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ITALICS – Thinking

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Chapter One: A Legacy is Born

The epic battle between Madara and Hashirama had ended, the landscape forever changed, the bond between two men that helped found Konoha forever broken. Madara was presumed dead as his body was never found and the first jinchuriki to the Kyuubi was born. Mito, in her infinite knowledge of sealing, managed to seal the beast inside of her so that Hashirama could make one final push, one last ditch attempt to bring Madara down; the plan worked but the guilt weighed heavy on his conscious.

Hashirama breathes heavily with a sad smile on his face "It's done Mito, the bond between us forever broken, his hatred snuffed but in turn my fire dims."

Mito walks up to her husband and gives him a hug "The will of fire will always burn strong within you my love and with it so will Konoha; you can lead our village to greatness I have faith in you."

Hashirama smiles weakly and looks at the massive scar that now denotes where a battle between two God's took place; a place that was once a lake teeming with life now a basin with a waterfall at one end.

"This place will always wear the scar of the battle between us, between two Gods amongst men; the Valley of the End is what it will be called. This place will forever show the end of one man's hatred, the end of a long bond between Madara and me, the end of the Land of Fire; where one man's dream of hatred fell while another's journey was just beginning."

Mito smiles and kisses Hashirama on the cheek "I am sorry it had to be this way, but what is done is done; come home with me Hashirama and let us both rule Konoha and show others what the will of fire truly is."

Hashirama turns and smiles at Mito "Your right, I cannot dwell in the past as the future is much brighter; come Mito, let's go home."

Three years later

A much brighter future it was as in that time Hashirama has let Konoha prosper and shown the Elemental Nations how strong the Land of Fire was and with it the Will of Fire that each Shinobi produced out of Konoha had. Another bright spot in Mito and Hashirama's life was one year ago when they had a baby boy they called Naruto; although the seal that held Kyuubi at bay was weakened, it still held which was a relief to both of them. Naruto also brought much joy to Konoha and even though he was a year old, everyone saw him as Hashirama's legacy, a legacy to bring about future success to the Land of Fire. They did not know at the time how true those words would be.

Mito was sitting on the sofa in the family room breast feeding Naruto at the Senju compound listening to the 'coos' the black haired boy with black eyes and tan skin was making; it made Mito's heart melt. The front door is heard opening and Hashirama's voice soon follows.

"Ah Mito-kun, I see Naruto is enjoying himself."

Said boy stops breast feeding for a brief moment and looks at Hashirama and waves to him and produces a 'goo' then goes back to what he was doing.

"Aw, how sweet; I think Naruto wants a little time with his father after mommy gets done."

Mito giggles "You act so different when around Naruto you forgo that serious nature everyone usually sees you with and turn into a child again here at home."

Hashirama shrugs and sits beside Mito "What can you say; having a family makes you do strange things." He pauses then sighs "How's the seal holding?"

Mito smiles as she hands Naruto over to him and buttons up her kimono again "Just fine but I'm not sure how long it will stay intact."

A yell from Hashirama interrupts her thought process and looks over to see Naruto yanking her husbands' long black hair making her laugh.

"YOW! Naruto, don't pull on my hair like that and…OW! Ugh, having a child is troublesome."

Six Years Later

Naruto and Hiruzen Sarutobi were out in the backyard of the Senju compound being trained by none other than Hashirama himself. Naruto and Hiruzen were both seven years of age born a month from each other; Naruto on January 18th while Sarutobi in February. This was not the first year of training with the First Hokage, oh no, they started two years earlier and since then both have progressed quickly to the point where Hashirama thought they would be a force to be reckoned with down the road.

Naruto pushed a punch from Hiruzen out of the way and attempted to elbow him in the solar plexus but Hiruzen grabbed it and flipped himself over Naruto's head landing on his feet behind him. Naruto turns as Hiruzen kicks at his ribs earning a hit making Naruto tumble a little but he recovers and sweeps low hoping to get his opponent off his feet but said person jumps over them; just as both were going to go in for another round Hashirama halts them.

"Hold my children, you have done well and you lasted thirty minutes against each other this time. I am proud of you both and have decided to test your elemental affinities so I can start you on ninjutsu training."

Hashirama takes two sheets of paper out of his Hokage robes and hands them to Naruto and Hiruzen who takes them with a smile.

"You should already know what to do with these but in case you forgot, just add chakra to those and the paper will react. If it cuts, you have wind, soggy is water, dust is earth, crinkled is lightning, and if it bursts into flame you have fire. Well go on, try it out."

Both nod and Hiruzen goes first watching the paper react as he adds chakra to it; the paper first turns to dust but as the particles fall they burst into intense flame.

"Well Hiruzen, it seems you have an equally strong affinity to earth and fire; a good offense and defense which we will work on. Naruto."

Said person nods and does as asked and watches as one half of the paper becomes soggy to the point it almost disintegrates and plops to the ground below while the other half turned to dust, but it was not finished. The remains of the paper on the ground suddenly turned into a tiny sapling signifying that Naruto had the sacred bloodline of the Senju.

"Well Naruto, aren't you full of surprises; not only do you have the Moukton, but you also have a water affinity close to Tobirama's level." Hashirama sees the gleam in Naruto's eyes "No, I will not teach you Moukton until you have mastered your water and earth elements to a certain degree."

"Aww." Naruto pouts earning a laugh from Hiruzen

Hashirama smiles "Now, do your physical exercises, kunai throwing, chakra control, and lastly spar again; you boys are progressing fast and with the Nation's still in a period of war, only the strongest survive. Now, when your done I want you to think what other ninja skill you would like to work on then go home and tell your clan head about it OK?"

Both nod and set out to do as told and turn to see Mito coming to greet the boys.

"They are coming along well my love and foresee them doing great things in the future."

Hashirama nods and asks "Are you going to teach Naruto sealing while I teach him about kenjutsu?"

Mito nods but ponders "Are we pushing them to hard Hashirama, are we making them grow up too fast?"

"I sometimes wonder that myself Mito-hime but as tensions run high, so does the threat of war and both of us know that only the strongest survive out there."

Mito nods sadly as both watch Naruto and Hiruzen go through their exercises to be prepared for what is to come if the need ever arose. Two months later Mito decided to take Naruto on a trip to where she grew up, the village of Uzugakure, so that he could further his training in sealing and make some friends there. Hashirama approved the trip without hesitation as he cared for family, that and seeing Naruto's gleaming eyes and hyper attitude he had no choice but to comply.

"Are we there yet?" Naruto whines

"Patience young man, we are not that far from the village entrance."

"But it's been two days already and I still haven't learned anything new…come on teach me something."

Mito sighs and bops Naruto on the head earining a yelp of pain for him "Remember your father's lessons Naruto and make them your own; I could always tell your father that you whined the whole way here."

Naruto pales knowing what would happen if she did that; very harsh training "No, no, I will behave…please don't tell dad!" he begs making Mito laugh

"Alright, I won't tell, just promise me to give this training your fullest attention and do make some friends please." Naruto nods which makes Mito smile. "We are here."

Uzukage Tower

A knock on the door halts the Kage from her thoughts and tells whomever to enter; what the kage sees brightens her day.

"Mito!" the Uzukage state rushing up to her and engulfing her in a hug

"Nice to see you to Karen." She replies returning the hug

Karen looks down to see what looks like a very small Hashirama "And who is this cutie, Mito; is that your son?"

Naruto bows "Pleased to meet you Uzukage-sama, my name is Naruto Senju."

Karen laughs "I see Hashirama instilled modesty into the boy; well Naruto, I think you and I are going to get along just fine."

Naruto nods then asks a question "Ano, but how do you know my mother?"

Mito smiles and ruffles Naruto's hair "Silly Naruto, this here is my mother."

Naruto scratches his chin and replies with a simple "Oh" making the two women laugh.

Soon after, Karen gives Mito and Naruto a tour of Uzu which looks like Konoha but different in a way as it had many bridges over multiple rivers that ran along the land. The Uzumaki Swirl was on all the buildings denoting their allegiance and every store, citizen or Shinobi they passed along the way, they were treated with kindness and respect. The tour lasted an hour but Naruto felt some sort of connection here, like it was a home away from home; it made sense as he was part Uzumaki.

Mito decided that they would spend six months in Uzu which warmed Naruto's heart as he seemed to like the village which is exactly what Mito was looking for. They spent the whole six months at Karen's estate but during that time, Naruto was with various Sensei which showed him Uzumaki ninjutsu, kenjutsu, and fuinjutsu.

The first two months he spent on learning to upgrade his fuinjutsu or sealing with an elderly woman called Yuzuki. Naruto saw her as wise, gentle, and caring though could put her fist down at a moment's notice which he found out one day after doing one thing that his mother and father warned him about; the whining.

"Yuzuki-Sensei, why do you have me relearn the same strokes over and over again when I already know them…I want to learn something new." Naruto whines

Yuzuki smiles and walks over to Naruto, the cane helping her elderly frame; she takes said cane and bashes it over poor Naruto's skull making him yelp in pain and hold his head.

"No whining young man, didn't Mito tell you about the dangers of sealing and what could happen if you mess one up without knowing? I have you do this for your own safety and I will not tolerate whining in my household; if I hear one more whine out of your mouth then I will tell your mother about why I barred you from my training."

Naruto's eyes widen and quickly scramble to get back to work "No…please…I will do my best, please don't tell Ka-san!"

Yuzuki cackles lightly and ruffles Naruto's hair "Just get to work young lad, I see you achieving greatness in the future as you catch onto topics fairly quickly."

Naruto breathes a sigh of relief and went back to work; after the two months was up, Yuzuki was proud to call Naruto a Seal Beginner while telling him in a few years he could become a Seals Expert. Naruto was ecstatic and quickly told Mito about it and she couldn't be more proud.

The third and fourth month was spent on Uzumaki ninjutsu which was a breeze thanks to him having Tobirama's water affinity; he was trained by a middle aged man called Daisuke. When said man learned about Naruto having Hashirama's brothers affinity to water he couldn't be more pleased and knew that a lot would get done in the two months. In all, Naruto learned six new jutsu but the one he loved the most was the first one he mastered in which he only needed to use one hand seal.

"Alright Naruto, our two months are almost up, I heard you were working on one of the jutsu I taught you and was wondering how you were coming along with it?"

Naruto grins "Prepared to be amazed Daisuke-sensei!"

Naruto does one hand sign and proclaims "Uzumaki Secret Technique: Maelstrom of Destruction!"

Naruto throws his hands out towards the small outcropping of trees near the training ground he has used for the last two months. Soon, a whirlpool forms around the trees, spinning so fast that the wind produced makes said trees sway violently side to side; Naruto clasps his hands together and yells and watches as the whirlpool encloses on the trees turning them into toothpicks. Naruto does not end there as he throws his hands outward again making the whirlpool destabilize, launching the wooden shrapnel in many directions. After the display was done he looked over and laughed at Daisuke's amazed face.

"I..I don't believe it, one hand sign to do a jutsu that was only meant to be a C rank but the way you used it could classify it as a B maybe A rank."

Naruto laughs "I know the jutsu was only meant to hold a person in place or use it for defense but I realized that it could become so much more hence why I worked tirelessly on this one; I wonder how it would work on groups of people?"

Daisuke shivers "I don't want to know and you definitely are a Senju alright as that had to take a lot of chakra, and an Uzumaki as you made your own variant of the jutsu; how do you feel, are you tired at all?"

Naruto shakes his head "I still feel like I am at full tank, why is that a problem?"

Daisuke's mouth hangs open "I know the Uzumaki is known for its large chakra pools but I guess being part Senju skyrocketed that to the point where you can crank out high level jutsu with minimal effect."

Naruto laughs and rubs his nose "I'm awesome; mom is going to be so proud!"

News soon went around Uzu about Naruto creating a new variant of the Uzumaki Malestrom jutsu and even added it to their repertoire of jutsu classifying it as an A rank after seeing it demonstrated; Mito and Karen could not be happier for Naruto.

The last two months was spent with a middle aged man called Kenshin where he taught Naruto about the Uzumaki stances of kenjutsu as well as some attacks that sent out a wave of chakra to decimate opponents that were caught off guard. This training was the most brutal as Kenshin was very strict in his training and every day Naruto came back bruised, cut up, and looking disheveled which Mito joked on him about; Naruto was too tired to even care. It was the first week into training when he found out how strict Kenshin could be.

Naruto stood in front of Kenshin, both wielded bokken as Naruto's sensei deemed him not ready for actual swordplay yet.

"Watch closely Naruto as I show you one of the stances of the Raging Tide." Naruto nods and watches intently "First spread your feet about two feet apart with your left foot forward while your right foot stays behind. Next, bend your knees a little and then place your hands near your crotch area to where you are holding your blade slightly to the right."

Kenshin gets into the stance to show Naruto how it would look like.

"With this stance you have a wide range of motion; you can block blows from overhead, to both your sides, below the belt while attacking in a wide range of areas. This stance is meant to flow like that of the river but be fierce and fast moving like the tide. Now, can you show me the stance please?"

Naruto nods and does as Kenshin says but he gets hit in the right knee with Sensei's bokken making him grunt in pain.

"Your feet are not properly spaced apart and you are crouching to low; again." Kenshin disciplines

Naruto attempts again but this time gets hit on his right forearm earning another hiss of pain.

"Your sword angle is to wide, bring it in a little and you are crouched to low; again."

Naruto repeats this over and over again and for every mistake, Kenshin hit him with his bokken but after 45 minutes he eventually got the stance and smiled.

"Now what Sensei?" Naruto asks earning a hit to the left side of his ribs "Ouch! What was that for?"

"You are not focused on your opponent, keep all senses open and look for where your opponent is going to strike."

Naruto hardens his glare at Kenshin as he looks for where he would attack; Naruto sees him twitch his hand to the left a little and thought that is where he would hit. Wrong. As Naruto went to block left he was hit in the right side of the ribs making him hiss in pain.

"The enemy will always try to fool you with his body language, look into his eyes and feel where he will strike next."

Naruto gets in his stance again and looks at both Kenshin's body language and eyes; he sees an image in his head and brings his sword up to block and smiles as he hears wood on wood then is found flying across the dojo courtesy of a kick to the stomach. Naruto groans as he stands and rubs his stomach.

"Kenjutsu is not only an art of the sword but a mix of taijustu as well, remember that; an enemy will always take an opening for its full worth; get in your stance and try again."

Naruto bows "Hai Sensei!"

This went on for two months but Naruto was happy for his training as it made him pay attention to his surroundings and to always stay on guard even though he was wandering around Uzu; Kenshin said to always expect the unexpected. After the two months Kenshin was happy to say that Naruto had a good grasp on the Raging Tide and would become a master of it if he practices it for years to come. Kenshin was so impressed that he decided to give Naruto a present.

"Our two months are at an end and am impressed with your skill thus far."

"Thank you Sensei." Naruto replies

Kenshin smiles as he leads Naruto to the back of the dojo and down a flight of stairs into a room that has light shining on one object on a pedestal. It is a katana whose 3 foot sheath is adorned with silver waves of the ocean while the color of it is bluish-white; the handle is wrapped in a blue and white strap with a red gem on the butt of said handle.

Naruto looks at the katana with adoration which Kenshin notices and speaks "This is the Raging Whirlpool, a katana that chooses its wielder; the last one being my sensei but alas it does not call to me and have tried to find a person ever since."

Naruto points to himself "And you think that person is me?"

Kenshin nods "Open your heart and mind Naruto, let it call out to you."

Naruto closes his eyes and steadies his breathing and soon he hears a whisper.

"Come to me child, hold me in your hands, I have been dormant for far too long."

Naruto's eyes snap open and, in a trance like manner, walks up to the katana and grabs it's hilt. As soon as he did that a blue aura comes out from the sword and wraps around Naruto; Kenshin smiles knowing that a wielder was found at last but wondered what was happening between the two.

Naruto finds himself in a sea of white and calls out "Is anybody here?"

The same voice that he heard moments ago speaks up "Come to me child, let me see who I chose to wield my blade."

Naruto walks to the voice to find a five foot eight tall woman in a blue and white kimono with the patterns of waves on it; she is barefoot and has middle back length silver hair. Her eyes are blue like the ocean and have a smile like that of an angel. Naruto gasps at the sheer beauty of the person in front of him.

"Ah, a young lad wishes to wield me I see; what is your name child?"

Naruto bows "My name is Naruto Senju m'lady and I am honored that you chose me."

The lady smiles "My name is Anya, the spirit of the Ocean and of this katana you are currently holding; before you go I must know what you wish to do with this blade. Choose carefully; the wrong answer and I will kill you then send your body out to sea."

Naruto gulps and thinks deeply then responds "I wish to wield this blade in the hopes of protecting all that I hold dear and will use this blade to strike down any foe that dares harm them. I wish to carry on my father's will of fire and protect Konoha until my dying breath."

Anya smiles "You choose wisely young Naruto. Use me well and let your enemies feel the rage that which the ocean delivers."

The area flashes white and Naruto finds himself still holding the hilt of the katana; he takes it off the pedestal and unsheathes it to find that the blade is a silver-white and is two and a half feet long. He takes a few test swings and finds that it is perfectly balanced and that his movements flow like that of an ocean or river current; Naruto sheathes it and affixes it to his back and smiles at Kenshin.

"It seems that it spoke to you and accepted you as its next holder." Kenshin states but was not expecting what would come out of Naruto's mouth.

"Vanya is her name Sensei, the spirit of the Ocean. I will use this blade to slay any enemy that harms the Will of Fire and Konoha and show them how much rage the ocean can make."

Kenshin just chuckles and ruffles Naruto's hair "C'mon my boy, we need to tell you mother about your new toy."

With that the six months ended, Naruto made friends with a lot of people in the village especially the orphans as he felt bad that they would never grow up with their actual parents. He vowed that one day he would come back to Uzu someday to help this wonderful village prosper just like Konoha has been doing. Mito was proud of what Naruto has accomplished over half a year and couldn't wait to tell Hashirama the great news; after some teary goodbyes both left back to Konoha with a sense of fulfillment in their hearts.