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Barbara Ann Minerva held in her tears as she trudged back to her humble apartment ignoring the wolf whistling a bunch of rowdy young men had directed at her. She was used to it. Despite lacking in money her beauty and intelligence compensated for it. She was in her early twenties, tall and slender with ivory white skin. Her eyes were bright emerald in color that complimented her fiery red hair that cascaded down to her shoulder blades. She was also a scholar, graduating from Cambridge University with the highest of honors in the field of bio genetics. She had the world at her feet, until she discovered she had developed cancer and her world went crumbling.

Entering her tiny apartment, Barbara threw the keys onto the table before collapsing on her moth eaten sofa. The day could not get any worse... She lost her job... Worse, how was she going to explain to her parents back in England that she lost her job... They were not going to be pleased. They had high expectations for their only daughter. Simply put she was screwed... Barbara closed her eyes "Ok...Pull yourself together Barbara..." she thought. She made her way to the make shift laboratory in her room. From her bag she pulled out her notes and the required chemicals. She was going to show them... To those who wronged her ... She could do this...

It was 2 am in the morning but Barbara was still working relentlessly. Hesitantly, she added the last ingredient to her serum. She coughed and sputtered as the chemical reaction caused a huge poof of smoke to go up in her face. Sighing, she looked at the bright gold serum in her hands. She had worked out all her previous flaws. This serum should be perfect...Theoretically... She doubled checked her calculations, it should work. It had to... With no test subject, she could only test it on herself... "So it better damn well work" she thought pouring the serum into an injection syringe.

Steeling her courage Barbara stuck out her arm and prepared to inject herself. However the prospect of failing scared her and she gingerly lowered the syringe. It was too irrational a decision. So many things could still go wrong... She could be poisoned, hospitalised...maybe even die from the effects of the serum. Than again she could always die from the cancer cells invading her body. The thought of dying from her disease caused her to think about the many things that could go right if she injected herself with the serum. She would be cured, she would get her job and earn her creditability back... The science and medical community would respect her and she would FINALLY make her parents proud of her. But most importantly, she was going to save the lives of those who deserved to continue living. Caught up in that sweet fantasy, Barbara plunged the syringe into her arm.