A/N: Ho-hum . . . another poem from a yami's POV- meaning Yuugi's this time. A bit less playful then Yami Bakura's was, and directed to Jounouchi, everybody's favorite puppy. *cuddles koinu-Jou*

And hey, remember- b3w4r3 of 7h3 boj5' r4b00 r4b00.

"Used To You"

I fear I'm getting

Used to you

Not sure if

We'll make it through

But the aching old pains

They all go away

If I see your smile

When beginning each day

And oh, the way

You make me feel

I just don't get it

What's the deal?

When you leave I

Always miss you

If you get close

I want to kiss you

And, ah, my friend

How dear you are

I love it when

We're in your car

And if we're unalike

Who cares anyway?

We're both still real

And life's good this way.

* ende *

. : c1]ck 7h3 bu77on. j00 know j00 w4n7 7oo : .