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The Blood of Olympus

Chapter One


Percy had been asleep for only the briefest moment when the alarm bells sounded.

His muscles ached, he had lost weight, there were dark circles under his eyes, and there were scars that would not be healed. Not all of them were visible; in fact, most of them were internal. It would be a long time before Percy would be able to think about his time in Tartarus without. . . well. . .

He just tried not to think about it.

Percy didn't even think about putting on clothes. He jumped out of bed, wearing his pajama bottoms and old Camp Half-Blood shirt, and bolted for the stairs. A wave of vertigo hit him, however, and he nearly fainted on the ground. Some demigod he was.

For a second he leaned against the wall, with his eyes closed, and gathered his breath. But as he stared into the darkness of his eyelids, he was hit by something other than vertigo. The image of Nyx, lined up in front of him, with Eris and Geras and all of the others monsters. The chasm the led into Chaos was still there, and Annabeth—

Shut up! Percy told his mind.

Make me! It retorted.

Sighing, he pushed himself off of the wall and headed up to the deck. He reached into his pocket and yanked out Riptide, already expecting the worst to happen. The ship was probably under attack and they needed to get up and fight whatever was up there. Wonderful. Great. Yeah, Percy could fight. It seemed like that was all he did. Well, that or get poisoned by evil hags that lived in—

I won't be silenced! Cackled his mind.

"Yeah, you and a few other people," Percy muttered, then checked himself. Talking to yourself was a sure sign of insanity, right?

But as he reached the deck, he was a bit let down and relieved at the same time. There wasn't a monster in sight. The Argo II looked as normal as it usually did, all the oars rowing at the same time, a few stains on the deck from recent battles. He quickly looked over the side of the ship down below. Nope, everything seemed in order.

No one was keeping watch tonight. Everyone needed their rest. Ever since the Doors had been closed, they'd seen a lack of monsters. Of course, it wasn't going to be that way for long. Percy didn't doubt that. But if the monsters had decided to take a vacation, he was definitely not going to stop them. Enjoy Disney World.

He shut the alarm off and went to find Leo, who seemed to never sleep and always stay up, running the ship.

Percy found Leo asleep, of course.

Well, he couldn't really blame the guy. They'd all been through hell and back—literally for Percy and Annabeth. They could never get enough sleep, especially with the overload of nightmares every night.

Fourteen days until Gaea rose and destroyed the world. On August first she would rise and all of her little big kids, the Giants, would kill everyone and let all of the monsters roam the earth. All Percy wanted to do was go back to New York, go back to Camp Half-Blood, even go back to school.

That's how homesick he was.

He walked over to Leo and noticed that he was asleep on the alarm button, Wii controllers in his hands. He was snoring like a horse and his dark hair was burnt along the edges, still smoldering, as if he had a habit of catching on fire in his sleep.

Most likely, he was having nightmares too, and he was going all Fire Lord Leo on the enemies. Good for him, but really bad for the ship. The last thing they needed was the ship to be burned down.

"Dude, wake up," Percy said, nudging him. Leo jumped straight up out of his chair.

The ship lurched to the side, and Percy grabbed onto Leo, who grabbed onto his seat, as their world was turned sideways. "LEO!" Percy shouted. "DO SOMETHING!"

Quickly, Leo pointed the remote straight up in the air, and the ship righted itself. Percy stumbled and fell onto the ground, his hands barely catching his fall. Leo blinked and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, which were red rimmed like he had been crying in his sleep. Yawning, he stretched out in his seat and gazed at Percy.

"Is something wrong?" he murmured, scratching his head.

"Besides the ship capsizing?" Percy asked. Leo flushed. "You fell asleep on the alarm button. I thought the ship was being attacked."

"Well, clearly, everything is a-okay. Now, if you'll excuse me. . ." Leo snuggled back down into his hard seat and closed his eyes once more.

Part of Percy wanted to say something to him, telling him that he needed to stay awake, pay more attention to things. He stared at Leo for just a moment, contemplating what he should do, and then Leo cracked one eye open.

"I'm flattered and all, Percy, but please quit staring." Leo cracked his neck. "And I know what you're thinking. I should be watching the ship, keeping an eye out for flying rocks and evil kleptomaniac dwarves. Don't worry, my Spidey-Senses are top notch."

Percy didn't understand the kleptomaniac dwarves part, but he decided it's be better to ask another day. "Are you okay?" he wondered instead.

Suddenly, Leo's expression became very sad and guarded, but thoughtful too, as if he were thinking about something he had lost. "No," he admitted, shrugging his shoulders. "But it doesn't matter right now."

"You want to talk about it?"

Leo's face glanced up at Percy, and he could've sworn he'd seen a flash of resentment in his gaze, like his troubles had something to do with Percy. Before he could say anything about that, though, Leo simply said, "No," and closed his eyes once more, feigning sleep. This time, as Percy stared, Leo didn't do anything. Then Percy found out that he was already asleep.

Percy walked away and found all of the others awake on the top deck, giving each other confused looks as if wondering what was going on and who was trying to kill them.

"What happened?" Piper asked groggily. Jason had an arm around her waist protectively. Frank and Hazel were standing side by side with confused expressions. Percy realized that Annabeth wasn't up there. He wondered why and decided to go check on her once everything was sorted out.

"Nothing," Percy answered. "Everything's fine. You all can go back to bed."

They all had skeptical expressions, but the idea of sleep was all the more welcome. Grumbling goodnight to one another, they went back down into their bedrooms.

With nothing else to keep him tethered to the deck, Percy followed behind but didn't go to his own room. Instead, he went to Annabeth's and knocked on the partially closed door. There wasn't an answer for a few moments, so he knocked again. And this time, he heard Annabeth cry out.

Stepping inside the room with a flash of terror in his stomach. He imagined the worst; a monster already in there, Annabeth already dead, and he not being able to do anything but stare in horror.

Annabeth was alone, but she was writhing on her bed, the sheets down on the ground. She was trashing and flailing at some invisible thing, periodically yelling or letting out a sob, like she was in the worst of pain or facing the worst task.

"Please, no," she begged with tears racing down her cheeks, her hair matted with sweat.

"Annabeth," Percy said softly, not wanting to scare her.

"Please," she pleaded again. "Not Percy. . ."

Percy stopped. He was struck with the memory of the curse that Calypso has supposedly made. When Annabeth had killed that arai, she had been filled with despair, calling out Percy's name and unable to find him, even though he had been right next to her.

He sat down on the bed next to her and grabbed her hand, entwining their fingers together and giving a reassuring squeeze. "Don't worry," he murmured. "I'm right here. I'm not going to leave you."

Annabeth was jolted from the slumber, sitting straight up, her chest rising and falling as if she had just completed a marathon. Tears still streamed down her face and soaked her ratty shirt. When she saw Percy, the tears just started to come down even harder, and she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly, pressing her head into his shoulder.

"You're alive," she breathed hoarsely. Percy didn't know how to respond.

He hated seeing her like this. He knew that Annabeth hated crying and feeling weak, but it wasn't like she could help it. She'd been through Tartarus too and faced the same horrors, some even worse than his own. She'd fought Arachne. She'd gone blind. It was a wonder she wasn't more damaged, but like Percy, many of her scars were internal.

"You. . . you were dead," she whispered, sounding broken inside.

"I'm fine," he reassured her, but the fire he felt inside of him mimicked the feeling of drinking from the Phlegethon. "I'm right here." He smoothed her hair down.

Within a few minutes, Annabeth had settled down and was still nestled in his arms. Percy gulped nervously, looking at the door, afraid that their crazy chaperone, Coach Hedge, was going to come bursting in with his baseball bat singing the Power Ranger's theme song.

Then he remembered that Coach Hedge was gone, with Nico and Reyna, trying to get back to Camp Half-Blood to stop the war between the Greeks and the Romans by using the Athena Parthenos. How that was supposed to work, Percy didn't know, but he hoped that they were okay. He wouldn't be able to stand it if any of them were killed, and he had no way of knowing how they were.

Annabeth was breathing deeply. She was already asleep again, this time soundly. Percy leaned down and kissed her forehead. He wanted nothing more than to erase all of the memories of Tartarus for her, to give her peace and heal the wounds. But Percy wouldn't be able to do that.

Though he certainly would try. He hugged Annabeth to his side tighter.

"I won't let you go," he told her, even though she couldn't hear him. "I promise."

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