Chapter 4

Cold water hit her face and Mandy shot up from bed, gasping. She saw herself picking up a hoodie and leaving the room, and that was when she remembered that she and Mickey had swapped bodies. It was like something out of a movie.

She opened Mickey's phone to check the time; it was a quarter after one and she was over an hour late for his shift at the Kash and Grab. Dammit.

She jumped into the shower and admittedly got a little distracted. Despite the fact that Mandy had a bit of a reputation in their neighborhood, she didn't know as much about dicks as people would think. It was one thing to have sex with someone, but a completely different thing to sit with them post-coitus and ask questions about how, specifically, their penis felt in the process! She was more than a little curious, so she took this whole fucked up situation as an opportunity to do some "exploration."

When she got out of the shower and realized how much time she'd wasted, she hurriedly got ready, cursing her brother for his lack of clean clothes. She'd opened his drawers only to find them practically empty; most of his clothes littered the floor. The first shirt she'd picked up had a dried cum stain on it and Mandy threw it back down in disgust. She had to settle for wearing the least dirty tank top and jeans she found.

Linda glared at Mandy when she finally made it to work. "It's almost 3! Where have you been?"

When Mandy just shrugged, and Linda narrowed her eyes.

"I'm taking four hours off of your pay this week."

"That's bullshit! I'm only two and a half hours late!"

"Well, that's what you get for screwing up my day. There's no way I'm going to be able to get all my errands done now before I have to pick up the boys from school. I still have to make their snacks and dinner and then we have to go to the Mosque tonight... and don't you dare even think of taking a break today! I'm gonna watch the tapes!" she said, pointing to the cameras in the store.

"Sorry..." Mandy said under her breath when Linda was finished with her mini rant.

Linda stopped for a second and eyed her carefully. "You better be sorry. I don't need your attitude."

She hadn't been giving attitude, but then again, Mickey wouldn't have apologized for anything. "Whatever..." Mandy muttered.

"No. Snacks." Linda enunciated before she shoved a clipboard into Mandy's hand. "Make sure you take inventory tonight with Ian," she added.

"But my shift ends at 8!" Mandy said.

"I don't give a shit! Don't be late next time!" Linda called back behind her.

Mandy spent the next two hours sitting behind the register and waiting for Ian to get there to rescue her from the boredom that was the Kash and Grab. She was flipping through a magazine when Ian walked in through the back.

"Hey, Mick. Busy day?"

Mandy shook her head. "Not really... Linda wants us to take inventory tonight."

"Great," Ian said without a hint of sarcasm. A smile was not the reaction Mandy was expecting, but Ian seemed genuinely happy—enthusiastic, even—at the idea of spending more time at work.

"Umm, Mick?" he asked, stepping up to the counter.

"...what?" Mandy asked when all Ian did was raise an eyebrow at him.

"Why are you reading Marie Claire?"

Crap... she thought, but Mandy reacted quickly and replied, "the chicks are hot," as if it was no big deal, which led to Ian giving her even more of a suspicious look. She closed the magazine and returned it to its place on the rack.

"So how was school?" Mandy asked when Ian came back from the supply room. He had a box of canned vegetables and proceeded to unload them.

Ian laughed. "Are you asking me about my day?" he said incredulously. Mandy had to do a better job of acting like Mickey.

"It was fine... as good as a Friday can be, right?" Ian shrugged his shoulders. "Did you hear about the fight Mandy got into?"

Mandy's ears perked up. "What fight?!" she demanded.

"Apparently some guy grabbed her ass in the hallway and she punched him. Broke his nose. She left before anyone caught her. At least the plus side is that the guy's too ashamed of being hit by a girl to give her up to the principal," Ian said with a little laugh.

Mandy was fuming. She was gonna kill Mickey when she saw him! "I can't believe it..." she muttered.

"Yeah. Anyway, wanna help me with these boxes so we can take a break?"

Why the hell would Ian need a break when he just got there? Plus, her brother wasn't the "helping" type.

"Fat chance, Gallagher," she said in her most uncaring Mickey impression. Ian looked crestfallen and she felt so bad that her brother was a dick, but Ian should have known better than to ask Mickey for help.

He was quiet the rest of the afternoon. Mandy had to fight the urge to talk to him. She wanted to be more social, but had a bad feeling that she would fuck up somehow. Ian was smart and would most definitely catch her in a lie or something.

They closed for the night and started taking inventory when Mickey's phone rang. It was Carlos. Mandy answered nervously and arranged to meet him in half an hour.

"You're leaving?" Ian asked once she'd hung up, having heard her side of the conversation.

"Yeah, I got somewhere important to be." Mandy shoved the clipboard into his hand so she could go.

"Mick, wait," Ian said, grabbing Mandy by the wrist.

She shook her hand free. "What the hell?"

"Just... wait a minute. You've been weird all afternoon. Is this... is this about what happened in the van?"

"What the fuck are you talking about?" she asked, confused. Did he mean when Mickey got shot last week?

Ian frowned. "So you're just gonna pretend it didn't happen? Was it that terrible?" he accused.

"How can I pretend it didn't happen? My ass is throbbing like a motherfucker. It fucking sucked."

Ian looked like he was going to cry. Mandy knew he was empathetic but this was taking it to a whole new level. He and Mickey weren't even that close. It's not like it was the first time Mickey had been shot... She didn't know from personal experience, but she could imagine that getting shot would always suck, if the pain a week later was anything to go by.

"God, you don't have to be such a pussy about it," she said as she left the Kash and Grab.

She called Mickey at least five times but he wasn't answering her phone. She left a message but realized he wouldn't know her voicemail code, so she texted him that she was going to meet Carlos and to meet her at home at 10.