Young Justice: Rise of the Silver Scarab

Chapter 13- Team Bonding Time


August 14th 17:15

A week had passed and the League had told the Team that Maddy would be trained under Black Canary. So the Team was at the Watchtower as they decided to do a little bonding time to get to know their new members.

"What can we do?" Beast Boy asked.

"What about a movie? We haven't done that in a while" Wonder Girl answered.

"We have been busy with missions, we just never found the time" Robin said agreeing with Cassie

"Before we do that, maybe it would be best if we introduce ourselves o our 3 new members. Since we know who you are, I think it's fair you know who we are. I'll go first. I'm Batgirl but you can call me Barbara" Barbara started.

"I'm Cassie, but everyone calls me Wonder Girl"

"Batman doesn't want me to tell you. Personal reasons" Tim said.

"Tim" Barbara started.

"Ok, ok. I'm Tim or Robin. Whichever one's ok"

"I'm M'gann or Miss Martian. But you can call me Megan, Either's one ok"

"I'm Virgil or Static if you prefer"

"I'm Karen or Bumblebee and that's Mal or Guardian"

I'm Aqualad, but you can call me Kaldur when we're not on duty"

"Artemis, but on missions you can call me Tigress"

"Why Tigress?" Maddy asked

"It's a long story" Artemis asked

"I'm Jaime Reyes better known as Blue Beetle and that's Kid Mouth" Jaime gestured over to Bart who took offense to that comment.

"Hey, I can keep my mouth shut if I want to" Bart interjected

"Bart, the only thing you lack is the capacity to keep your mouth shut" Cassie said.

"I'm Superboy and that's La'gann or Lagoon Boy. He doesn't have good social skills and he's very arrogant and a jerk at times. Try not to let what he says get under your skin, he does it on a daily basis"

"That's not fair" La'gann commented

"You let your arrogance get the best of you on missions, maybe if you learn some self-control, you wouldn't be acting this way" Barbara said

"Aren't there more members?" Katie asked.

"Well, there's Rocket and Zatanna, but they been joined the League, there's Aresnal, but he went solo. We also have Wolf and Sphere, but they're not with us right now. Oh and this is Garfield, aka Beast Boy" Megan answered

"So what movie should we watch?" Garfield asked.

"How about Transformers? I love seeing alien robots duke it out" Taylor said.

"I don't see why not. It could be a nice change for once" Katie said agreeing with her friend.

"Well let's get going" Garfield said as he and the others walked away.

"This just might be the best thing that's happened to us" Taylor said to Katie as they followed the Team.

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