the same. He did it without any complaint.

"Hmm, when we are kissing, you have to make me open my mouth so that you could explore it with your tongue. Simple as that, just follow your instincts." Hermione said and Harry looked a little unsure.

"How… how do I make you open your mouth?" Harry asked anxiously.

"Let me show you," Hermione murmured as she took Harry's face in her hands, closed her eyes and kissed him. She realized it then.

She missed him. She missed the warmth and softness of his lips.

Harry parted his lips in reply and abruptly pulled Hermione on his lap as he continued kissing her. She applied more pressure on his lips and played with the hair on the nape of his neck. She pulled away from Harry's lips a little as they opened their eyes at the same time and then leaned again. Hermione fisted a hand on his hair and Harry moaned as he closed the distance between their bodies, Hermione arched her back, her knees resting on the either side of Harry's thigh, her arse firmly placed on Harry's knees. Realizing the intimacy of the position, Hermione tried to pull away but Harry forced her back. He held her tight from her behind her waist with one hand and his other hand went to her hair and fisted on the roots of her hair.

Hermione moaned as she nibbled on Harry's lips, her index finger seductively trailing down a path from his jawline, to his neck, to his chest and fisted his robes a little as she pulled him closer. They molded against each other, infused in a way they seemed like a single faceless organism. Hermione pressed her lips harder and squirmed a little on his lap as she cupped his face, her fingers brushing his rather strong jaw as she raised herself up and supported herself up using her knees, placing her either elbows on Harry's shoulders and pushing Harry back on the sofa. Effectively changing the angle, her hair brushed Harry's face as dipped her face and Harry craned his head upwards to receive the new angle. Harry placed a hand on her hip, dangerously close to her arse and pressed her close to his hip. Her fingers played with the soft hairs on the nape of his neck as she almost climbed on him, her body flush against his.

Harry moaned when Hermione bit and ran her tongue on his lower lip. After a few minutes, she broke off from the kiss. Harry again controlled himself from whining.

"When…a girl does this… open you mouth. You can…do this too," Hermione whispered in a daze, breathing heavily.

"Now try it on me," Hermione continued and tried to get off his lap, but Harry held her in place.

"Easier access," Harry whispered and before Hermione could say anything he kissed her again. He adjusted her position on her lap so that her every part was infused with his, his senses hazed by the passionate snogging.

He snaked his hand through her silky curls and fisted them like before, while his other hand got to her lower back to the oxford shirt which has ridden up and touched a soft skin on her back.

He bit on her upper lip while hooking his tongue to use it as leverage. She gave a sound of surprise and approval as she fisted her hand through his hair and tugged on it. He moaned. Harry probed his tongue on her lower lip, seeking invitation which she gave him enthusiastically. He gently explored her mouth as his hand on his went to the nape of her neck and fisted the hair down there, tugging on it.

Hermione cried out softly in surprise and he allowed his tongue to delve even deeper, her head changing her angle as he caught her tongue and their got entangled passionately. She involuntarily squirmed on Harry's lap, her lips momentarily pausing in shock before continuing in pleasure when he heard Harry giving a sound akin to a growl. The hand that was still caressing her back was now crawling a little upward for more of her skin, but not crossing his boundaries as he continued to enthusiastically kiss her. His tongue explored the roof of her mouth and caught her tongue in their battle of dominance.

He kissed the corner of her mouth as Hermione panted, shivering in pleasure when his hot heavy and pleasurably moist breaths caressed her cheek. Before Hermione could calm down her breath, Harry's lips caught hers again in a passionate duet.

Hermione's hands moved from his hair, to his neck and then his chest. After few minutes, she pushed him.

Harry gave a groan as he panted, his glasses were foggy as he wiped them off and put them on again. Hermione's hair was disheveled; few of her curls framed her face prettily. He face was flushed and was panting heavily. She put her head on his shoulder.

"That was… marvelous Harry…" she said as she got control of her breathing. Harry patted her hair and smiled. She turned her face towards him, her eyes widened as she realized where she was sitting and scurried off his lap and took a seat beside him. She bit her lip nervously.

"I am glad you hadn't asked me how to breathe, I would have smacked you. You are building confidence, I approve," Hermione said with a grin. Harry rolled his eyes.

"Don't tell me you are grading me?" Harry asked sarcastically. Hermione laughed nervously.

"So what? Maybe I am…" Hermione smirked.



"Ahem. Maybe we should leave. Ron might be coming back, we've already taken… almost an hour?" Hermione whispered incredulously. Harry's eyes widened.

"We have been snogging that long?" Harry asked as he got up and pulled on his robes. Hermione nodded in confusion and she wore her robes. It just felt like they have been snogging for minutes.

"We've been practicing snogging for almost an hour… funny…" Hermione said distractedly and shook her head. Harry pulled Hermione's hand and looked as if he was debating with himself about something.

He bent down and gave a soft peck on her lips. It was brief but… very sweet.

"C'mon," Harry mumbled and turned his face to hide his blush. Hermione sighed silently as he placed the Invisibility Cloak on them and got out of the Room.

She realized it just now.

She loves him.

She can't.

Ouch, that hurts.

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