Author's voice: Based on the comics and the cartoon so enjoy.

"Dr. Whitman...No... You can't! My work! After all this time!"

"I'm sorry but you're funding has run out! Your work is just too expensive... Project Acinonyx has and will be shut down by tomorrow. I suggest you clean out your desk tonight..." Dr. Whitman said coldly as he prepared to leave.

He was stopped by a desperate hand on his shoulder. "Dr. Whitman...Please! My research is opening doors to endless possibilities! I've tested it! The cancerous lab rats... I've cured them! Think! With a little more time I could..."

"Those rats died anyway due to those horrific side effects! Don't lie to yourself doctor you and I both seen them! I'm sorry but no!" he cried swatting away the hand of the beautiful young woman who desperately held back her urge to cry.

"More time...Please...It will help... It will help people out there fighting cancer...People like me..."

Dr. Whitman sighed but shook his head. "My decision is final... I'm sorry Barbara...I truly am..."