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Chapter – 3

"Can you come with me? I have to find Caroline. You can leave then," Bonnie said and Hermione again hopped on her feet to equate the weight and walked with her. She nodded in assent as Bonnie looked around for someone. She stopped a black haired boy looking no older than fifteen.

"Hey Jim, have you seen Caroline?" Bonnie asked the small black haired guy with spectacles. He pushed them on and nodded.

"Yeah, she walked out after ditching Matt, towards parking lot." The boy said with a soft voice. Bonnie nodded her thanks and took one bag from Hermione (ignoring Hermione's complaint) and walked out of the school building, Hermione easily keeping the pace with the racing petite girl. She had rather long legs, thankfully.

"She will die; it's only a matter of time." Damon said harshly while he crossed his arms as Stefan and Elena reached for Caroline who was totally messed up, with blood covering her face as she fed on the now the now dead Carter and her make up all running down her face. She sobbed uncontrollably, unable to face her best friend who looked too much like that woman, who killed her. She didn't mean to kill that guy. She didn't know what happened. She was sad about Matt and her emotions were running so high that she wanted nothing more than suck that guy dry.

And she did.

She was pathetic. She murdered someone.

And the sobs got louder.

"Yeah, maybe so, but it's not gonna happen tonight." Stefan said as he grabbed Caroline's hand and tried to pull her behind him. He knew what a rash his brother was in his decisions when he wanted something, and he knew he will kill Caroline and he had to protect her. He can't just let Elena's friend die. The poor girl didn't even know what's going on with her. With emotions too strong, she will loose control. He knew how it felt; he was there at some point too. But he can't just sit back and watch. Or kill as the only option made the best available by his brother.

That was unacceptable. He had to help her.

Damon wasn't a person to back off when told. He did the opposite. Just like a disobedient child.

He looked at Damon, assessing his moves while tightening his hold on Caroline. Damon's eyes narrowed.

"Oh yeah it is." Damon quickly bent down to pick up the stake and ran in a lightening fast speed to stake Caroline but stopped in time when Elena came between them. He frowned at her. This Katherine look-alike gazed at him, a plead laced in her mocha colored eyes. He felt his hands go weak. Icy blue eyes regarded the brown ones shrewdly.

"Damon, she's my friend," Elena warned with a pleading edge to it. Damon looked at her piercingly, his eyes flicking towards Caroline and darting back at her. Elena still held her stubborn look as she eyed the stake. She didn't understand, at all. It was just another Vicki Donovan who will just wreak havoc. She needs to be staked, but when Elena looked at him with those eyes, he couldn't help but feel.


Damon backed off while warning her.

Sometimes he just forgot that she was so different than Katherine.

"Whatever happens… it's on you." He said as he dropped his hand holding the stake while Stefan took Caroline, shushing and comforting her on the way.

"Caroline?" Bonnie asked shocked at the condition of her best friend, dropping Hermione's bag, while Hermione's magic was humming strongly, warning her again. Her instinct told her something was very wrong and her instinct was many a times right and she trusted it implicitly so she dropped her bag too and reached for her jacket, almost ready to pull out her wand. Her mad-eye moody screamed in her head, "Constant Vigilance!"

She noticed the blonde girl who had blood all over her face and she looked terrified and remorseful as she lowered her liner smeared eyes in shame.

"No. No you're not. You can't… you can't be." Bonnie said disbelievingly. She briskly walked to her and took her arm, seeing what she feared.


She let her arm fall as realization hit her like a train.

Her best friend was no longer human. She was one of them.

Vampires. The inhuman creatures she hated with passion.

"Bonnie?" Caroline's pleading voice broke her. She backed away from her, shook her head as she tried to convince herself that she was just delusional.

"I…I…Oh god, Bonnie." Caroline sobbed hard as Bonnie marched to look at the dead body which was drained on blood lying on the back of the truck.

"Just…" Elena pulled Caroline to Stefan, who took her with him, while stopping to stare at Hermione and hung his head in shame and continued walking.

Elena looked devastated, her eyes widened as she looked at Hermione, who raised her eyebrows and walked towards them.

"Smeared blood on her face, veins in her eyes. Vampire. Knew there was something off about that guy. Elena, why are you befriending Vampires?" Hermione asked as she uttered her assessment out loud, her eyes flashing furiously at Elena. Elena blinked, trying to hold back her shock and fresh wave of tears. Hermione looked murderous as she walked to the body of the dead Carter and she held back the feeling of pain at watching someone dead, she just met him a few hours ago and he seemed like a nice guy. Heck, he was even flirting with Bonnie.

And now he is dead, his life tragically ended by a young Vampire. He was a kid, just a kid for Merlin's sake. Her anger reached the pulsing point.

"What are you doing here? How do you know about us?" Damon bit out harshly. She smelled odd, not in a bad way, but first time he had come across a scent laced with her blood. She smelled very nice, like cinnamon with a hint vanilla and that pleasant smell of books. Her blood was sweet and mouthwatering. He could see that the girl was very angry; her vein was slightly throbbing at her temple. He thought it was his imagination, but he saw something red flicker in that brunette girl. But vampires don't imagine.

"That's none of your business you frigging Vampire." Hermione growled. Hell she was a creature supporter and all, but they hunted humans for Morgana's sake. She didn't feel anything but hatred for such Vampires. Damon scowled as he walked to her in a lightening speed and compelled her. Or at least tried to.

"You will forget about everything that happened here, do you get it?" Damon said and watched in satisfaction as her pupils dilated. She scowled at him, the nerve of him to dare to compel her! She didn't like people manipulating her mind! This Damon sodder should really start counting seconds, because she was seconds away from hexing him.

"No I don't get it, you Vampire bastard." Hermione said angrily, her eyes turning cold as she glared down the Vampire. This took Damon out of surprise; she didn't have anything like a necklace on her neck. Did she drink Vervain? But he could smell her blood clear and enticing, laced without any Vervain. She sneered at him.

Damon looked back at the harsh glare he was receiving, ignoring his instincts to back off. She practically reeked of power and anger. Damon frowned.

A human girl can't be like that.

He fought a shiver instinctively running down his spine when that flicker of red got more pronounced her eyes and the cruelty of her glare intensified, which Damon thought was practically impossible. He backed down a step, he won't admit to himself but he felt a small stir of anxiety at the girl's glare. He won't even admit it was fear.

She was something. He will find out. This British girl's mystery.

He walked away; he had more important things to take care off. Like burying this drained human dead body. He squeezed this pinch of sadness he felt for this human who was killed so brutally. He placed back his mask with a satisfaction.

Years and years of practice he was getting good at it.

He wasn't a human after all. He didn't care.

Bonnie again hitched in a sob as she eyed the body, her tears flowing freely from her face. She didn't think she was capable of this much hate that she felt now towards Vampires. This was all this Katherine's fault. She killed her best friend and made her a creature she will hate till her last breath. She took a deep breath as something glinted in her eyes.

No. This was all these Salvatore's fault. While thinking rationally, Bonnie was sure she will fin her thinking ridiculous, but now she didn't care.

He had to fall in love with that bitch. She made him a vampire. He would have died peacefully in their time. This Damon is the whole cause. He killed his Grams made her and her best friends' life a hell of a mess.

Hatred bred in her.

Enough to kill him.

"I can't believe this is happening." Bonnie turned from the body as she sobbed her voice thick as she cried. Hermione turned to Bonnie, concerned. She walked towards her, ignoring Elena and put an arm around Bonnie's shoulders as she cried.

"Come on. Don't pout about it. We got a body to bury." Damon drawled as he brought a shovel hanging in his shoulder. He walked to Elena who was still leaning on the truck. This only fueled Bonnie's bloodlust, or to say the lust to obliterate this vampire.

"Thought you were callin' the shots. No?" Damon said sarcastically but Elena kept quiet. Damon hummed as he picked the shovel and put it on the truck.

"Sucks to be you buddy," Damon said insensitively as he put the shovel on the truck to take out his body. Hermione looked incredulously, what kind of vampire he was? He was a total jerk! At least the Vampire she had known had humanity in him, even if he looked at her hungrily. Sanguini was a nice guy.

Damon suddenly groaned in pain and clutched his head, his groans becoming louder and louder by the second. Hermione frowned and approached Damon carefully as he writhed on the road. Human or not, she wasn't cruel to enjoy someone writhing in pain. Hermione halted in her steps as she saw the pipe automatically moving and spraying out gasoline on him.

Someone was doing magic, she could feel it. She looked around for source, her eyes landing on Bonnie, who was glaring at Damon through her tears.

"I told you what would happen if anyone else got hurt," Bonnie said in a grim voice. Why did they ever step her life. All they did was destroy her and her friend's life.

"I didn't do this!" Damon said through his pain.

"Bonnie it wasn't his fault. Bonnie what are you doing!?" Elena shouted as she frowned when the gasoline slowly flowed and approached Damon's body.

"Everything that happens is his fault, Elena," Bonnie said bitterly. Hermione glared at her.

"So that means killing is the solution to everything. I am disappointed Earth Witch," Hermione said in a cold voice. She looked down at her with heavy disdain as Damon writhed on the floor.

"You don't know him! You don't know what he is done! He killed my Grams, he turned my best friend! He-!" Bonnie shouted at the British girl. How dare she say things like that? Hermione glare turned merciless and Bonnie gave an involuntary shudder, her magic stumbled a little, warning her to be cautious of this brunette. She swore she saw something red flicker in her eyes.

"So? Killing is the solution is what I am asking. Torture is the solution to everything? He may be a bastard for all I care but is that you, Bonnie Bennett? Would you be proud if you sullied yourself by killing him?" Hermione asked in the same tone as she approached her with each question, finally in front of her. She looked down on eye to eye level with Bonnie. Her eyes suddenly turned soft.

"Don't waste your tears on that trash, Bennett. He is not worth it. Don't dirty your hands on him; revenge is not a good thing. Even if you killed him, what would happen? Will your grandmother come back to life? Will Caroline become human again?" Hermione asked softly, Bonnie considerably calmed down; the words hit her like an arrow on her chest. Elena ran to her best friend.

"Bonnie, she's right. This isn't us! It can't be us!" Elena took her best friend and hugged her. Damon stopped thrashing as his body started healing itself. Hermione cast one last glance at Damon before following Bonnie.

"I am leaving. I want to be left alone," Bonnie said as she calmed down considerably, her sobs quieter. Elena regarded her in concern and looked at Hermione, who was absently patting her best friend on her head, looking lost in thought. Elena wanted to swear her to secrecy, but she was a little afraid of her. She looked like a real angry Vampire there. She even noticed that she brought that flicker of uncertainty in Damon's eyes. She took a deep breath.

"Hermione?" Elena asked hesitantly. Hermione looked at her, mocha meeting chocolate.

"Hmm? Oh, if you are worried about that I will be screaming on the street 'bloody vampires' then don't worry; I don't want a mental hospital visit." Hermione said as she hugged the Witch once. Bonnie leaned to the comfort and gave a laugh as she listened silently. Then a question hit her brain.

"How did… how did you know I was an Earth Witch?" Bonnie asked in a cracked voice.

"I did my study before coming here Bonnie. But I didn't know Mystic Falls was an attraction to supernatural. Shouldn't have bothered moving here…" Hermione muttered the last part, but both of them heard her.

"How do you know about vampires?" Elena asked curiously. She sucked in a sharp breath at the demonic glare she suddenly gave her. She looked like the daughter of Satan descended on Earth.

"That's what I would like to ask you Gilbert. They are dangerous creatures! The guy who went away with the blonde vampire, I assume he is your boyfriend?" Hermione asked. Elena nodded warily. She looked totally amazed.

"A vampire boyfriend, a witch of a best friend, your other best friend is also a vampire. Caroline, right? How did she turn?" Hermione asked as she thought about it deeply.

"She was killed by Katherine," Elena spat as she informed both of them. Bonnie gasped, confirming her assumption, while Hermione frowned.

"Who is Katherine?" Hermione asked.

"She is my ancestor, my doppelganger." Elena murmured. Hermione nodded. She pulled Bonnie up and handed her a chocolate. So she wasn't exactly human either.

"Eat this, you will feel better," Hermione said distractedly, already collecting materials for her intense research. Zabini may help her…

Wait what about my normal Muggle life? She can't get involved in this.

But her curiosity was itching and she was thirsty for more information about this town. So, she decided, she will do her research to live here, but won't get involved. And she reminded herself not to tell anyone about this, especially Harry and Ron.

"What? Chocolate will make me feel better?" Bonnie asked as she cleared her throat to avoid the crack in her voice.

"Yeah, good power source for Witches. Trust me, eat this…" Hermione handed her the chocolate absently, not noticing her tiny slip and pulled her bags with both of her hands. Elena eyed it curiously. Elena turned surprise when Bonnie moaned; her eyes closed in ecstasy as she avidly ate the chocolate.

"Thanks. It's delicious, delicious doesn't even cover it! Is this from London?" Bonnie asked as she savored the tasty chocolates, licking her fingers. She felt a little better, renewed from all that exhaustive magic. But what she found slightly suspicious that how Hermione knew that? Witches weren't much open about their secrets and she didn't even know about such helpful information. Hermione hummed in agreement at the petite's question. It was silent for a few minutes as Hermione rummaged through her black bag until Elena couldn't help but ask:

"Did you win all these?" Elena asked curiously as she took a piece of chocolate offered by Hermione, small letters printed Honeydukes in them. Funny name… Elena thought as she bit on the chocolate. She stifled a moan as it melted in her mouth, it was delicious. She had never tasted such a marvelous chocolate anywhere.

"Uh huh, your games were ridiculously easy," Hermione said nonchalantly. Elena stared at Bonnie wide eyed, who disagreed.

"She has a very good aim. She even defeated Matt," Bonnie informed Elena, whose eyebrows rose to her hairline, but didn't comment.

"Can I get more of these?" Elena asked, feeling disappointed when she finished the last bite of the chocolate. Bonnie nodded too as she reached her car.

"Yeah sure, I have so much in my home. Teddy asks me for them all the time, got that from his father. He was a fan of chocolates…" Hermione trailed off as she got sober.

"Are you… Teddy's mother? It's your… baby isn't it?" Elena asked cautiously. She remembered Jenna telling her today that she carried a baby. To her surprise and relief, Hermione laughed.

"No he isn't my baby. I am his Aunt, his Godfather left him under my care for a week and went for his honeymoon," Hermione smiled as she remembered Harry and Teddy, her favorite boys.

"Where are his parents?" Bonnie asked, she was a children lover and she was curious to see the baby which brought such an adorable smile on her face. Her smile faltered and was replaced by a grim expression.

"They are dead," Hermione whispered. Elena and Bonnie gasped.

"But-how?" Elena asked. Hermione didn't want to explain, but after she dug on their secret unintentionally, she felt like she owed them one. She looked at the sky thoughtfully.

"They were murdered. His father was my favorite Professor in my school. My best friend, Harry, was made his Godfather and after few days he died along with his wife," Hermione said in a melancholy. She blinked as she gazed at the star Sirius as she heard a noise, he magic again reacted against a Vampire. She straightened a bit, the magnitude of danger was very less, but 'Constant Vigilance!' embedded in her brain again wiggled in her mind and coursed through her body.

"You know, it's rude to eavesdrop. Stefan, I presume?" Hermione said in a same voice, still looking intently at the sky. Elena turned around and saw Stefan coming out of the corner. Her mind was still shaken by the tragic story of an innocent child, who was practically an orphan. Tears glistened in her eyes as she regarded Stefan, who looked terribly ashamed.

Hermione turned and whispered something in Bonnie's ear. She nodded and took a deep breath and drove away. She again flipped on her foot to equate the weight she was carrying. Stefan looked surprised when he saw those bags.

"I am sorry for eavesdropping…" Stefan cast his eyes down. Hermione laughed humorlessly.

"Curiosity kills the cat Stefan. This is not a warning, but a reminder for next time," Hermione said in a low voice. It didn't reach Elena's ears, but Stefan heard it perfectly. He gave a slight nod as an indication.

"It's alright I guess," Hermione shrugged and said in a normal voice. She again hopped on her feet to equate the balance. Stefan again eyed the bag curiously.

"Did you win all these?" he couldn't help but ask. Hermione huffed. Enough of that. At first it was amusing, but being a strong feminist of 21st century she was, it slowly started hitting a nerve now.

"You know six people have already asked me that. Is it so hard to believe that a girl can't win all these?!" Hermione scowled and blew out a stray curl from her face. Stefan chuckled but soon stopped as he was the next recipient of Hermione's killer glare. Oh boy, the girl can glare and melt iron. Stefan gave a very uncharacteristic gulp.

"No, it's not. Sorry," Stefan raised his hands in surrender. Hermione nodded sullenly, but turned sober.

"You people hunt… humans?" Hermione asked cautiously, Stefan didn't look like he hunted humans, his movements were a little slow than the normal human blood drinker.

"I hunt animals, Damon depends on blood bags," Stefan said. Hermione sighed in relief. She would have been forced to kill them or at least inform the American Ministry about them if they hunted humans.

"And… that girl, Caroline. You will teach her how to control right?" Hermione asked, feeling pity for that blonde. She looked broken when Bonnie cried. She was a mess after she killed Carter.

Stefan was surprised. He regarded the British girl curiously. She looked so at ease talking about vampires like she was used to deal with them. She didn't say when he was going to kill her, but asked whether he would teach her control. She was a nice girl, he liked her.

"Yes, I am starting her animal diet," Stefan informed. Hermione nodded, she had a feeling this girl will make through. She was the one who treasured her friends, she could see that much.

"I will take my leave, I am exhausted." Hermione again hopped on her feet and turned her back on them, walking towards one of the cars slowly, waiting for them to leave. She turned to see if the coast was clear. Satisfied, she grabbed a corner and apparated.

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