Chapter 1

Joanna's POV

I was sitting in my chair taking my history lesson. Not that i already knew this. Oh. Who am I, you ask? I am Princess Joanna, Princess of King Ho-band III, King of the Upper lands of Ninjago. What are the Upper lands you ask? Well maybe you need these classes. Back in the time of the first spinjitzu master, the spinjitzu masters' best friend was John Hunttan. John was the best kind of friend you could imagine. One day the spinjitzu master decided someone needed to rule ninjago and gave that position to John. John had three sons Dane, Colt, and Russ. One day John went out for a fight and said if he didn't make it back, Dane would be the next king. Well John didn't make it back, but Dane didn't want to run all of ninjago so he divided Ninjago in to three kingdoms: the Upper lands, the Middle Counters, and the Lower Abides. There are you happy. Well back to the lesson. I was about to ask my father if i could leave. Just then my father's messenger came in and handed a note to my father, and shuttling out the door. "Father, may I go now. Seeing your busy with the note." I questioned. My father just looked up at me with a big smile on his face, "Actual Joanna, this note is for both of us." My father said excitedly as he ushered my closer. "Prince Baltimore has excepted." "He has excepted what Father" i questioned. My father looked as if it was the best thing in the world, "He has excepted your hand in marriage, Joanna." "WHAT" i yell. My father thinks that i will marry him. Prince Baltimore is disgusting, brainless, an inappropriate excuse for a prince. "Joanna Imma Faith Crumbell do not raise my temper." My father on the brink of yelling. "Why should I marry that..that..that slob?!" I yelled back. My father seemed to gasp in horror at what i called my "soon to be husband". "Joanna i gave you a chance." My father snapped scolding me. He grabbed my arm and started to drag me to my room, "Father, you cant do this!" I yelled fighting him all the way. We got to my room witch was at the top of a tower. Ironic right. My father shoving me in there. "You will stay in there until the wedding next week!" My father told me as he locked the door and ordered one his best guards, Jericleth(weird name), guarding my door. I threw my self on the bed and cried my self to sleep.

I woke up the next day like any other day. Then Jericleth came in. I then remembered what happened yesterday "It is nice to see your awake your highness." I just scoffed and turned my head as long hair trailed did i mention i have blond hair that seems "perfect" and flows down to my knees? "You know, your highness, your father only wants whats best for you." Jericleth told me as he set a small plate of food down. "How does he know that marring Baltimore is best for me, he has the brain the size of a pea, and he is never polite. I want to meet someone who is kind and cherry, who is smart. No, whatever i do i will not marry Baltimore." I told Jericleth refusing to look at him. I heard the door close shut i knew that he left. I looked out the window and i saw lots of lovely birds flying free. I sighed to be free. A small sparrow landed on my finger. I petted the small creature and let the bird fly away. "Fly bird, enjoy the freedom." I whispered as it flew away. Then a falcon landed next to me i jumped a little. The bird seemed to ask "what are you doing here", "Well i don't know." Then i came up with an idea. I desided to call the falcon Brett, "I'll call you Brett. Brett come here i need your help to escape." Brett seemed to understand and flew next to me. "OK, i will need this." I said pulling out an old dress that use to belong to one of the maids. "Oh and this." I said pulling some cloth. The brown cloth was nothing special. With the fabric i cut a banana, and a knapsack i put the food, and about $30 worth of money in the knapsack. Then as i was about to put the banana on i realized, people will easily notice me with this kind of hair. I grabbed the scissors and began cutting my knee long hair to shoulder long hair, I then found an old black die bottle, "this better work." I mumbled to my self. As soon as none of my hair was left blond i moved a stone out of the way. The falcon flew in. "It's now or never." I said out loud to my self as i moved the stone back into place.

Zane's POV

"Hey Zane did the falcon come back yet?" Jay questioned as i came into the dinning room for breakfast. "No." I said sadly, i sent the falcon off two days again and refuses me to switch to falcon vision so I can see were he is. He is suppose to be getting new recruits. I just hope the falcon is okay, and the new recruits.

Joanna's POV

What felt like hours was only a few minutes as i crawled down the small passage way. I remembered the day my brother and I found this passage. My brother, my heart started to get heavy. My brother was two years older than me. One day when everyone was asleep he ran away. I past a carving on the wall. My brother drew that "Jay-mason and Joanna" and two little sticks figures underneath the names. I felt a tear slide down my cheek. I continued crawling, we finally reached light. "Okay Brett this is what i need you two do." I whispered. I told him to distract the guards as i slip past the gate. Luckily the two guards in front of the gate were Tim and Jim. They are big, buff twins that are basically indestructible, but they LOVED bird watching. If they see any bird they will follow it. I ran out past the gate, and half way through the forest. Then Brett landed next to me. I heard the bell tower ring. I knew the found out i was gone. I looked around. I was lost, "Hey Brett," i started to ask, "Do you know were the nearest town is?" Brett flew to a branch. I walked under the branch, he flew to another, and i walked under it. We did this several times until i finally was running after him as he soared. You arrived at a little town possibly a mile from the forest. I had very little money, so i decided to use that money to get a room at one of small inns. I laid down on the straw bed(the place was VERY cheap)band fell asleep.