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Chapter – 1 I'm a What?

It was heaven. It was the only word that could describe… this.

Harry was waiting for someone – someone very important. Harry needed her, needed her beside him, warm, safe and comfortable in his arms. The scent of grass wasn't really helping to soothe Harry's senses as soft trail of steps echoed in his ears as he looked at Her.

It was frustrating to know that he couldn't see her face, but groaned as she sat down beside him, her thumb stroking his cheek as she kissed him softly on his lips.

Oh, he was sure, it was heaven – beyond heaven.

His mate, mate, she was his mate.

He kissed her back ardently, pulling her on the top of him as he felt the urge to feel her body against his. Naked.

But she pulled away as he reached her neck. He growled in protest, no… he didn't want to stop, but she was already pulling away, farther.

How much he wished to see her face, know her and inhale her enticing scent. But he felt that peace being snatched away from him as he crossed the horizon of consciousness and opened his eyes, only to find himself drenched in sweat.

So it was only a dream.

A very weird dream. A very beautiful dream. About a girl he wanted so much than air.

Yeah, definitely weird.


"…Fleur?" Harry croaked, grabbing his glasses from the nightstand, only to realize that he could see everything clearly. He got up, ignoring the stiffness in his back and looked up at Fleur and her husband Bill Weasley.

He did remember calling them, so they must have placed him on his bed.

"The transformation is complete, I suppose." Bill said thoughtfully, looking a little amused.

"It is indeed." Fleur agreed.

Harry frowned in confusion. He hated being confused, because tragic things happened whenever he is confused. And no, it wasn't a threat, but something obligatory, being just a mere fact it is.

"Would anyone tell me what's going on?"

"Happy birthday." Fleur congratulated. Harry fought the urge to roll his eyes. A birthday he spent in a full body pain.

Yeah, the best birthday blast he ever had.

"Thanks." he looked at the pair expectantly. Both of them grimaced under the young wizard's powerful scrutiny. It was funny to feel intimidated by a young man, but he was indeed a powerful wizard.

"Look Harry-" Fleur took a seat on the edge of his bed, "The Delacours originate from France as you know, were quite good friends of the Potters. They met in France and our family became quite close at that time. Your family line, the Potters, you great grandfather was actually a Veela, who was bitten by our great grandfather. And the family of purebloods the Potters was, the members were shunned to keep it a secret, only to be shared by the Delacours. Of course, being the generous the Potters were, however didn't strain our family friendship. Geoffrey Potter, you great grandfather was subjected to Veela's poison by an accident, when my great grandfather Fiebras Delacour, felt threatened by your great grandfather as an overprotective male Veela. In a whir to protect his mate and wife, he bit Geoffrey Potter. Instead of killing him, like it would have commonly, the poison turned him into a Veela." Fleur paused, looking at Harry apologetically.

Harry didn't like that look, neither did he like the direction in which his family history was going. He gulped.

"Harry, you are a Veela," Fleur said bluntly while Bill looked at his wife incredulously.

"The sooner he knows, the better." Fleur shrugged.

Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, the Man Who Conquered aka the Chosen One, was getting a shock of his life on his eighteenth birthday when a Veela breaks into him that he is a bloody Veela.

"How?" Harry suddenly found his voice. He felt a bit uncomfortable, he wondered apprehensively if they mentioned this to the Weasleys. He didn't tell about this body pain problem to anyone, but a week ago Fleur approached him personally to ask him, and he told her everything.

Just to find out he is a sodding Veela.


Harry rubbed his eyes.

"Well, to say logically, the dominant genes of the Veela skipped your Grandfather and father's generation, only to be passed on to you. The Veela ancient magic activates on the 18th birthday." Fleur explained and Harry looked oddly frozen, like a statue. It was eerie.

"Does anyone know?" was Harry's first question.

"No. It was your secret and we didn't tell anyone." Bill supplied, smiling a sympathetic smile at Harry. Harry looked at him gratefully.

Harry looked at his room in the Grimmauld Place and sighed. He didn't felt any different than before, so he shouldn't be worried should he? He has many questions he wanted to be answered, but for now he just needed a human moment, Harry scoffed internally; he wasn't entirely human now, was he? His shirt was drenched with perspiration and he felt clammy and awful. Fleur, being a woman and noticing his condition, got up from the bed.

"Take your time Harry. We are waiting downstairs." Fleur nodded at him and looked at her husband. Bill too nodded at Harry and took his wife's arm and walked her downstairs. She remembered how she got here.

Fleur purred in contentment as the wolf of her husband nuzzled her neck, planting soft wet kisses down, unbuttoning her blouse.

"Food. Kitchen-" Fleur gasped as he bit her neck.

"Perfect, you're my food and we're in the kitchen." Bill growled, pulling off his shirt.

Fleur groaned out loud as Bill undid her blouse, but her sensitive ears caught the familiar flap of wings.

Fleur broke off, just enough to catch the site of Pigwidgeon gliding almost gracefully down on the window sill, hooting for attention. Bill pulled her for another searing kiss.

They ignored it.

Pig hooted almost impatiently, flapping its wings.

"Might want to get that," Fleur chuckled, while his husband groaned at the interruption. He pouted and Fleur kissed his lightly to erase his pout and ruffled his already messed up hair. Bill got off of her, letting her know it wasn't over by squeezing her arse as she giggled, and walked to the owl.

The owl was glaring at him, shoving him the letter almost forcefully from its talons. Bill rolled his eyes, he was totally like Ron – impatient. Fleur fed him some treats as he untied the letter. He opened it, his niggard expression quickly morphing into alarm.

"It's from Harry. And I think we are needed, immediately." Bill said as Fleur got up fast at the mention of Harry and took the letter from him. The letter was very messy, like the letter was written with extreme difficulty, or in Harry's case, extreme pain.

"We need to floo, come on." Fleur said impatiently as she dragged her husband, who was pulling his shirt down, by his arm to the fireplace.

"Well, I think he is taking it well." Fleur said thoughtfully, Bill looked at his wife as if she has grown two heads.

"Taking it well? Didn't you see his expression, or to be more precise his eyes?" Bill asked disbelievingly. Fleur scowled at her husband, but sighed at his lack of knowledge of Veelas, but she didn't really blame him. Or at least she knew she shouldn't.

"Well, he didn't rip the house apart did he? That's a plus."

Bill just stared at her wife at the unquestionable logic and sighed in defeat. He heard the footsteps by his sharp werewolf senses and turned to look as Harry descended the stairs quietly. He wore a muggle t-shirt effectively showing his strong Veela muscles. His hair was disheveled as he just got out of the bed, which was true, made him look like a man from those muggle fashion magazine Ginny begged Hermione to buy as Bill remembered. Emerald green eyes darted towards them.


There was an uncomfortable silence between them. Fleur could see Harry was getting impatient and decided to break the silence.

"Harry, how much do you know about Veelas?"

"Honestly, next to nothing. They are just really pretty and all. That's all I know. Hermione wanted to research, but didn't get far because there were no information in the Library." Harry shrugged and rested his elbows on his thighs while twiddling with his thumbs.

"Well, we Veelas are very private about our life. That's why we never open up as the information could be used against us. And hence I will tell you all about a Veela. The most important thing here is a mate." Fleur said and paused as Harry took this all in. She continued, "Harry you have to find your mate. They are very possessive of their mates and care for their safety and all. Your mate could be any woman. You have to find her and bond with her, this urge of bonding is instinctual, it's common in every Veela. I bet you have even dreamt about her."

Harry nodded warily.

"My…er, mate, how will I find her, then?" he asked carefully.

"They have this particular scent which will let you know about your mate. Your Veela magic will sing in response when you find your mate. And you don't have to worry; usually mates are the woman they have met in their life. Here." Fleur said as she pulled out a book from her bag which said Male Veela: Know all about them.

"Er, thanks. But, if I don't want a mate or don't want to look for her now, is that okay?"

Fleur shook her head sadly.

"No, you can't Harry. You are 18 now and your Veela magic activated as you are a part Veela. But you have to look for your mate and bond with them or else your body will wither away. The age is till 21. If you don't find your mate… you'll die." There, she dropped the bombshell. Harry froze and his eyes flashed. He got up from the sofa.

"I would like some time alone." Harry said quietly.

"Sure Harry. Bye." Bill said and smiled at him sympathetically. He got up and took his wife's hand and flooed home. Harry clenched his fist and kicked on the sofa, which in turn flew and hit the wall. Harry looked at the damage with shock. Great, he's got some super bloody strength.

He walked to his room and assessed himself in the mirror. His body had some more definition and built. He flexed his rippling muscles and he looked at his face. He didn't have many changes, his skin got slightly paler and contrasted brilliantly with his messy black hair. His lips were pinkish, his face more defined and making his eyes stand out even more. His features had gotten a bit more angular.

Well, that saved him years of exercising. He shook his head and walked to the bed and laid himself to contemplate his life.

He was a Veela now. And again, his life is in danger. He knew he had three years, but this was not the turn he was expecting . He killed Voldemort, hell he deserved a break from being killed or murdered again. He did, now he head to save him from himself.

Why did his Grandfather have to go look for trouble? It seems he was just born with the same luck as his grandfather. He turned into a Veela instead of dying, and now the genes were passed to him.

There was no power seeking megalomaniac or his followers he had to save his life from. His life now depended on a girl and to have sex with her. Bonding process was obvious to him that much. Consummate.

He had cheated death twice. Could thrice work?

Harry didn't want to think anymore so he rubbed his eyes and grabbed the book Fleur has given her. He opened the page with Contents:


History of Male Veelas.

Pure Veela and Half-Veela


Veela Charms


Sex positions enjoyable for Veelas

To find your mate

Veela magic

Mate's loss for a Veela

How to control the urges

He frowned at Veela charms and blushed at the sex positions, but got curious at the Veela magic section. So he decided to start with the Introduction:

A Veela is a humanoid, sexual magical creature which lives and dies for their mates.

He skipped the basics, he knew that.

Mates are very important in Veela's existence. When their mate dies after bonding, the Veela will die of heartbreak.

Harry grimaced at that. No, he can't afford dying when he had worked so hard to live. So he would struggle to live again.

A body of a half-human Half-Veela is slightly different from a pure Veela, even if they are equally powerful like them. The body of a half-Veela can fairly suppress their urges while a pure Veela find it immensely hard, and in most cases impossible to control themselves in front of their mate. They have an uncontrollable urge to bond with them and find their way to bond with their mate, even by force in some cases of a pure Veela.

He hoped that it won't be the case for him. He can't force a girl to non-consensual sex and live.

A Veela's mate has a unique scent which attaches and attracts them to the Veela. It is an irresistible scent and once the scent is familiar to the Veela, it wraps around its Veela magic and hence they could track them anywhere.

A Veela is a very dominant creature and is often dominating on his mate, especially on the occasion of consummation. They are known to be aggressive with their mate.

Harry couldn't read anymore so he skipped the introductions, History and difference between pure and half Veelas and started with Characteristics.

The most crucial characteristic to distinguish a Veela is their eyes in their human state. Their eyes turn into a color similar to black onyx when they feel angry, possessive, and jealous (of the men nearing towards their mate before Bonding), lust, when their mate is in danger and any strong negative emotion can trigger this cause. Half-Veela has a Veela side too, but their humanity is also a part of them and thus they can suppress their control to some extent. They have inhuman strength which amplifies further once he has bonded with their mate, or and even more when their mate is in danger. Their mate eyes can too turn black when their Veela is in danger or goes through similar emotions mentioned above, but only after Bonding. Veela will be able to experience the pain of her mate when she is hurt physically, but lightly and is same for the mate, but only after the bonding, the mate is capable of feeling their Veela's pain. A Veela is able to feel their mate's emotions before Bonding, to some extent. He can only perceive this ability to read their mate's emotion only after Bonding and it is the same for the mate. They are able to sense where their mate is, when he becomes attuned to their scent.

When their mate is threatened or exposed to danger, the Veela will grow wings, about 12 feet at length, which is immune to any spell, including the Unforgivable Curses. They will grow fangs and sharp claws, and their body will gain an inhuman strength and will try to protect their mate at any costs. Same is the case for a Pure Veela.

However, there is a slight difference in a Pure Veela and a Half Veela. While Pure Veela drinks blood from his mate regularly to regain his strength to protect her, Half Veela only consumes their mate's blood during the bonding ceremony and is not in much need of their blood. They only consume their blood during the Veela's birthdays, the Veela magic needs to be replenished every year as the half-Veela depends on the wizard magic ingrained in them, which is different for a Pure Veela. They are devoid of wizard magic and hence need to replenish their Veela magic from their mate's blood.

The species are known to be rather close to Vampire species. But the difference is that they drink blood from a human, while a Veela can only drink from his mate.

Harry sighed in relief. At least he won't become a bloodsucker. While he was rather horrified at the prospect of growing wings but he thought they were rather helpful to protect his mate from the Unforgivables.

Harry laughed at the section of Veela Charms. Hell, he had his Veela magic to produce Veela charms so he could attract opposite gender easily. But he thought it was rather lowly and unfair for his mate. So he decided to suppress his Veela charms as much as he could.


During their bonding, the Veela find a place where their mate's essence is the strongest. The role of fangs is special for this ceremony. A bite of Veela is harmless to their mate but toxic to other people since their fangs are coated with venom, in some very, very rare cases, a human can turn into a Veela, if he survives the bite. A bite from Veela induces bonding, but it also has healing powers, when their mate is injured. It is supposed to be a highly pleasurable experience. Veela specially bites their mate and draws blood on their best moment during their intercourse – Harry smirked at that – The mate too, has to bite their Veela and drink their blood for the Bonding ceremony to be absolute. A Veela has a potential to intercourse all the time, but somehow controls themselves when their mate needs rest.

Harry was by then lost in the Bonding section, quite enjoying himself, but got aroused when the read it till the last page of the book. It was more like erotic novel, rather than informative.

The section was about the enjoyable sex positions, which almost took the half of the book. He thought of doing things like these with his mate and his jeans suddenly felt tight and uncomfortable due to his massive hard-on. He got up and took care of his shaft, remembering about the light kisses he felt on his face by his mate, and exploded into utter bliss. He rolled his eyes over his head in ecstasy and cleaned up soon.

Harry went back to the study table and stopped at his least favorite section, it was rather small:

To find your mate-

A Veela's other half the mate, has a peculiar essence, which Veela lust and thrives for. A Half Veela can come across this essence or scent, during a deep thinking or in dreams. This is a very good sign, because they have met them before and an ideal mate is preferably of your age…

"That helps a lot." Harry muttered sarcastically. He was actually planning to die, if his mate turned out to be Professor McGonagall. He begged Christ to have mercy on him.

By the time he got past the Veela magic and all the sections. It was obvious he was a guy and the section he thoroughly enjoyed was about the sex positions. He reminded himself to discuss it with Bill. Some of the positions looked impossible. But his Veela was growling in immense pleasure as it assaulted Harry with the images of his mate panting and moaning as he slammed inside her wet folds, or mating in the school's Tranfiguration desks, or fucking in the cold dungeons with only his body heat to provide warmth. Or even the men's bathroom. The Quidditch ground seemed like a good idea too. He let his cock free from the confines of his jeans and it sprang gratefully and rubbed it as the images assaulted him again. His dream did the job and he came very hard and fast in his hands, his come coating the sheets. He was beyond caring that he dirtied the sheets as he couldn't make a trip to bathroom. He was so aroused from his mate that he couldn't make a walk to his bathroom. So, he flicked his wand and did a good cleaning spell. Satisfied, he pulled his jeans back up and walked downstairs.

He decided he was going Hogwarts, he opened the drawer which kept his Hogwarts letter and wrote a quick reply and made the Sirius owl, Ynocencia fly to McGonagall. He wrote letters to Hermione and Ron as he decided to repeat the year, using Pig.

By evening he got the replies. He opened McGonagall's first:


I am all too happy to have you for a repeat year. It would be great pleasure to have you at Hogwarts. I decided that you will be the Head Boy this year along Hermione as the Head Girl. Also you will supervise the seventh year Head Boy Xavier Pucey seventh year Slytherin and Ursula Raymond from Hufflepuff as the Head Girl for the seventh year.

Wish you all the best Harry,

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall,


Harry nodded in satisfaction and looked at his Head Boy badge for a second, his thoughts dangerously wondering to the word Headmistress. He shook his head and put it aside with the letter as he opened Hermione's letter. Harry laughed as they were filled with exclamations.

Dear Harry,

You are repeating the year! I can't help but feel happy! Finally someone is joining me for the repeat year! I promise that I won't go burying myself in my books and have some fun! I won't make your year boring! I think Ron wants to come too but he didn't tell me properly. He complained a lot as Fred and George used him as test subject for their new product. Anyways, again happy birthday Harry!

My parents asked me to invite you sometime. They have taken a liking to you since our last trip in Australia. My mother allowed me to go Hogwarts on one condition: That I should enjoy the year to the fullest rather worrying about the NEWTS. I decided that I wouldn't worry about studying a lot, but you know I can't resist Library. So expect me to disappear sometimes.

Can you believe my mother used the puppy dog eyes on me to drag to me the beauty parlor for a make over and bought me a whole new wardrobe? Australia has totally changed them! I often find them snogging of the dining table, Merlin, my innocent eyes.

Can't wait to see you again.

Lots of hugs and kisses.

Love Hermione.

Harry laughed a lot. Poor Hermione. He was suddenly very excited to repeat the year. He placed Hermione's letter carefully penning down a lengthy reply, her excitement infectious, and opened Ron's.


Nice you decided to repeat the year. I was thinking the same and I have already sent my letter this morning. Congratulations on becoming the Head Boy mate, Hermione told me. She was so excited when she heard you are coming too. Mum looks much happier when I broke in the news to her. Ginny too.

I don't think she will give up fancying you mate. My sympathies.

Harry winced. He broke up with Ginny in the sixth year. They never tried their relationship again. He didn't felt the same anymore. He had to reluctantly admit that what was love to him in the sixth year was a passing fancy. And now this. He continued reading:

Fred and George have come up with new products and can you believe they are using me as a test subjects. I have to run and spend my times with Gnomes, don't laugh.

Harry was laughing hard as he imagined Ron finding solace with Gnomes while the evil twins were looking over for him, in the lab coats and cackling like mad scientists. Merlin, that was funny.

Now if you are done laughing, you dolt, then I would take my leave. The twins are looking for me.

Happy birthday again.


Harry placed his letter and stretched, flexing his muscles. He had things to prepare for and first on his agenda was Veela magic and to control his urges.