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Chapter Three; Want to Tell You Just How Good it Feels

"It's okay, Goku… we just share one kiss. One tiny kiss and then?" she showed him a sad smile, "Then we go to sleep."

He turned his body completely and nodded at that. He could actually live with that.

But then again…

He flinched when ChiChi suddenly moved to face him entirely. Earning an angry growl from the girl which again caused him to flinch.

"Honestly Goku! What do you think I am going to do to you?!" she spat at him and crossed her arms in anger.

"Sorry!" Goku blurted.

"You are so-…." She was about to say but then heaved a heavy sigh. Her dark angry eyes glaring at him. "You are too tense, you need to relax."

"Hai, relax, I can do that." he quickly said and flashed a cheesy grin.

She closed her eyes and shook her head rubbing the rim of her nose. "I doubt it…" she mumbled.

ChiChi paused for a moment deep in thoughts, "Goku." she finally said, her voice taking on a calm tone. Her tired eyes looked up at him as she bit her lip. "I need you to close your eyes. As if you're about to meditate."

When he looked at her in question she had again moved her finger against his mouth.

A shy smile accompanied her following words, "Just trust me Goku." she whispered softly.

"Okay." he heard himself say without further hesitation.

Wordlessly he closed his eyes, moved his body so that he was sitting more properly. He crossed his arms and took even breaths.

In and out, even, inhale and exhale.

Focusing only on the sounds around him, from ChiChi's breathing to the low beatings of her heart. On to the breeze rustling through the trees outside down to the clock ticking away in the living room below. He felt a calming sense overflow him and was eagerly welcoming that feeling.

His senses were quick to find their way back to the girl sitting beside him. Her body warmth close, the calm beating of her heart echoing through his mind. Flashes of what she looked like without her clothes on caused his breath to hitch in the back of his throat. He had to strain himself to breathe properly again and once he did he felt her scent reaching his senses.

He smiled at that and found himself deeply inhaling her scent, reminded to the fact that only ChiChi seemed to carry a certain smell with her. No matter where they were, what she was doing- she always carried that smell with her and for the life of him, he could never figure out what it reminded him off.

But it had always smelled good.

He was distracted by her sudden movement, the matrass moving alongside her as she worked up to sit behind him. His curiosity almost drawing him out of the stance but froze once he felt the warmth of her body radiating against his back. Barely touching him.

He swallowed hard not finding it easy to keep the even breaths coming in and out. The warmth of her body once again brought the memory of her naked flesh to him. The way she lazily swam through the water, allowing to water to consume her completely. Her smiling face, her closed eyes.

A free spirit.

Suddenly he felt really hot. And nearly jumped in surprise when he felt her tiny hands appear to rest on both his bare arms, holding them there for a few seconds.

He felt his lungs burn within him, not realizing he was holding back a breath until her hands landed on his arms. She didn't move, he clenched his jaws tightly as he waited. Acutely aware of the close proximity of their bodies.

His skin was burning up and when she finally brushed her fingers over his skin he felt a shattering shiver go through his body. His aching jaw set loose as every vibe of his body was pointing towards her touch, her warmth.

The tip of her fingers continued to caress his naked skin. Leaving a hot burning trail in their wake. Slowly he released the breath he had been holding back and for a moment forgot how he had to breathe again.

And yet, he still couldn't open his eyes. Not the least worried that this woman had his body in a tight hold by just one simple touch. His entire being screaming for her to move. For her to show him what she was going to do next. Her scent, everything about her seemed to bring his entire body up on high alert. Ready to track her every movement, ready to follow her.

He could hear her breathe and found himself breathing alongside her.

Even, slow, in and out. Inhale, exhale.

He was surprised by the warmth spreading through him from this innocent touch. He hadn't even realized he was cold until a violent shiver went through his body.

"Relax Goku." she whispered softly.

Her hands inched further up, over his clothing towards his shoulders. Pressing a little harder this time. With her palms flat against his shoulders she massaged them in a gentle matter.

It felt like electricity running through his veins, the touch. The faint brushes of breath coming from her caressing the bare skin of his neck and he never realized that he was leaning into her touch, not even after the feeling her body pressed up against his back. She wrapped her arms around him. Her face close to his ear, prompting his eyes to open up and look at her.

She smiled weakly at him as she rested her chin on his shoulder, another violent shiver went through him and he now realized all those shivers had nothing to do with being cold.

There was a tiny smile hiding in the corner of her big dark eyes. He smiled goofily back at her. She inched forward. Eyes looking at his lips and ever so slowly coming closer.

"Close your eyes." she whispered and he immediately closed them. Her fingers placed against his jaw, slowly guiding him towards her.

And then? There it was, a gentle and brief touch of her soft lips against his. He leant into the touch, but she stopped. He opened his eyes and watched her move back, swallowing hard while looking at the blushing girl adverting his eyes.

There was a lingering silence between them, apart from his heavy breathing. She still refused to look up at him, which made him wonder why.

"That's it…" she whispered. "One kiss."

He swallowed hard, "Oh…" was all he could muster as reply. His mind in a daze while his body was still dealing with warm waves of something coursing through him. The ghostly remembrance of her soft lips pressed against his still lingered on his mouth. Through the daze and waves, he had one solid thought in his mind.

Was that all? She was holding something back. He knew it!

"W-we can go to sleep now."

What?! He shook his head and moved to completely turn his body around facing her.

"Do it again." he demanded.

She seemed hesitant, but a smile soon edged its way towards her face when his words had sunk in. Her big dark shinny eyes found his and he couldn't stop the grin from breaking his skin.

"Okay." she whispered and leaned towards him. Closing her eyes she pressed her lips back up against his.

He couldn't close his eyes, mesmerized not just by the simple touch of her lips against his. But by the peaceful look on her face. He found his hands moving on their own accords as they lifted up against her neck, inching towards her jawline. He felt her holding back her breath as he found himself determent not to have this moment stop.

He couldn't focus, still couldn't. And he knew it should freak him out. It was some kind of magic trick! How could she immobilize him so? How could her body pressed up against his, her touch, her kiss make him… make him, so excited? Yet calm at the same time. Warm, tingling. Electricity raging back and forth through his body.

Drowning him in her scent.

Her little hands pressed against his chest again, except it was bit more forceful. Her eyes opened in alarm, "Gohuf!" a muffled cry came joined up with the pushes of her tiny hands.

Yelping he let go of her. "Sorry!" he practically yelled.

But she giggled, "That's okay."

The silence returned. And this time they were both breathing heavily. The lump caught in his dry throat wasn't even a bother. Because…


Holy crap, that's what a kiss was supposed to feel like?

"So…" she began, her eyes diverting to the sheets below them.

"Wait!" he shouted, she was going to mention the word sleep again, wasn't she?! "I want to try again." he said and eagerly grabbed her face, pulling her towards him. Not realizing that with his strength he nearly lifted her of the bed.

"Whoa, Goku! Goku!" she hurriedly moved her hands against him yet again, stopping him dead in his tracks.

"What?" he asked innocently.

"Slowly… you're bit stronger than me, remember?"

"Oh… yeah, sorry." he said and gave her an uneasy smile. Though it was quickly wiped of his face when she moved on her own up towards him. Sitting down on her knees, those big dark eyes still shining brightly was now accompanied by a smile he couldn't recall seeing on her before.

"Let me try something," she whispered in a tone that drew out another shiver from his body.

"Okay…" he said but remained frozen on the bed. His eyes following her every move, feeling every vibe of his body eagerly awaiting her touch.

She kissed him, then pulled back briefly. Then she kissed him again, only this time her lips seemed to move just on to his lower lip. Pulling it gently in between hers. And before he knew it, before he could really figure out what this something she wanted to try out was- he felt a flicker of her tongue touching his lips.

His eyes as wide as saucers he still didn't move, or thought he wasn't moving until he found his clenching jaws give way. Opening his mouth and drawing her tongue into his mouth. Gripping the sheets he let out a groan he didn't even know he was holding back.

Startled at this she moved back only earning a well-deserved whine from him. Not ready to spill out words he leaned towards her, cupping her face and drawing her back to where his lips were waiting for hers. Soon enough her tongue found its way back to his. Caressing, swirling around inside his mouth. He closed his eyes, shutting out the brightness of the world and throw himself into the deliciousness that was this young girl. His wife.

They moved somewhere along the way, he didn't know who did what first but somehow they ended up with her on her back and him pressing his body against her sides. Not disconnecting their lips even once.

His hands now finding their way towards her shoulders, down her arms only to fumble once her pair of hands moved against his shoulders. One up his neck into his spikey hair. The other holding his bicep tightly.

She moved to the side and wrapped her leg around his. Pulling his groin against her body.

He groaned again and felt himself grinding against her leg's tight hold.

Teeth clashed against each other.

What was this girl doing to him?! His entire body was on fire, eagerly leaning into her, wanting to bury himself within her. He was burning up, he was itching. He felt a tight, burning sensation in his groin and revelled when he heard her moan.

He moved on top of her, her legs right away circling around his hips. Thrusting her pelvis up against him nearly immobilizing him in an instant. Feeling his body tense up by the sensation of her heat against his groin. Cursing the many layers of clothing that stood between them.

He felt her struggling, he was crushing her damn it! He wrapped his arms around her once he moved to the side, taking her delicate, tiny body with him as he moved to lay on his back.

Only the bed ended there. With a loud bang and a surprised cry he landed on his back, hard. The wooden floor whined due to the impact.

Still his arms wrapped tightly around her as she lay on top of him, she moved slightly with a giggle. "We need a bigger bed." was all he could say, watching her smile widely at him.

Adoring eyes bore into him and he couldn't stop the goofy grin from coming to his lips, "You." he paused and found a stray lock of her hair slowly glide over her eyes. He brushed the stray of hair aside, "Are a good teacher.".

She beamed at that, "That will do for the night."

The following morning came all a bit too quickly as far as ChiChi had been concerned. Lying in their bed with a happy smile as the rays of the morning sun shone through the thin curtains of their bedroom. Already awake for a few hours due to the loud snores of her husband.

Yet unlike any other morning since their wedding day, ChiChi couldn't help but sigh happily at the sound of his heavy snoring. For it was so close to her ear, she could feel his breath warming her skin. And waking up in a strong and loving embrace had made it all even better.

His arm was wrapped around her tiny frame while she lay on her side. Her back against his front he had managed to pull her against him while they were both sleeping and, to this ChiChi nearly giggled a bit too loudly, his embrace had been firm and tight. Nearly enabling her to move at all.

"Oh Goku-sa…" she whispered lovingly and sighed with a huge smile on her face. This was exactly what she had imagined waking up to every morning when she was a child. Her husband holding her like this, almost possessively. It wasn't exactly comfortable, sweating like crazy because of the heat of his embrace and her entire body had turned stiff from lack of movement.

Despite all of that, she still couldn't bring it in herself to break free from this. The happiness coursing through her veins, not sure if this was something she was ever going to wake up to again. A part of her even feared that this might be a vivid dream and she would rudely be awakened by reality.

A loud rumbling sound of hunger shook her from her thoughts and ChiChi managed to turn her head to see the sleeping Goku still snoring heavily. She looked at his sleeping form and found a blush burning her cheeks once she remembered how his lips felt like pressed tightly up against hers.

She felt herself warm up, down there just thinking about his eager response when she had boldly deepened their kiss with her tongue. Within minutes his hands had been on her, touching her everywhere he could. She nearly squealed in joy as the intense memories crashed into her minds' view.

It had taken all of ChiChi's self-control to not go any further, to not allow themselves to rip the clothes of their bodies and touch each other's naked skin. Supressing a giggle she looked at Goku with adoring eyes.

She just couldn't pull through with it. Not that she didn't want to, Kami she wanted it so badly. But there had been this tiny, annoying little voice in the back of her mind that this? This hot, raw lust she saw burning in the pits of those once so innocent looking eyes?

It was not love.

And she needed it to be.

Maybe she wasn't being fair to him, she did have to give him credit for trying, didn't she? Recalling his desperate words the night before, when he was trying with all his might to make her calm down. He had said that he liked to see her smile, he liked that funny thing she did with her nose.

He did say such sweet things and it had instantly warmed her heart the first time she had heard it.

But had he said it just to make her shut up? Had he said it to stop her from getting angry at him? Or did he truly mean all of that?

Another growl of hunger broke through her thoughts. ChiChi couldn't help but smile at this as, 'Time to make breakfast!' her mind sang happily.

With a bit effort she had managed to finally free herself from his tight hold and got out of bed. Tip toeing to the bathroom, washing herself and got into a fresh pair of clothes.

Before long she was at the kitchen counter, humming a light tune while preparing her husband his well-deserved breakfast.

"Where'd you go?!" his voice suddenly appeared right behind her, earning a startled scream from his young wife. She turned around with a glare. "Goku!" she snapped breathlessly, "Don't scare me like that!"

His tired eyes looked at her with a frown, "Sorry, you were up there one moment, gone the other." he said.

"Yes… well, aren't you hungry?" she asked him sweetly.

A loud grumble from his stomach answered her question for him. She smiled knowingly at this and turned back to the food.

It was quiet behind her for a while, she knew he hadn't moved from his spot. Was he starring at her?

Supressing a giggle she said, "Why don't you freshen up Goku? Get dressed? I am sure I'll have a few dishes ready for you by then.."

"Okay." came his voice up close as a wave of hot air touched her ears. She shrieked and whirled around with wide eyes. Gasping at the closeness of their bodies.

A sheepish grin came to his face, eyeing her lips and then her eyes. Seemingly contemplating something.

"G-Goku?" she gulped and felt her heart racing.

He took a deep breath and then lunged his face forward, his lips practically smashing against hers causing her to stumble back against the counter. His tongue dived into her mouth wildly tasting her right then and there.

Completely blown of guard ChiChi couldn't do much then let his tongue have his way, soon enough his hands gripped her hips as he pressed his groin against her. His grip was painful but for the life of her she couldn't stop him. Her hands dropped the knife she had been holding as they greedily snuck around his neck. Pulling him deeper into the kiss.

Harsh breaths crashed against her face, she felt herself rubbing against him and was delighted once she heard the loud virile groan coming from him.

He pulled back at some point, "Somethin' burning." he managed to say but held his forehead against hers.


"Oh no!" She shrieked at that and quickly pushed him aside, their breakfast!

She heard him chuckle, "Be right back!" he called and stormed up the stairs.

"Oh my…" ChiChi managed to sigh once she had saved breakfast by tossing the burnt toasts in the trash bin. Still hot and bothered by their encounter she had to take a moment to allow herself to breathe properly.

That was a bold move, a definite and highly surprising bold move. "This is going to be a good day!" She giggled at that and began to finish the large meal no one else other than Goku would be able to consume within fifteen minutes.

And when he came back down the stairs he wore a grin as wide as ever. Practically bouncing on the chair and impatiently waiting for breakfast to be served.

She was glad he never noticed her nervous state, or how she had to fight hard not to giggle and act like a little school girl high in love. She felt energetic. But she didn't want to show it too much. It would have been a strange sight for him to see her bouncing up and down the chair and she still wasn't sure how Goku would respond to that.

Then again, she chuckled, not that he would notice, he was busy stuffing his face.

Somewhere along the way ChiChi had managed to get a few bites of her own breakfast down and then began to clear the table of the empty plates and bowls. Happy to keep her mind occupied.

That was until a loud bang of a door slamming shut caused her to jump. She quickly turned around and found the table filled with the remaining empty plates and bowls and… an empty chair.

Goku was nowhere to be seen.

Her lips quivered and shoulders slumped, 'He left? … He left… He left!'

'That… bastard!' The bowl she was holding shattered on the wooden floor beneath her feet.

ChiChi felt the tears stinging her eyes, her giggles long forgotten and the burning cheeks cooling down in an instant. She should have known!

Silly, silly ChiChi! She should have known! She should have known better, as if clueless Goku suddenly would have a change of heart and stay with her?! As if, as if… "Ulgh!" she stomped her fist on the kitchen counter.

Of course he'd be leaving the first chance he got! He had to train! Stupid champions, stupid men and stupid, stupid, stupid Goku!

A very loud sob found its' way through her anger. No, she shouldn't cry. She won't allow it! There's still hope! She wouldn't let this get her down!

Her stubborn anger managed to hold back the tears as she bent down to pick up the shattered remains of the bowl.

Baby steps, they would just have to take baby steps! Take their sweet time on getting to know each other, the joys of keeping each other company and getting to know their bodies and… and she realized as she picked up the final shard and threw it in the trash bin that perhaps she should try to think of something for him to do around the house?

Some kind of chore he would have to do with her, together?

Nodding at her own thoughts in response. She still couldn't stop the lone tear from sliding down her cheek. Wiping her eyes she slowly made way to clean up the mess her kitchen was in.

More tears slid down as the determent side of her mind kept trying to lighten things up… in vain. It couldn't stop the tears from coming.

"You're crying?!" came his panicked yell snapping her out of her thoughts, "Why?! What did I do?!"

She whipped her body around to find her young husband standing in the doorway, with their boots clutched in his hands. His wide eyes looked at her in absolute terror.

"You… You came back?!" she managed to stammer in surprise.

Goku nodded feverishly, "Yeah! We left our boots outside!" he explained, "I wanted to go out today! With you. But then you'd need your boots to walk outside. And I need mine." he finished as a thoughtful look came to his face, "But then again, it's hot outside. Maybe boots will be a bit too hot."

"I thought…. you left. To train." she said still in shock.

He shrugged at that and grinned sheepishly, "Well, I should. Don't you wanna come?"

Sweet, sweet Goku! Her mind sang a happy tune and smiled brightly at her young husband when she saw his innocent eyes. Her tears gone and the blush back where it had been the entire morning.

"Yes!" she yelled a bit too loud and jumped up in joy earning a yelp of fear from Goku darting back in surprise. She didn't care, the smile on her face still there as she clasped her hands together. "I would love to go out today!" she finished and watched how a bright smile wiped away all of the terror he held.

"Great!" he practically yelled and carelessly threw her pair of boots at her. She caught it with ease and made quick work to put them on. She didn't even get the time to place both feet firmly onto the floor when Goku rushed towards her, snatched her hands and dragged her with him outside in a maddening speed.

"Wait!" she screeched, "The dishes!"

"Come on Chi, that can wait!" he said and then called for Nimbus who came tittering down towards them. Without any further warning Goku jumped on the fluffy cloud with his wife's hand still in his tight hold. He pulled her up beside him and snaked his arm around her back.

ChiChi, was… stunned. And whereas she usually would have scolded at Goku for dragging her around like a rag doll, she simply couldn't form the words or even the frown to let him know.

"This is going to be great!" he exclaimed as Nimbus flew away from their home.

This happy and very eager spirit of his was more than willing to hold her close. All of the distance between them for the past two months melted away, as if… ChiChi felt her heart race in excitement.

He was holding her, close! Voluntarily! An embrace! His voluntarily embrace!

She looked up at his bright smile and with a happy sigh she wrapped her arms around him. Enjoying the warmth and hoping with all her might that this wasn't going to be last voluntarily embrace from him.

She held on to him a little tighter once the thought of how it would feel like in any other intimate situation came to mind. Her heart nearly tumbled over with the amount of warm feelings it drowned in. Hope, hope had finally decided to stay.

Suddenly Nimbus went down in a deep dip a little sooner than ChiChi had thought he would.

"We're stopping already?!" she asked Goku in surprise who in his turn looked down at her with a smile.

"Yeah, I want to go to that lake!" Goku said and once Nimbus had gotten close to the ground Goku took ChiChi's hand and they both jumped of the yellow cloud.

He took a deep breath as his eyes swept the area. With an eager smile on his lips, "This is a really nice place Chi, don't you think?" he asked her. "I know this place for years!" he said, "Too bad there are no big fishes here." he added as an afterthought.

ChiChi nodded, "I love it… this place." she said with a blush.

He took her hand again, walked over the grass and circled around the lake until they had reached the rocky side sticking over the water from the forest shore line.

"Here we are!" he said.

ChiChi chuckled, "Yes we are…"

"Want to go for a swim?!" he said with a grin so wide it nearly cracked his face.

"Swim? In our clothes?" ChiChi asked him dumbfounded, "I don't know… we don't have our swim suits."

She saw his face fall at that, "Our what now?" he asked her tilting his head slightly.

"Honestly Goku, you don't expect me to swim around wearing my clothes?"

He blinked at that, then scratched his head, "I thought- I thought we could just swim without 'm."

Her eyes widened in shock, "What?!" she nearly shrieked. "You mean… naked?!"

He nodded.

"But… I can't just, get naked." she said in a hushed tone.

"Why not?"

"Be-because Goku… we… you know,-" he cut her off during her stammering, "You didn't seem to mind getting naked here two days ago." his voice even and bright at the same time. No idea that those words would shock her beyond anything.

She jumped back in panic at that, "What?!" she screamed, her voice echoing through the area around them and earning a cringe from her husband.

"You, YOU saw me NAKED?!" she shrieked and didn't even react when Goku nearly tripped backwards in to the water. "Here?!"

How embarrassing! What was she thinking?! What must he be thinking?!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. She used her hands to fan her flushed cheeks, here she was two days ago. The heat of the summer sun getting the better of her as the urgent calls of the cool waters drew her to making such a bold and cheeky act. Sick and tired of being alone and sick and tired of sweating. She just wanted a relief, she just-

And he had seen her?! What must he think of her now?!

"What's wrong? You didn't like getting naked?" he asked, the tone of his voice laced with disappointment.

She didn't dare to look at him, "That's not it Goku… I just.. thought I was going to be alone."

"You were!"

She rolled her eyes at that, "No, you were right there!" she said and placed her flat palms against her flaming cheeks.

"But… I thought that husband and wives were allowed to see each other naked?"

She paused at that, "They are…" she mumbled but couldn't stop the erratic pounding of her heart. She kept silent inwardly debating what to do now, just get naked? Together? And swim?!

Suddenly she heard his footsteps approach her, she jumped once she felt his hands on her shoulders as he turned her. Her knees buckled at the mere sight of his bright smile, "Come on Chi…" he said, "Let's swim!".

She gulped and shook her head, "I am not getting naked!" she said, her mind reeling as she was about to cover her flaming cheeks with her hands again, his grip on her however, blocked her every movement.

"Why not?!" he whined.

Spluttering, "Because, no.. I can't, no, no, it's a bit… too fast?" she wanted to slap her forehead at that comment. What in the world was wrong with her?!

"But it's too hot!" Goku continued his pleas.

Suddenly a spark of stubborn anger came up to her. Was he deaf?! She didn't want to get naked! "We should get our swim suits!" she yelled.

"I don't even know what that is!" he yelled in frustration. He let her go and crossed his arms pouting.

"Oh no you don't!" ChiChi's said stubbornly, "You're not getting your way if you act like a child!" she raised her chin defiantly and crossed her own pair of arms.

With a growl he stubbornly slammed his foot down, "Fine!" and with that he suddenly grabbed her and lifted her from the rocks, rushing towards the edge.

"Goku!" ChiChi heard her own scream stretch through the forest but he didn't stop and jumped from the rock and straight down into the cool water.

Both bodies plummeted towards the rocky bottom of the lake, a muffled scream from the young girl came out as huge bubbles. In anger she managed to punch Goku of off her as she quickly swam up towards the surface.

Goku was quick to follow her with a wide grin.

"See?! We should have been naked!" he said knowingly once both had managed to catch their breaths.

ChiChi growled in seething anger, "I can't believe you did that!" she shrieked and swam towards the shore.

"Hey!" he pouted and with a few strides he was already right beside her, taking her arm and pulling her towards him.

"Where are you going?!"

She hit him with another angry growl, "Home! I can't believe you Goku!" she spat at him and found the anger intensifying when the same exciting glint in his eyes was still there.

"Don't you dare laugh at this!"

"But, it's fun!" he said and quickly let go of her to dodge a flying fist aimed at his head.

"Screw this!" she said and swam back to the shore. Soon her feet touched the rocky banks, still fuming as she began to walk, feeling the heavy weight of her soaking clothes pulling her down.

Bastard, bastard! She said no, didn't she?!

She turned to look at him once more and found him standing there with an insufferable grin on his face. "Don't make me come back and wipe that grin of your face!" she shrieked.

He laughed whole heartedly at that, "I'd love to see you try!"

That. Was. IT! He was asking for it!

Her fists shaking at the sides of her body and before she could put her mind into action her body was moving, fully charging towards the already eagerly waiting Goku.

Jumping up with a battle cry that shook the birds out of the trees she crashed against Goku who easily blocked her first attack.

Soon enough, they were fighting in the shallow parts of their favourite lake.

To Be Continued….

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