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Keeping in the shadows, Barbara peered out of her hiding spot cautiously... "Ok Barbara... You can do this... You can do this..." she chided herself. Plucking up her courage, bit by bit she edged herself forward until she came near the apartment building's walls. "SHIT!" she thought as she heard hasty footsteps. Improvising she ducked back into the shadows and behind a trash bin, tensing every muscle not even daring to breathe.

"I swore I saw something..." came a female voice.

"You're probably imagining things..."

"No babe, I swore I saw..."

Barbara's heart practically went up her throat, as she heard the female step closer and closer and closer.

"Keep it together... Keep it together..." Barbara prayed swallowing a growl. The woman was dangerously close; so close that one peep from Barbara would alert the woman of exactly where Barbara was. As the footsteps got closer and louder, Barbara's fur started standing on their ends. Just a bit more...

"I think you're right probably a stray cat...its nothing..."

"Told you so..."

"Shut up..."

"Phew..." Barbara breathed. She watched as the couple walked further away. Not wanting to repeat that experience she forcefully blanked her mind and robotically clambered her way up to her room window. Gracefully she tried climbing over the railing but stopped dead to see a whole bunch of STRANGERS in her apartment.

"What the hell is going on?!" she demanded in her head as she watched in terror as two policemen stuffed all her expensive and delicate equipment into a canvas bag. Her apartment was in a state of pandemonium. There were policemen tearing through her belongings, photographers with their huge ass cameras snapping at her broken furniture. Heck, there were even sniffer dogs inside but what caught her attention were the two women standing in the middle of her room.

Barbara felt her lips curl up with hate. That woman, the one standing confidently in her room, she was the bitch who had destroyed Barbara's cure. It took every ounce of Barbara's mental strength not to burst through the balcony window and tear the woman's stupid smirk, off her stupid face. The other women Barbara knew all to well, Lois Lane... Lead reporter of the Daily Planet, fondly known as the mouth of Metropolis... Curious, Barbara craned her neck to get a closer look at them only to almost accidently lose her grip in surprise as her sharp ears were able to take in their conversation.

"So Wonder Woman... You claimed that you were attacked by in your words... a cheetah back at Cadmus labs?" Lois asked skeptically twirling a 2D pencil between her fingers.

"Not exactly a cheetah more of a hybrid... A cheetah woman..." Wonder Woman explained eagerly only to be stopped by an eye rolling Lois Lane.

"Intriguing, but for simplicity's sake lets just call it Cheetah... Why would you think it would have anything to with Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva a not so well known geneticist... Can you explain that?" Lois asked.

Wonder Woman's brow furrowed. "I've got a lead that Dr. Minerva was working for Dr. Whitman..."

" You mean, the late Dr. Whitman..."

"Yes the late Dr. Whitman and"

"And how did he die?"

"She, Cheetah had broken every bone in his ribcage before attacking me." Wonder Woman pointed to the scar on her cheek.

Lois Lane raised an eyebrow before gesturing for Wonder Woman to continue.

"We believe that this... Cheetah is after Dr. Minerva...Her apartment will be under constant surveillance in order to protect her, should she come back "

"Yes but Dr. Minerva has already been missing for almost two days now... Well according to her neighbor anyway."

"Then we fear the worst for her..."

"Why is that?"

"Because Cheetah is an animal. She is dangerous When I approached her she attacked me without conscious. She was quick, vicious and bloodthirsty... Hera help Dr. Minerva..."

Silence...Both Barbara had Lois were too exasperated to know how to respond.

"Right...And how did you get these leads" Lois finally managed.

Wonder Woman's stoic face crumpled slightly. "We have our ways..."

"No really... this lead would it be Batman?"

Wonder Woman started to blush. "I'm sorry, that is classified league infor"

" It is isn't it? There are rumors going around that you and him have something going on...Is that true? Lois interrogated, her eyes gleaming evilly, her microphone practically up Wonder Woman's face, which has just turned a healthy shade of fresh lobster.

Just then, one of the sniffer dogs raised its head up. With its ears perked straight up, it took one look at Barbara and snarled.

"Hey boy... easy! EASY! EASY Woooah..." the handler yelled as the dog made a mad dash for the balcony.

"Shit it's coming straight for me it's Ahhh..." Barbara yelped as her claws started to give away and she felt herself slipping.

"No no no no no no No!" Barbara begged but as luck would have it, her claws just couldn't sustain her weight and she found herself falling and landing heavily into the trash bin she hid behind not ten minutes ago.

"Another fall like that and I'd be crippled for life..." Barbara grunted rubbing her sore tail and bum. Holding in her tears desperately she pulled herself out of the trash bin and once again limped into the shadows as the sound of dog barks approached...

Barbara cradled herself shaking back and forth in a desperate attempt to not burst into tears like a little girl. She was back in the warehouse, shivering from the cold, ready to pass out with hunger. Everything that could have gone wrong with her life HAS GONE HORRENDOUSLY, ATROCIOUSLY WRONG. Barbara let out a high-pitched wail, which to any outsider might have sounded like the yowl of a cat in terrible agony. "Well that's what I am now... Aren't I.." Barbara thought bitterly before moaning as her stomach rumbled so violently she actually had to lie back and pant. "Thank you... Thank you WONDER WOMAN for ruining my life... Thank you! Haven't you taken enough from me? You ruined my cure and NOW YOU LOCK ME OUT OF MY OWN HOUSE?! MY OWN HOUSE! YOU FUC..." Barbara stopped ranting, her ears twitching, her nose quivering...Slowly she turned around.

There was some vague brown hump moving at the far end of the room. Curiously, Barbara raised her head and leaned forward, unaware of anything, fascinated by the slow yet deliberate movement of the l brown blur at the end of the room. Squinting, she saw from its quivering nose and naked tail that it was a large rat. Eyes trained on it, determined not to let it get out of her sight, she crept to the darkest side of the room and gently sank to all fours.

Barbara's thoughts of her shame, Wonder Woman, and even her cure a million miles away. All that mattered at this moment in time was the rat, and she moved quickly yet quietly enough to reach it without frightening it away. She was successful in this, moving as silently as a ninja. Only when the rat was a little over a yard in front of her did she see the need to slow down for fear of causing the rat to smell her. Slowly, millimeter-by-millimeter she crept forward. Suddenly the rat tensed up.

What happened next she never quite remembered. She leapt upon the rodent, remembered seeing its terrified beady eyes dart up to her and the unadulterated glee she had felt at seeing that terror, and the next thing she knew she was crouched there, covered with blood and with a ruined bloody mess in front of her that had once been the rat. She rose to her feet, not quite steadily, and, shaking, made her way back to her original corner. Already knowing her chin and breasts were covered with blood, and well aware that the hunger in her stomach had subsided considerably. She spent nearly half an hour sitting there, her eyes wide, her lips trembling wondering what it was that could be causing her to lose her mind.