Chapter – 1

"Please… stay. I am begging you." Harry said, his eyes carrying tons of emotions which made Hermione throat stuck. She tried to gulp down the obstruction, but with no avail. She cleared her throat, and got half-successful.

"Harry. Please understand. I am just taking a break is all. I will come back after two years. I just want some distance from the wizarding world. Of course I will visit timely, that's just unquestionable. I will visit even if you hate it-" Hermione was cut off fiercely by Harry.

"I will never hate it! Got that? I will never hate you!" Harry glared and Hermione sighed.

Harry and Hermione got evidently close when Ron left them during their hiding. To Harry, Hermione is a family member he never had, and he knows these feelings will never falter. And he was protective of her and she was distancing herself from him.

"Is this about Ron?" Harry asked hesitantly when he calmed down and Hermione sighed, this time exasperatedly.

"No Harry. I thought you knew me well. I don't run away, no matter how much petty reasons they are. Ron fell for Selena, and I am happy for them! It too made me realize that I am not in love with Ron. I just need time and distance to heal, my emotional scars." Hermione looked at her best friend pleadingly and Harry growled in frustration. He raked a hand through his hair but Hermione got his hand half way. She knew this gesture too well, whenever he wanted to hide his emotions, or he was frustrated.

"Please?" Hermione used her weapon: puppy dog eyes with a full pout and trembling lip and Harry unintentionally chuckled, which came out more like a bark.

"I am being selfish, aren't I? I will miss you, visit in every two week interval. Take Teddy with you, we are having a honeymoon anyway. And obviously he is bit young to watch our honeymoon." Hermione swatted Harry's arm and chuckled.

"I was already planning to take him with me, Harry. I am against corrupting my darling godson senses!" Hermione huffed and glared at him playfully and Harry laughed a more real laugh this time and turned sober again.

"Promise me you will visit in every two weeks, or you will write letters if you couldn't come. And you will attend Ron and Selena's wedding. And be safe, please." Harry looked at her seriously and Hermione nodded, giving him a watery smile and kissed his forehead.

"Of course Harry, of course." Hermione smiled.

"Where are you going anyways? Ginny was talking somewhere in America." Harry asked, eyes narrowing a little, she was going a little distant, but hey, who he was to complain?

"Mystic Falls. The address is with Ginny, so feel free to visit, but tell me beforehand," Hermione rolled her eyes. Harry nodded.

"Mystic Falls. Right. Address with Ginny. Hmm. I will visit as soon as possible." Harry talked to himself but Hermione glared at him. She knew what he meant by that too well. Harry evidently got the message and gulped and nodded. Two women who he didn't want to be the receiving end of wrath, his darling wife and his dear best friend Hermione.

"'Mione!" Teddy cried in Ginny's arms as she carried him to the room. Hermione smiled at Ginny which the red head returned. Hermione could clearly see the love and fierce protectiveness for Teddy and she smiled wider.

"Yeah she is right here my dear Teddy. I will miss you so much!" Ginny cooed and her eyes shined with unshed tears and she kissed Teddy's forehead and the both of his cheeks and handed him to Hermione as she took Teddy in her arms and hugged him lovingly, rocking him as his sobs got quieter and he gurgled.

"There. There. My baby prince. Dear Teddy, I love you so much." Hermione cooed and smiled at Ginny again as she went over to Harry and gave him a chaste kiss.

"Yeah married couples get your arses out of here and have a nice shag. Ginny do fill me in." Hermione playfully winked at Ginny and Harry turned so red which would even make Weasleys proud.

"So you noticed?" Ginny replied in equally playful voice and Harry blanched at that.

"Yeah I did notice, that just after your two hours of wedding, you were already eye-fucking each other. I thought you were practically peeling Harry's clothes off with your eyes." Hermione chuckled at which Ginny blushed and Harry grinned mischievously while he recovered, a hint of blush still visible.

"I love that grin." Ginny said huskily as her finger trailed her jaws and Harry's eyes darkened a little in lust.

"Oh really?" Harry said huskily and took Ginny's chin and gave a deep, tongue tying kiss. Hermione walked away with now asleep Teddy and placed him on the crib and kissed his forehead and stormed towards the couple, where Harry was busy kissing Ginny's neck.

"Ginevra Molly Potter and Harry James Potter. If you are done exchanging saliva then go get a room. It's been like 5 hours after the wedding and you can't keep your hand off to yourselves! Molly will notice that you people are missing." Hermione placed her hands on her hip and glared daggers at them. Both of them had a decency to blush.

"Ahem. Er… Sorry." Harry rubbed the nape of his neck.

"I think we should go. Bye Herms take care!" Ginny hugged Hermione tightly.

"Don't call me that! Take care. Rock the bed!" Hermione laughed as Ginny let her go as she impossibly blushed darker than before. Harry visibly spluttered.

"Who are you and what have you done to 'Mione?", Harry finally managed to speak. Hermione rolled her eyes. She walked over and gave him a tight hug and kissed his cheek.

"Take care and enjoy your honeymoon.", Hermione smirked and Harry just shook his head while laughing.

"I like this new 'Mione.", Harry laughed and walked to Ginny and held his hand. Harry again repeated the meeting in every two weeks but Hermione cut her off.

"Sure Harry. I will miss you. Just promise me one thing." Hermione said seriously.

"What?", Harry frowned.

"The bed should be in one piece, don't overdo it! Also leave Ginny capable of walking!" Hermione laughed as Harry blushed again and spluttered again.

"Are you done with your sexual innuendos?", Ginny said as she blushed, Hermione gave a cheeky grin and shook her head. Ginny rolled her eyes as they both flooed away and Hermione waved, still laughing.

Hermione's laughter subsided, only to be met by the eerie silence and she finally walked to the sofa and curled. She hated silence, more than anything.

She hated it as her ears filled with the cackling laughter and the harsh incantations of Cruciatus curse. And her nightmares just provided a vivid display of her dreaded torture. She muttered a wandless Muffliato and fell asleep on the sofa.

"Please! Please! It's a fake! We got it!", Hermione begged, the only thread linking her to sanity was her friends locked downstairs. She heard Ron's screams and Harry's scream of help. She has to handle herself, for her friends. For the sake of them.

"You are lying! You filthy Mudblood! CRUCIO!", Bellatrix cried harshly and Hermione screamed and thrashed. She just wanted it to stop and just die. And she was questioned and hit by the curse again. And again. And again. And she was sure it went like that for hours.

She peered to look at faces, which were harshly enjoying her blood curdling screams, except for two pale faces, which were paler than ever. Draco was crying silently as her eyes met him, she saw pain, fear, anger and regret in them and then she felt something carving on her arm. And she screamed again.

Bellatrix was very careful as she carved the word in her arm: Mudblood. Narcissa was biting her lip off and she looked like she wanted to curse Bellatrix badly. The bitch carved that word on her arm again and again and Hermione knew the knife was cursed at it felt a burning sensation on her arm. And she was marked by her; it was a constant reminder of her torture and her status. She barked something about Fenrir completing the job as she laughed madly.

She peered again through her tear filled face when she saw Draco's wand arm slightly raised and words were playing on his mouth but only then Harry and Ron appeared.

Hermione was jerked awake as her head pounded. She was drenching with sweat and looked shaken. Walking towards the kitchen she grabbed a Calming Draught and drank silently. Absently rubbing her right arm she decided to take a shower.

"Whoom! Whoom! 'Mione whoom!" Teddy exclaimed happily as he waved his arms to emphasize the motion of the plain, his cheeks flushed adorably. His face and hair was morphed similar to Hermione. Anyone would see them and will call them mother and son, or brother and sister.

Hermione laughed at her godson's enthusiasm and flicked her finger at his cute nose.

"Enjoying yourself, little one?" Hermione asked playfully and Teddy made a cute noise in response. She never imagined that he would love plane flying so much. He always giggled when he saw the place in his picture book.

"Ga! Ga!" Teddy exclaimed of which Hermione was sure he meant as 'yes'.

She kissed his round and flushed cheeks lovingly, smiling at him and looked out of window.

Hermione gazed at the house, already making plans of the interior decoration she intended to do when she entered. She already placed all her trunks in her beaded bag, she left few of her stuff in her home, as she can always floo there and grab them whenever she needed. Then why did she bother to take a flight?

Because it was her adorable Teddy's wish. But she was sure she won't be doing it anytime soon. The jet lag was unbearable.

She looked at the boxes and furniture which were totally misplaced and gave a long sigh. She has neighbours and she determinedly decided that she would do this both muggle and witch ways. The witch way would have been apparently easier but she didn't want to attract muggle attention. But for now she will take care of her jet lag.

"'Mione! Harry! Harry!" Teddy questioned, his now emerald green eyes shining and Hermione just sighed at Teddy in affection. Hermione brushed her lips at her godson's adorable cheeks and sighed again, inhaling his sweet scent.

"Harry has gone for honeymoon Teddy Bear. We will meet him soon in two weeks!" Hermione explained and Teddy rested his head on the crook of her neck.

"Pwomish?" Teddy asked with wide eyes and Hermione smiled lovingly.

"Promise." Hermione assured him.

The Gilberts were busy on a fine morning; Jenna was grabbing her necessary folders, while Elena poured some cereal in bowl for her and Jeremy. It was a normal morning, only it didn't felt normal after Founder's Day.

Jenna now disliked the older Salvatore with passion. Jeremy's face was sullen after the last night incident with Damon, and Elena was sure she gained another Damon hater.

"I am leaving for the preparations of the annual carnival, or else Caroline will flay me alive." Elena said as she grabbed her bag

"Good luck with that," Jenna chuckled. She too grabbed her folders, pinned her hair into a bun, while looking outside the window.

"Seems we've got new neighbours," Jenna said curiously as she watched a young brunette walking inside the house with a baby in her arms.

"Really?" Elena asked, a little distracted as she texted Bonnie.

"Yeah, but she looks pretty young. Too young for a baby." Jenna mused and Jeremy snorted.

"Aren't you getting late?" Jeremy asked, the sullen voice still intact but he managed to inject some humor in it.

"Oh right! Elena, do greet our neighbors tomorrow!" Jenna called as she raced out of the room and closed the door in hurry.

"I mean Katherine looked just like you. It was freakish." Bonnie frowned at her best friend, shuddering a little when she remembered her little adventure with Katherine. She was a vampire not to be messed with, it was that much clear. She was gazing at Elena, trying to read her reaction, but she was busy scribbling down the paper board, her eyebrows furrowed.

"She is my ancestor." Elena sighed and raised her eyebrows while she faced Bonnie.

"Hey, I moved the student booth into the cafeteria." she steered for a different topic, but Bonnie was having none of that.

"Your vampire ancestor, and she just didn't resemble you-" at this Elena picked up a bag full of toys to a booth, her expression a little exasperated, while Bonnie did the same and followed Elena.

"-like a family member would. She was you." Bonnie finished as her hazel eyes searched her face. She still couldn't believe that she was such strikingly similar to that beautiful vampire who tried to kill her yesterday. It was the same face, same eyes except Katherine's eyes glistened like an excited child, with a hint of malice in those brown eyes.

"I don't -I don't know. I can't explain it. Okay? It's creepy. It's all I got." Elena slightly shrugged as she tossed another bag to the girl working aside them. Bonnie's eyes followed her actions, but she still felt the need to talk about it. She was still freaked out about yesterday.

"Well, how do you know she's not still out there pretending to be you?" Bonnie questioned her friend raising her eyebrows a little.

"I don't, but I could sit here and be tortured by the not knowing or I could get these prizes to the ringtoss.", Elena dismissed. Bonnie got a little sympathetic at that point and changed the topic.

"Well, have you talked to Damon since he killed Jeremy or… tried to kill Jeremy?" Bonnie asked, feeling slightly angry at the older Salvatore. The vampires are all the same, foolish, bloodthirsty living monsters. Elena froze, as she tossed some prizes out of the bag.

"No, Bonnie, I haven't, and I won't and I don't wanna talk about Damon or anything else that's vampire related, okay?" Elena said exasperatedly and a little pleadingly. She was still sore on that subject. Bonnie grimaced a little. Elena sighed and handed the prize bag to Bonnie.

"Copy that." Bonnie held out the bag and smiled at Elena.

"I am human, and I have to do human stuff. Otherwise, I am gonna go crazy." Elena rambled as she looked back at those hazel eyes of her best friend. Bonnie looked at her friend with deep understanding.

"I am sorry. Now focus." Bonnie said with an apologetic smile.

"We have to make Caroline proud, or she will kill us. I don't know how she does this all the time." Bonnie smiled at remembering her blonde best friend.

"Well because, she is not human, obviously." Elena smiled and Bonnie grinned.

"Obviously." Bonnie agreed.

While they placed the prizes accordingly, Bonnie looked at a young girl who looked slightly confused as she looked around the school helplessly. Realizing it was a new face, she walked out to help her as she was near the two of them.

"Hey, um, do you need help?" Bonnie asked the brunette, the brunette turned, a little surprised. She looked grateful.

"Yes please, er, would you be kind enough to direct me to the headm-principal's office?" the brunette with British accent asked politely. Bonnie was a little taken aback.

"We will take you there," Elena helped, glaring at her friend a little as she didn't reply.

"Yeah, sorry, we will take you there." Bonnie recovered and nodded. The beautiful brunette brightened up a little.

"Thank you," the brunette smiled again.

"I am Elena Gilbert, by the way and she is Bonnie Bennett." Elena introduced to the British brunette as she extended her hand. She was beautiful with the curliest golden brown hair she had ever seen, chocolate colored eyes and sharp nose with full red lips. Her pale skin was devoid of make up and she looked stunning despite of her simple attire, in dark blue jeans and a simple fitting emerald green shirt.

"Nice to meet you. I am Hermione, Hermione Granger. I just moved here." Hermione shook her hand with Elena. But when she shook her hand with Bonnie, something happened. Bonnie took an insight of her and she was horrified. Horror didn't even cover it.

She saw the same friendly girl, lying on the floor battered and bruised, her amber eyes dark and filled with tears falling uncontrollably. The scene changed when a woman with wild hair carved something in her arm. The people were enjoying the show.

She let go of her hand, blood all drained from her face. What the hell was that?

"Bonnie?" her friend looked at her questioningly while Hermione looked confused at the sudden change of her behavior.

"Oh, it's nothing. I feel a little sick." Bonnie lied while she tried to blink back the tears. What happened to her, to such a normal and pretty girl? She was friendly and nice, who were those people who tortured her mercilessly?

"Oh are you alright?" Hermione asked in concern. Hermione got a feeling that it wasn't it, but decided not to pry on it.

"Yeah, I will just go and have some rest. You two go on." Bonnie offered smiling apologetically at both of them and went away.

"What's with her? Sorry Hermione, let's go." Elena nodded at Hermione and smiled at her while she leaded her to the principal's room. Elena felt a little sympathetic for the girl as her expression turned a little annoyed when people stopped and stared at her. A boy just whistled at her appreciatively and Hermione took a deep breath.

"Come on. Ignorance is a bliss." Elena took up her hand and led them fast inside the school building. Hermione didn't complain as Elena led her to the building, shielding her from all those prying eyes and she reached Principal's office.

"Thank you." Hermione said softly and Elena understood what she was referring to.

"It's okay. Actually, I am your neighbor and I saw you moving today. If you need any help, I am just a house away." Elena smiled at her and Hermione nodded gratefully and turned towards the door. Elena smiled and went to find Stefan.

Hermione sighed as she got out of the office. She had officially joined the high school now and can start from tomorrow. Her studies were the last thing she got to worry about as her mother had her tutored in summer vacations to keep up with the muggle studies. Also, Kingsley easily pulled up some connections and made some records of her previous school. The minister has wished her a good luck. And she hoped she could live a relaxing life here, no megalomaniacs and their Imperioused followers trying to Avada you.

She will live a perfectly normal life. Look for a boyfriend if she could, hang out with friends and live a totally muggle life for two years.

Yeah it sounded nice.

The Principal enthusiastically allowed her to attend the Carnival Night. She wanted to refuse thinking of Teddy, but settled for an 'I will think about it'. She decided to have a tour of the school tonight and will Floo call Andromeda for a few hours in her house and Trixy, Black house elf, would help her baby sit him.

Hermione quickly did the Pros and Cons in her mind of leaving Teddy. Finding outweighing Pros and only one Con: Him missing his Aunt Mione. And she was quite satisfied.

She will go to the Annual Carnival.