Levi's days never really got any more exciting than finding a bee or wasp mixed in amongst a bunch of roses. If he was really being honest with himself even making the flower garlands for a funeral would liven up his week a little, and that's when you know your job is mind numbingly boring. No, if he was being completely honest with himself he would admit that eating the cake and glaring condescendingly at the people on the dance floor at weddings he prepared flowers for was actually quite fun, but he was also having fun ranting about his life to one of his closest friends, Hanji, so he didn't bother mentioning that.

The shop he worked at was a quaint little place, with soft mint walls and light furnishings. The front was open to an empty street with tables covered in bouquets set up outside in an attempt to entice the small amount of pedestrians who walked past into the shop. It also had the added bonus of letting out some of the overpowering scent that hung around the flowers in the shop like a fog, something Levi was very happy about. He always hoped it would stop the smell of them soaking into his clothes and skin, he didn't need the heavy scent choking him at home as well as at work.

Light filtered in, drenching the flowers in a soft, dewy glow that made the petals and leaves become a vibrant spectrum. The mixture of matte pastel and vigorous, screaming colours was breath taking... Or at least it was until you'd spent months looking at them. Levi had gotten bored of the colours within the first week of working at the flower shop, instead finding that they hurt his eyes the more he looked and even that when he closed his eyes he saw bright spots. He was pretty sure that after enough time the blinding colours would actually blind him. He already had to squint slightly to read any text that came up on TV which was worrying.

He traced his fingers along the stem of a carnation, snapping off any extra leaves before weaving it into a wreath and adding in a few smaller flowers which he had spray painted silver the day before. A woman who was perhaps a little too entangled in the fictional world had decided she wanted her guests to have elfin crowns for her wedding and despite the slightly more unusual order, she was paying well, so Levi had no qualms about making so many. It gave his hands something to do whilst talking to Hanji and they actually looked quite nice. He decided he would make more and lay them on the outside tables for decoration. The silver would catch the light and maybe a few potential customer's eyes...

"Hey, Levi, you have a customer. Do you want me to make those while you serve him?" Hanji grabbed the flowers from Levi's hand before he could tell her he didn't feel like actually being social. Complaining to Hanji was about as much as he could take on Saturday mornings, it was a half day so he just wanted to get home as soon as possible.

With a soft groan of annoyance he shuffled over to the cash register, setting it up briefly before looking up to tend to the customer and was instantly blown away by this tall, tan boy. He had messy locks of dark brown hair, it looked as if it had been brushed and gelled in an attempt to keep it neat only to fail against the persistently mussed locks. A strong jaw contrasted against boyish curvy cheeks and almond shaped, arching eyes. The displays in the shop were reflected in the already brilliant turquoise of his eyes, dappling them with flecks of colour, like the facets of a jewel.

Oh jeez, he's really fucking beautiful.

He smiled slightly and coughed to get the shop boys attention as if Levi hadn't been staring for the past minute or so. Looking up from under eyelashes as dark and long as raven's feathers, he made no comment. Instead waving a bouquet of summer flowers from one of the display's as he addressed Levi.

'These please and if you have the time can you wrap them in some kind of pretty paper? I'd try to wrap them myself but I'd just end up ruining the flowers.' He gave a shrug, handing them over to be scanned and wrapped.

Levi accepted them with a quick nod, making his way to the back of the shop and biting his lips, feeling them reddening under the blunt pressure of his teeth. He selected the most expensive paper they had in stock and cocooned the bouquet in a generous amount of it, even taking the time to curl ribbons and place them around the flowers and a way that complimented them perfectly. He wanted this boy's name and number and he was damned if he let this gorgeous young thing slip away. After checking the bouquet over he looked up, only to see Hanji grinning at him with a worrying glint in her eye.

'Oh shut up Hanji, we had ribbon spare and it was annoying me just sitting on the desk there.' He denied, glowering at her and watching her roll her eyes before getting back to work on the flower crown.

Setting his face back into a neutral expression –though he'd been told it just looked angry anyway- he made his way back to the front desk and his customer.

'Okay, so that'll be ten pounds.'

'But I could've sworn it said almost forty?' he questioned, looking confused.

'You really are way too honest. I damn well know those cost forty but I was feeling nice, I recommend you appreciate it.'

'Thank you! Thank you so much!' he exclaimed, pulling a note from his pocket and placing it into Levi's waiting hand, but instead of just handing over the money he grabbed the employees in both of his and Levi couldn't help but notice how warm they were. His mind wandered as the kid continued speaking, wondering if the rest of his body was this warm.

'I'm really tight for cash right now so this is a huge help, um...Levi?'

The man in question jumped, not expecting his name to come from the younger's mouth, and was pulled quickly from his thoughts. Internally reprimanding himself he questioned,

'How did you-? '

'Your nametag.' He chuckled softy, a warm, genuine sound that managed to make Levis lips twitch upwards.

'Ah yes, I forgot about that. No one usually bothers with it. Is there anything else I can help you with, kid?'

'Eren, my names Eren. And actually there is something else. I'm sorry if it's on too short notice for you but could I ask you to plan the decorations for an event sometime in the next two weeks?' he pulled his hands away from levis to rub his neck, offering an apologetic smile while the older of them got over the embarrassment of finding that they had stayed holding hands throughout most of the conversation. Of course his face didn't betray this other than the faintest of blushes, though that could have been from the heat flowing in from every open door and window.

'I'm sure I could manage two weeks, we're not too busy right now so I'm free a lot'
Levi raised his brows slightly, hoping Eren would get the hint.

He didn't.

'That's great!' He beamed, unknowingly setting off butterflies in Levi's stomach. 'Are there any more details you need?'

'Phone number. I need your phone number.'

'Okay, for organising right?'

'Of course.' Levi tilted his head, a smirk glinting in his eyes as he watched the brunette quickly note down his full name and number, noting the umlaut above the A.


'Yeah I am, but I've lived here forever. My families moving down soon though.'

'That'll be nice then.'

'Yeah' he smiled, a comfortable silence settling over the pair as they met each other's eyes.

'Jesus guys, just kiss already'

Hanji's voice cut through the silence.

Levi whirled, angry at the interruption and hissed through his teeth, 'shut up, shit for brains!' Only to get a reply of a flower crown being thrown in their direction and hysterical laughter when it managed to land directly on his head.

'God, Eren, I am so sorry about... Her...' He trailed off after turning back to his customer, seeing the blush running across his cheeks and right down his beck before disappearing under the collar of his shirt.

'How about we continue planning, yeah?' He received a stiff nod in reply and grabbed an almost full notepad from under the desk that was meant to be used for noting down orders, However Levi found it to be a lot more helpful when used as a doodle pad.

'Okay, what else do you need to know?'

'What the event is, as well as who the event is for, please.'

'Well it's a wedding taking place at the church in St. Christopher's yard and...' He rubbed his neck uncomfortably 'it's going to be my wedding.'

'Oh' only that hollow sound could escape from Levi's lips as he noted down the information. The smirk in his eyes extinguished and the butterflies in his stomach had broken their silken wings and stopped feeling warm. Instead a coolness spread through him. This kid was kind, gorgeous and engaged. Just his luck.

Of course the one guy I have an instant fucking spark with is already getting hitched, he thought bitterly, it's a shame; I rather liked how my name sounded on his tongue.