As the moon light shines down on the bed inside smurfettes mushroom house vexy's naughty side kicks in, smurfette is fast asleep so vexy slowly and carefully removes the blanket covering them revealing smurfettes half naked body, vexy slowly removes the lacy underpants from smurfette revealing her bare pussy. Vexy put her head close and starts to lightly stroke it with her finger, … there was a stir vexy looks up, smurfette is still asleep, still vexy continues to lightly stroke it, … vexy looks up, there is smurfette sitting up looking at her, vexy's cheeks flush with embarrassment, "please don't stop" says smurfette " it feels so good", vexy smiles "with pleasure" she says and she opens up smurfettes legs and starts to lick at it and poke her tongue in and out of her pussy, "ohh" mumurs smeufette, as vexy continues to tongue smurfettes pussy, "hold on a moment" whispers smurfette, vexy stops thinking she blew it, "stand up says smurfette, vexy stands up, smurfette slides out of bed with her naked body glowing in the moonlight from the window "its not proper for me to be nake and you not to be while doing this" she says as she slowly takes off vexy's striped top, "please don't take off my bra, I'm ashamed of my tiny boobs" says vexy quickly, "ok I wont then, but at least let me hug you" says smurfette with a smile, vexy did not see the harm and so gives smurfette a hug, as she leaves the hug as it turns out smurfette had undone the bra and pulled off the bra revealing vexy's boobs.

vexy looked away embarrassed by her boobs but smurfette moved closer, with lust in her voice she murmurs "beautiful, beautiful" as she reaches out and starts to grope vexy's boobs, vexy looks up in astonishment "they're not bad?" she asks, "of course not" whispers smurfette as she moves on from groping to licking vexy's boobs and sucking at her right tit, vexy murmurs with lust as she reaches down the panties she's wearing and starts to rub up and down on her pussy, smurfette stops, looks at the panties and with her teeth slides them off vexy's legs revealing her pussy. "I never knew this would be so exciting" whispers vexy, you just gotta experiment" whispers smurfette as they both hug each other lock in a mouth on mouth kiss and fall back onto the bed.