A/N: You'll have to forgive me for this part being so weird. That's just what happened. Z.C.A takes full responsibility for asking me to write in the first place.

Anomalies Part Three:

After their big realisation, the relationship between John and Sherlock didn't change all that much. At least, to them it didn't.

John still called Sherlock brilliant while they were working cases, but now he knew what it meant, and each time without fail a small smile would pull at his lips. Needless to say, Lestrade, Donovan and Anderson were all rather confused about the turn of events. Donovan expressed her confusion loudly, and with extra vulgarity. Anderson just gave them looks, as though trying to read them, when it was a skill outside of his capabilities. Lestrade thought it was a good thing; anything that lowered the likelihood of Sherlock becoming a hermit – or possibly a homicidal maniac, but he preferred to believe that would never happen – was a welcome thing in his books.

And of course, Lestrade being the least prejudiced against the duo, he was the most open to reading what was actually happening. It was a shock, sure, when he finally figured it out, but Sherlock needed to know that some people did appreciate him. That, and he believed that everyone deserved happiness, even self-proclaimed sociopaths.

Once, after a particularly long case had just been brought to a close, Sherlock had come limping out of some run-down building – having ditched John to go after the criminal himself, something the man was not pleased about – hobbled over to the nearest place he deemed appropriate to sit, waved at John, and shouted quite loudly for everyone in the vicinity to hear, "Brilliant John, absolutely brilliant."

The good doctor flushed the brightest shade of red anyone had ever seen on him, clenched his hands at his sides, marched over to the weary, grinning detective, and kissed him full on the mouth.

In front of everyone.

Anderson and Donovan didn't have to wonder about their behaviour anymore. Of course, Anderson was disgusted and Donovan was even more confused than she already had been, but at least now they knew.

That had been their first kiss, and the first time Sherlock had utilised their little code of affection.

John waited for Sherlock to initiate each new step in their relationship. That way he could be certain that he wouldn't accidentally do something to scare the detective away. Once he had though, John had free reign. Even so, they weren't the biggest on physical affection. It was more the little things that they had always done that simply had more meaning now with this new mutual understanding.

Sherlock continued his experiments and his midnight concerts, and John continued his blog.

Nothing was really any different, not to them.

Because deep deep down, they had always been drawn to each other.

Now it simply had a label.