A/N: I was singing to myself, and somehow got this poem out of it. *shrugs* Eh, don't knock the muses. It's Yami Bakura's POV, talkin' to sweet Ryou. B3w4r3 7h3 m4d boj5' 1uv 1uv.

"Pretty When You Cry"

You gimme that look again

And then I

Curse at you again

And you start to cry

Once more, I tell you

That you're weak

But don't you know I lie

Every time I speak?

Maybe your body is

Not what it could have been

But it's only the heart

That counts in the end

You never beg mercy

Never admit shame

And no matter what

You still stay the same

I can't make you strong

I can't make you fight

I can't make you take me

To your bed each night

I laugh at you again

Big deal, I always do

And you ignore me

Like I hate you to

So throw back my head

Kick up my heels and crow

'Cause I have a secret

That you'd die to know

And bubblegum tastes

Like concrete and steel

When the impossible

Is all that's real

Who needs logic

When I have you?

Even if you hated me

The way you want to

And hey, it's just

Another way for us

To spend the day

So don't fuss

About the meaningless

And remember

Most precious other me

Just because you're weak

Doesn't mean you can't be

And you gimme that look

That same old show

And I wonder if you

Really don't know

All that I am, all that I do

It's not for your pain

It's to make you a person

Who can outlast the rain

And really, though I hate to confess

That such a thing would catch my eye

I do like the sight of you

And you're damn pretty when you cry.

* ende *

.: c1]ck 7h3 bu77on. f33d 4 mu53 :.